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Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

12400035 Oven Igniter for Whirlpool

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Oven igniters use electric current to open the valve, releasing the gas that ignites the burner on the range. In cases where a burner is not working, a new igniter can alleviate these issues and allow your range to ignite again.

  • Find the quality replacement part you need for the range igniter oven element in your Whirlpool oven. Snap Supply offers the quality repair parts you need for all of your home appliance repair projects.
  • Compatible with the following Oven brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others
  • Cross Reference Information
    14200118, 1482-224, 1482-225, 1482224, 1482225, 3377, 41-205, 41-207, 5-50735, 5-51003, 5-51207, 5-51291, 54099H05, 550735, 551003, 551207, 551291, 7-90023, 7-90401, 7432P025-60, 7432P025-60K, 7432P026-60, 7432P051-50K, 7432P051-60, 7432P051-60K, 7432P052-60, 7432P052-60K, 7432P062-60, 7432P064-60, 7432P066-60, 7432P067-60, 7432P076-60, 790023, 790401, AH1573892, AP205016, EA1573892, F17-036, GR407, GR409, IGN5, IGN6, P205-013, P205-016, P205-017, P205-034, P205-036, PS1573892, TJERIG35, W10125528, W10127324, B00DM8J2M4, B008DJVR6Q, B008DJJTH0, B008DJXAWK, B008DJX2B4, B008DK505O, B008DJO3BC, B008DK0GSK, B008DJWETA, B008DJQVNU, B008DK5IA6, B003N6H78G, B008DK5KAE, B00MH4FEYE, B00MH4FBZ6, B00MH4EX1Y, B00MH4EW6K, B00MH4EZVC, B0156NBXIS, B00MH4FJSK, B00MH4F354, B008DJQV4Y, B008DK5CWA, B008DJM9D6, B008DK5GQM, B008DK5H20, B008DK5IYW, B008DK5M84, B008DK5GJE, IG35

Just because parts look the same does not mean that they are the same. Use the model numbers below to ensure that this part is compatible with your appliance! 

All Snap parts come with installation instructions to help you with your repair. If you need more help, you can always contact us for further assistance. Email us at or give us a call at 1-877-269-0086.

Model Numbers

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CG34700ADV MGR5750ADW S64H-4TKXW 9112WUA
CHG9800AAE 31213WAV 3115PUV 9475XRB
CRG9700AAL 3468VVV 31211XAW 31211WAV
CRG9700BAL CGR3765ADC 3167XUW 3121WTV
CRG9800AAE 31213XAW 3187VRA 3468VVD
CWG3020BAE MGR5729ADW 31FA-7K 6498VTA
CWG402 MGR5750ADA 31HA-92KX-ON 6498XRS
JGR8750ADB MGR5770ADB 3468VTV 9112XPB
N3438SRA 31001SAW 3488VVV 9122VUV
X9112XUB MGR5729ADA 34JN-5TKVW C31103SAA
31001PAWP 3468XVA 9112WPA FCG20500W
3121XTS CWG3100AAE 9122XPB MGR4410ADH
31315XAA JGR8850ADW 9122XUB 31211WAW
31FN-2KLX 31001PAW 91FN-4KVW 3121XTA
31FN-92KW CHG9800BAE CG3438SRA 3448XTA
31GA-3KV 3468XVW CGR3742ADA 3468VRV
31HA-3KX 6498VRV CGR3760ADL 34HA-3TKXW
31HN-92KX-EL JGR8855ADS CGR3760ADW C31103SAW
31JA-3KX 9112VUV CPM9841A689DG CRG7400BAW
3488WVS C31113WAV CRG7500AAL CRG7500AAE
34MA-3TKXW-ON 31003SAW CWG302 MGR5770ADA
6157WUA 31203PAV CWG4020BAB 3127XTA
61S14WAA 31FN-2KX JGW8130ADW 31HN-92KX-ON
7458XUA 64HA-4TKVW MGR5745ADB 9475VYV
91FA-3KW CRG9700CAM U91FA-3KW 31213XAA
C31113WAA MGR5745ADW 31001SAA 3121WRV
C31315VBV 9112XUB 3121STW 3127XTW
CG3131XUW CGR3740ADL 3121WTW 31FA-2KLX
CG3438SRW SCG20200W 3167XRA-X 31HA-92KW
CG9621W539R 3448XTW 3167XTW 3468XRA
CGW3330ADW CGR3742ADW 31FN-7K 61S14WAW
CGW3D5WK 31203KAW 31MN-3KX 6498XTS
CKJ9641W580RW 3127WTV 32211WAV 6498XVS
CRG7400AAW 6498VVD 3468XRW 64FA-3CKXW
CRG7500CAE CGR3740ADW 3468XTA 9112VPV
FCG20600W WG24000B 34MN-3TKXW CGR3740ADH
GM3211GXAW 3110PRW 4131WRA CRG7500AAW
LCRG305 31213WAM 54F-5TXWM CRG9800AAB
MGR5720ADW 31213WAW 6498XVB CWG3020BAB
WG200 6498VTV ABR3740AGW MGR5870ADW

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 12400035

Installation Instructions – Replacement Range Igniter for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products 12400035

Tools Needed

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Flathead Screwdriver

Wire Cutters

Nut Driver

  1. Unplug the oven.
  2. Disconnect the gas line to the oven.
  3. At the bottom rear of the oven, remove the access panel by unscrewing the 4 screws holding it in place.
  4. Disconnect the igniter plug.
  5. Remove the oven racks.
  6. Remove the oven bottom by lifting the plate up, sliding towards the back slightly, clearing the front lip, and then pulling the oven bottom out.
  7. Remove the flame spreader by either pulling it our or unscrewing it from its position.
  8. Slide the spreader forward to remove it from its retaining latches.
  9. Unscrew igniter from flame element
  10. Depending on oven style, you may need to splice the wiring by cutting the connector off of your old igniter and splicing it with your new one.
  11. Once your igniter is switched out and ready to be connected, screw your new igniter back onto the flame element.
  12. Replace the flame spreader on the bottom of your oven and screw the spreader back into place.
  13. Place oven floor back into place
  14. Put oven racks back into place
  15. On the back of the stove, reconnect the oven igniter by plugging the 2 ports together
  16. Replace back seal, screw it back into place with the 4 screws it was held with
  17. Plug oven back in
  18. Turn gas back onto oven.



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