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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!
Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!

Y04000066 Bake Element for Whirlpool

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A fully functioning bake element is essential to safe and delicious home cooking. If you find that your oven is having trouble reaching the desired temperature or that food is taking longer than expected to cook, check out our compatibility information to see if our bake element is a fit for your oven.
  • With a one-year warranty, clearly-written instructions, and quality materials that ensure the longevity of your product, you can buy with confidence. Shop Snap Supply today and see all of the appliance repair parts we offer.
  • Cross Reference Information
    Y04000066, 04000047, 04000066, 0E00105199, 1938-268, 1938-362, 1938-370, 1938318, 1938325, 1938370, 5-51119, 551119, 7-90208, 74004073, 7406P013-60, 7406P075-60, 790208, PS11757472, WPY04000066VP, Y04000047, Y0E00105199, B008DJV63A, B008DJV6WQ, B008DJWMYC, B008DJVI56, B008DK3AUG, B008DJRS2I, B008DK18NW, B00DZU9Z9E, B008DJTGE6, B008DK1UDA, B008DK6B0W, B00TVFDGJW 
  • Compatible with the following Oven brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others. 

Just because parts look the same does not mean that they are the same. Use the model numbers below to ensure that this part is compatible with your appliance! 

All Snap parts come with installation instructions to help you with your repair. If you need more help, you can always contact us for further assistance. Email us at support@snap.parts or give us a call at 1-877-269-0086.

Model Numbers

Use ctrl+F then enter your model number in search bar and hit enter

CWE550 C9854VPV 1255WF-CLZ 96FN-4CLX
9522XUB CE9814XPB 1265H-EZW 96FN-4CW
W216 CWE402 1365H-EZW 96FN-4CX
9825XUB CWE4020BCB 21136 97FN-4EVWW
CWE470 CWE4100ACB10 21137 97FN-4EXWW
CWE4800ACB CWE4100ACE10 62921136 9814VPV
CWE4800ACE CWE4700BCB 62921137 9814XPB
9512XUB CWE4800ACB25 77EN-5EXWW 9835XUB
9825VUV CWE4800ACE27 77FK-5EXWM 9844VPV
CWE5500BCE CWE4800ACS14 77FK-5EXWW 9844XPB
9512WUV CWE5020BCB 77FN-5EVWW 9845XUB
97F-4EXWW CWE5100ACB10 77FN-5EXWM9 9854VPV
9854XPB CWE5200ACB 77JK-5EXWM 9855VUV
CWE4200ACB CWE5800ACB25 77JN-5EVWM 9855XUB
CWE5800ACS CWE5800ACE28 79FK-5EXW 9864VPV
9824VPV CWE5800ACS14 79FN-5EVW 9864XPB
CWE502 CWEA100ACB 8617W0A 9865VUV
CWE5500ACB EE7-11819R 9512WUT 9865XUB
9514WPW EF7-11819AE 9514WPA 98FA-4CLX
9815XUB EF7-11819R 9514XPB 98FA-4CLX-19
9834XPB EPE7 9522WUA 98FA-4CW
9835VVV EPE7-11819AE 9522WUV 98FA-4CX
9835XVB EPE7-21819AE 9522WUW 98FN-4CLX
CWE4700ACE EPE7-21C819D 9524WPA 98FN-4CLX-19
CWE4800ACS EPE7-31819AE 9524WPW 98FN-4CW
ECWE470 EPE7-41819AE 9524XPB 98FN-4CX
ECWE550 EPF7-21819AE 9612WUV 99FN-4EVW
W110 EPF7-21C819D 9612XUB A79E-5CXW
W210 EPF7-31819AE 9614XPB A79F-5EXW-R
9512WUA EPF7-41819AE 9622XUB A79FN-5EVW-R
9815VUV J9855VUV 9624XPB A9814XPB
99F-4EXW J9855XUB 96F-4CLX-19 A9845VPV
CWE5500ACE L9844VPV 96FA-4CLW A9845XPB
W116 L9844XPB 96FA-4CLX A9854VPV
1255AF-CLW L9845XUB 96FA-4CW A9854XPB

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for Y04000066

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Be careful not to let wires fall back into the oven wall.
  3. Open oven door, pull out oven racks.
  4. Remove the two screws that hold the bake element. Pull the bake element out enough to disconnect the wires. Disconnect the two wires off the terminals. Be careful not to let wires fall back into the oven wall.
  5. Remove old element. Place new element into position, attach wires into terminals, push in element and put screws back in.
  6. Place racks in, close door, and turn on appliance.




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