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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

WB44T10010 Oven Bake Element Replacement - Compatible with General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA Ranges

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PRYSM WB44T10010 Oven Bake Element Replacement - Compatible with General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA Ranges


  • Direct Replacement: Perfectly fits GE models, replacing part numbers WB44T10010, AP2030996, 770549, AH249285, EA249285, PS249285.
  • Dimensions: Measures 18 inches in length on the front end, 19.75 inches on the side, and 3 inches in length on the connecting end for a seamless fit.
  • Broad Compatibility: Designed to work flawlessly with various Range brands, including General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, and more, ensuring a broad range of applications.
  • Hassle-Free Installation with Common Tools: Our bake element is designed for a straightforward installation, ideal for replacing worn, broken, or inefficient elements. Whether you're facing uneven baking, lack of heat, or a non-functioning oven, this element ensures you can easily restore your oven's functionality using just basic tools, with no need for professional assistance
  • Optimized Performance: Enhance your oven's baking efficiency with our premium bake element, ensuring even and consistent heating for perfect baking and roasting results every time.
  • OEM-Quality and UL Certified: Constructed with premium materials directly from the OEM factory, our bake element is designed to endure high temperatures and rigorous use. Its UL certification guarantees safety and reliability, ensuring it meets the highest standards for quality and durability. This means fewer worries about future repairs, saving you both time and money.
  • High-Grade Power and Build: Rated at 240 Volts and 2585 Watts for superior heating efficiency, this bake element is engineered with nickel-plated .250 male terminals and silicone bushings, highlighting its robust construction. Manufactured in North America to ensure the highest quality, it combines optimal power specifications with durable materials for consistent and reliable oven performance.

Upgrade your oven's performance with our WB44T10010 Bake Element, the perfect replacement for your GE, Hotpoint, or RCA range. This high-quality element matches several part numbers such as WB44T10010, AP2030996, 770549, AH249285, EA249285, and PS249285, making it a versatile fit for numerous models.

Crafted with precision and made from durable materials, our bake element ensures efficient heating and a long-lasting solution to your oven's baking needs. With dimensions carefully designed to match the original part - 18 inches in front length, 19.75 inches side length, and 3 inches connecting end length - installation is hassle-free, ensuring a perfect fit and immediate improvement in oven performance.

Whether you're replacing a worn-out element or upgrading for better efficiency, our WB44T10010 Bake Element is compatible with a wide range of General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, and other range brands. Restore your oven's baking capability with confidence, knowing our replacement element will provide reliable and consistent heating for delicious baking results.

Don't let a faulty bake element affect your cooking. Order now to enjoy a revitalized oven that meets your baking and roasting needs with precision and efficiency.

Model Numbers

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91192090300 91195292991 JBP25DJ2WH JBP67DH1CT
91192090301 91195292992 JBP25DK1CT JBP67DH1WH
91192091300 91195297990 JBP25DK1WH JBP67DH1WW
91192091301 91195297991 JBP25DK2CT JBP67DH2CT
91192401990 91195297992 JBP25DK2WH JBP67DH2WH
91192401991 91195298990 JBP25DK3CT JBP67DH3CT
91192401992 91195298991 JBP25DK3WH JBP67DH3WH
91192408990 91195298992 JBP25DK4CT JBP67GH2WW
91192408991 91195492300 JBP25DK4WH JBP67GH3WW
91192408992 91195492301 JBP62BK1WH JBP67SH1SS
91192481990 91195494300 JBP62BK2WH JBP67SH2SS
91192481991 91195494301 JBP62BK3WH JBP67SH3SS
91192481992 91195499300 JBP62BK4WH JBP67WD1WW
91192488990 91195499301 JBP62BM1WH JBP67WD2WW
91192488991 91195501991 JBP62BM2WH JBP67WF1WW
91192488992 91195502000 JBP62BM3WH JBP67WH1WW
91192502990 91195508991 JBP62DM2BB JBP67WH2WW
91192502991 JB500CD1CC JBP62DM2WW JBP67WH3WW
91192502992 JB500WD1WW JBP62DM3WW JBP68CD1CC
91192507990 JB600CD1CC JBP62SN1SS JBP68CD2CC
91192507991 JB600WD1WW JBP64BB1AD JBP68HD1CC
91192507992 JB600WH1WW JBP64BB1WH JBP68HD1WW
91192712020 JB600WH3WW JBP64BB2AD JBP68HD2CC
91192714020 JB600WH4WW JBP64BB2CT JBP68HD2WW
91192812300 JB620DR1BB JBP64BB2WH JBP68WD1WW
91192812301 JB620DR1WW JBP64BB4AD JBP68WD2WW
91192814300 JB620DR2BB JBP64BB4WH JBP68WXF2WW
91192814301 JB620DR2WW JBP64BB5WH JBP70BC1AD
91193090300 JB620GR1SA JBP64BH1CT JBP70BC1CT
91193090301 JB620GR2SA JBP64BH1WH JBP70BC1WH
91193091300 JB620SR1SS JBP64BH2CT JBP70BC4AD
91193091301 JB620SR2SS JBP64BH2WH JBP70BC4WH
91193141000 JB620SR3SS JBP64BH3CT JBP70WC1WW
91193141990 JB640DN1BB JBP64BH3WH JBP70WC4WW
91193148000 JB640DN1CC JBP64CK1CC JBP71BF1CT
91193148990 JB640DN1WW JBP64CK2CC JBP71BF1WH
91193211990 JB640MN1BS JBP64CK3CC JBP71BH1CT
91193211991 JB640SN1SS JBP64CK4CC JBP71BH1WH
91193218990 JBP10WD1WW JBP64DM1CC JBP71BH2CT
91193218991 JBP10WD2WW JBP64DM1WW JBP71BH2WH
91193310010 JBP23DN1BB JBP64DM2CC JBP71BH3CT
91193311010 JBP23DN1CC JBP64DM2WW JBP71BH3WH
91193401990 JBP23DN1WW JBP64SH1SS JBP71CF1CC
91193401991 JBP23DR1BB JBP64SH2SS JBP71CH1CC
91193401992 JBP23DR1CC JBP64SH3SS JBP71CH2CC
91193402990 JBP23DR1WW JBP64WB1WW JBP71CH3CC
91193402991 JBP23SN1SS JBP64WB4WW JBP71EJ1BB
91193402992 JBP23SP1SS JBP64WB5WW JBP71EJ2BB
91193407990 JBP23SP2SS JBP64WH1WW JBP71SJ1SS
91193407991 JBP23SR1SS JBP64WH2WW JBP71SJ2SS
91193407992 JBP24BB1AD JBP64WH3WW JBP71WF1WW
91193408990 JBP24BB1CT JBP64WK1WW JBP71WH1WW
91193408991 JBP24BB1WH JBP64WK2WW JBP71WH2WW
91193408992 JBP24BB2AD JBP64WK3WW JBP71WH3WW
91193410010 JBP24BB2CT JBP64WK4WW JBS55BJ1BB
91193411000 JBP24BB2WH JBP65AC1AA JBS55BJ2BB
91193411002 JBP24BB4AD JBP65AC4AA JBS55BJ3BB
91193412000 JBP24BB4WH JBP65BC1AD JBS55BK1BB
91193417000 JBP24BB5WH JBP65BC1WH JBS55BK2BB
91193418000 JBP24BH1CT JBP65BC4AD JBS55BK3BB
91193418002 JBP24BH1WH JBP65BC4WH JBS55BK4BB
91193481990 JBP24BH2CT JBP65BK1BB JBS55CK1CC
91193481991 JBP24BH2WH JBP65BK2BB JBS55CK2CC
91193488990 JBP24BH3CT JBP65BK3BB JBS55CK3CC
91193488991 JBP24BH3WH JBP65BK4BB JBS55CK4CC
91193490010 JBP24DB1AD JBP65DM1BB JBS55DM1BB
91193490300 JBP24DB1CT JBP65DM1WW JBS55DM1CC
91193491990 JBP24DB1WH JBP65DM2BB JBS55DM1WW
91193491991 JBP24DB2AD JBP65DM2WW JBS55DM2BB
91193491992 JBP24DB2CT JBP65MK1BS JBS55DM2CC
91193498990 JBP24DB2WH JBP65MK2BS JBS55DM2WW
91193498991 JBP24DB4AD JBP65MK3BS JBS55DM3BB
91193498992 JBP24DB4WH JBP65MK4BS JBS55DM3WW
91193512010 JBP24DB5WH JBP65MM1BS JBS55MM2BS
91193514010 JBP24DH1CT JBP65MM2BS JBS55MM3BS
91193612010 JBP24DH1WH JBP65SK1SS JBS55SJ1SS
91193614010 JBP24DH2CT JBP65SK2SS JBS55SJ2SS
91193712020 JBP24DH2WH JBP65SK3SS JBS55SK1SS
91193714020 JBP24DH3CT JBP65SK4SS JBS55SK2SS
91193812300 JBP24DH3WH JBP65SM1SS JBS55SK3SS
91193812301 JBP24DM1BB JBP65SM2SS JBS55SK4SS
91193814300 JBP24DM1WW JBP65WC1WW JBS55SM1SS
91193814301 JBP24EH1BB JBP65WC4WW JBS55SM2SS
91194400300 JBP24EH2BB JBP65WK1WW JBS55SM3SS
91194400301 JBP24EK1BB JBP65WK2WW JBS55SM4SS
91194401300 JBP24EK2BB JBP65WK3WW JBS55SM5SS
91194401301 JBP24EK3BB JBP65WK4WW JBS55WJ1WW
91194401993 JBP24EK4BB JBP67BD1CT JBS55WJ2WW
91194402300 JBP24WB1WW JBP67BD1WH JBS55WJ3WW
91194402301 JBP24WB4WW JBP67BD2CT JBS55WK1WW
91194404300 JBP24WB5WW JBP67BD2WH JBS55WK2WW
91194404301 JBP24WH1WW JBP67BF1CT JBS55WK3WW
91194410300 JBP24WH2WW JBP67BF1WH JBS55WK4WW
91194411300 JBP24WH3WW JBP67BH1CT JBS55WK5WW
91194490300 JBP24WK1WW JBP67BH1WH JCBP24WJ1WW
91194490301 JBP24WK2WW JBP67BH2CT JCBP24WJ2WW
91194491300 JBP24WK3WW JBP67BH2WH JCBP24WJ3WW
91194491301 JBP24WK4WW JBP67BH3CT JCBP24WK1WW
91194492990 JBP25BM1CT JBP67BH3WH JCBP24WK2WW
91194492991 JBP25BM1WH JCBS55WK4WW JCBP24WK3WW
91194492992 JBP25DJ1CT JCBP65MK1BS JCBP24WK4WW
91194494010 JBP25DJ1WH JCBP65MK2BS JCBP62DM1WW
91194497990 JBP25DJ2CT JCBP65MK3BS JCBP62DM2WW

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for WB44T10010

  1. Disconnect oven to avoid electrocution
  2. Remove access panel screws from back of oven with quarter inch nut driver
  3. With pliers remove wires from bake oven terminal
  4. Go to the front of oven and open door
  5. Remove oven racks
  6. For convenience remove oven door by using screwdriver, flip up stoppers located at the bottom of the door
  7. Using two hands raise up door until it pops out
  8. Place door on flat surface
  9. Using nut driver take out the two screws holding the bake element
  10. Pull out old bake element and set it aside
  11. Take new SNAP Supply Bake Element out and install it
  12. Secure Bake Element with the two screws
  13. Install oven door by popping it into place and locking the both side stoppers
  14. Replace racks
  15. Slowly close oven door to make sure it is properly installed
  16. From the back of the range slide the wires into bake element terminals
  17. Install rear access panel and secure with screws
  18. Connect oven outlet and begin using

Tools Needed

  • Flat Nose Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Quarter Inch Nut Driver



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