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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

W10445975 Dishwasher Hose Assembly for Whirlpool

Precio original $44.97 - Precio original $44.97
Precio original
$44.97 - $44.97
Precio actual $44.97

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Monday - Friday order before 3 p.m. If you place your order outside these times, call us at 1-802-727-4126 and we will do our best to get it out the door.

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Average delivery times range 1-3 days

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Same Day Shipping 

If you place your order between Monday - Friday before 3 p.m., your order will be shipped on that day. If you order on Saturday before 12 p.m., your order will be shipped on that day. If you place your order outside these times, call us at 1-802-727-4126 and we will do our best to get it out the door.


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We are using the most reliable options available. Even though all major carriers are experiencing delays, we are always happy to help. If you have a question about the status of your shipment, call us directly for the quickest response at 1-802-727-4126.


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Our support team can be contacted via email at, or you can call us at 1-802-727-4126 during business hours. In the event that you need support outside of business hours, has an instant message support chat that can help you solve any problem.


  • Cross Reference Information
    W10445975, 2312026, PS3651318, W10445975VP, AP5618621
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Dishwasher brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others.

Model Numbers

Use ctrl+F then enter your model number in the search bar and hit enter

662.13012K112 665.15113K212
662.13013K112 665.15113K213
662.13014K112 665.15113K214
662.13019K112 665.15113K215
662.13032K112 665.15113K216
662.13033K112 665.15113K217
662.13039K112 665.15113K218
665.12093K210 665.15114K210
665.12413N410 665.15114K211
665.12413N411 665.15114K212
665.12413N412 665.15114K213
665.12413N413 665.15114K214
665.12413N414 665.15114K215
665.12723K310 665.15114K216
665.12723K311 665.15114K217
665.12762K310 665.15114K218
665.12762K311 665.15119K210
665.12762K312 665.15119K211
665.12762K313 665.15119K212
665.12762K314 665.15119K213
665.12763K310 665.15119K214
665.12763K311 665.15119K215
665.12763K312 665.15119K216
665.12763K313 665.15119K217
665.12763K314 665.15119K218
665.12764K310 665.15692K210
665.12769K310 665.15692K211
665.12769K311 665.15692K212
665.12769K312 665.15693K210
665.12769K313 665.15693K211
665.12769K314 665.15693K212
665.12772K310 665.15699K210
665.12772K311 665.15699K211
665.12772K312 665.15699K212
665.12772K313 665.17152K210
665.12772K314 665.17152K211
665.12773K310 665.17152K212
665.12773K311 665.17152K213
665.12773K312 665.17152K214
665.12773K313 665.17152K215
665.12773K314 665.17152K216
665.12774K310 665.17152K217
665.12774K311 665.17159K210
665.12774K312 665.17159K211
665.12774K313 665.17159K212
665.12774K314 665.17159K213
665.12776K310 665.17159K214
665.12776K311 665.17159K215
665.12776K312 665.17159K216
665.12776K314 665.17159K217
665.12776K315 665.17382N710
665.12779K310 665.17383N710
665.12779K311 665.17389N710
665.12779K312 665.17482N710
665.12779K313 665.17489N710
665.12779K314 7WDF530PAYM3 
665.12782K310 7WDF530PAYM4 
665.12782K311 7WDF530PAYM5 
665.12782K312 7WDF530PAYM6
665.12782K313 7WDF530PAYM7
665.12783K310 7WDT770PAYM1 
665.12783K311 7WDT770PAYM2 
665.12783K312 7WDT770PAYM3 
665.12783K313 7WDT770PAYM4 
665.12789K310 7WDT770PAYW1 
665.12789K311 7WDT770PAYW2 
665.12789K312 7WDT770PAYW3 
665.12789K313 7WDT770PAYW4 
665.12793K310 7WDT790SAYM2 
665.12793K311 7WDT790SAYM3
665.12793K312 7WDT950SAYM2 
665.12793K313 7WDT950SAYM3
665.12793K314 ADB1100AWB0 
665.12803K310 ADB1100AWB1 
665.12803K311 ADB1100AWS0 
665.12803K312 ADB1100AWS1 
665.12813K310 ADB1100AWW0 
665.12813K311 ADB1100AWW1 
665.12813K312 ADB1400PYB0 
665.12813K313 ADB1400PYB1 
665.12833K310 ADB1400PYB2 
665.12833K311 ADB1400PYD0 
665.12833K312 ADB1400PYD1 
665.12833K313 ADB1400PYD2 
665.12833K314 ADB1400PYS0 
665.13002N510 ADB1400PYS1 
665.13002N511 ADB1400PYS2 
665.13003N510 ADB1400PYW0 
665.13003N511 ADB1400PYW1 
665.13004N510 ADB1400PYW2 
665.13004N511 BLB14DRANA0 
665.13009N510 BLB14DRANA1
665.13009N511 BLB14DRANA2
665.13012K111 BLB14DRANA4
665.13012K112 BLB14DRANA5
665.13012K113 GLB14BBANA0
665.13013K111 GLB14BBANA1
665.13013K112 IUD3100BW0 
665.13013K113 IUD3100BW1 
665.13014K111 IUD6100BB0 
665.13014K112 IUD6100YW0 
665.13014K113 IUD6100YW1 
665.13019K111 IUD7500BS0 
665.13019K112 IUD7500BS1 
665.13019K113 IUD8100YS0 
665.13032K111 IUD8100YS1 
665.13032K112 IUD8100YS2 
665.13032K113 IUD8500BX0 
665.13032K114 IWU98760 
665.13032K115 IWU98761 
665.13032K116 JDB8000AWB1 
665.13033K111 JDB8000AWB2
665.13033K112 JDB8000AWB3
665.13033K113 JDB8000AWC1 
665.13033K114 JDB8000AWC2
665.13033K115 JDB8000AWS1 
665.13033K116 JDB8000AWS2
665.13039K111 JDB8000AWS3
665.13039K112 JDB8200AWP1 
665.13039K113 JDB8200AWP2
665.13039K114 JDB8200AWS1 
665.13039K115 JDB8200AWS4
665.13039K116 JDB8500AWF1 
665.13042K113 JDB8500AWF2
665.13042K114 JDB8500AWF3
665.13042K115 JDB8500AWX1 
665.13042K116 JDB8500AWX3
665.13043K113 JDB8500AWY1 
665.13043K114 JDB8500AWY2
665.13043K115 JDB8500AWY3
665.13043K116 JDB8700AWP1 
665.13044K113 JDB8700AWP2
665.13044K114 JDB8700AWP3
665.13044K115 JDB8700AWS1 
665.13044K116 JDB8700AWS2
665.13049K113 JDB8700AWS3
665.13049K114 JDB8700AWS4
665.13049K115 JDB9000CWB1
665.13049K116 JDB9000CWB2
665.13073K212 JDB9000CWB3
665.13073K213 JDB9000CWP1
665.13073K214 JDB9000CWP2
665.13073K215 JDB9000CWP3
665.13073K216 JDB9000CWS1
665.13073K217 JDB9000CWS2
665.13092N410 JDB9000CWS3
665.13092N411 JDB9200CWP1
665.13092N412 JDB9200CWP2
665.13092N413 JDB9200CWS1
665.13093N410 JDB9200CWS2
665.13093N411 JDB9200CWS3
665.13093N412 JDB9200CWX2
665.13093N413 JDB9200CWX3
665.13099N410 JDB9200CWX4
665.13099N411 JDB9200CWY1
665.13099N412 JDB9200CWY2
665.13099N413 JDB9800CWP1
665.13202N410 JDB9800CWP2
665.13202N411 JDB9800CWP3
665.13202N412 JDB9800CWS1
665.13202N413 JDB9800CWS2
665.13203N410 JDB9800CWS3
665.13203N411 JDB9800CWX2
665.13203N412 JDTSS243GX0
665.13203N413 JDTSS244GP0
665.13204N410 JDTSS244GS0
665.13204N411 JDTSS245GX0
665.13204N412 JDTSS246GP0
665.13204N413 JDTSS246GS0
665.13209N410 KDFE104DBL0
665.13209N411 KDFE104DBL1
665.13209N412 KDFE104DBL2
665.13209N413 KDFE104DBL3
665.13222N410 KDFE104DBL4
665.13222N411 KDFE104DBL5
665.13222N412 KDFE104DSS0
665.13222N413 KDFE104DSS1
665.13222N414 KDFE104DSS2
665.13223N410 KDFE104DSS3
665.13223N411 KDFE104DSS4
665.13223N412 KDFE104DSS5
665.13223N413 KDFE104DWH0
665.13223N414 KDFE104DWH1
665.13229N410 KDFE104DWH2
665.13229N411 KDFE104DWH3
665.13229N412 KDFE104DWH4
665.13229N413 KDFE104DWH5
665.13229N414 KDFE104HBL0
665.13252K114 KDFE104HBS0
665.13252K115 KDFE104HPS0
665.13255K114 KDFE104HWH0
665.13255K115 KDFE204EBL0
665.13259K114 KDFE204EBL1
665.13259K115 KDFE204EBL2
665.13262K112 KDFE204EBL3
665.13262K113 KDFE204EBL4
665.13262K114 KDFE204ESS0
665.13263K112 KDFE204ESS1
665.13263K113 KDFE204ESS2
665.13263K114 KDFE204ESS3
665.13269K112 KDFE204ESS4
665.13269K113 KDFE204EWH0
665.13269K114 KDFE204EWH1
665.13272K111 KDFE204EWH2
665.13272K112 KDFE204EWH3
665.13272K113 KDFE204EWH4
665.13272K114 KDFE304DBL0
665.13272K115 KDFE304DBL1
665.13272K116 KDFE304DBL2
665.13272K117 KDFE304DSS0
665.13272K118 KDFE304DSS1
665.13273K111 KDFE304DWH0
665.13273K112 KDFE304DWH1
665.13273K113 KDFE454CSS0 ()
665.13273K114 KDFE454CSS1
665.13273K115 KDFE454CSS2
665.13273K116 KDFE454CSS3
665.13273K117 KDFE454CSS4
665.13273K118 KDFE454CSS5
665.13279K111 KDHE404DSS0
665.13279K112 KDHE704DSS0
665.13279K113 KDPE204GBS0
665.13279K114 KDPE204GPS0
665.13279K115 KDPE234GBS0
665.13279K116 KDPE234GPS0
665.13279K117 KDPE334GBS0
665.13279K118 KDPE334GPS0
665.13282K113 KDTE104DBL0
665.13282K114 KDTE104DBL1
665.13282K115 KDTE104DSS0
665.13282K116 KDTE104DSS1
665.13282K117 KDTE104DWH0
665.13282K118 KDTE104DWH1
665.13283K113 KDTE104EBL0
665.13283K114 KDTE104EBL1
665.13283K115 KDTE104EBL2
665.13283K116 KDTE104EBL3
665.13283K117 KDTE104EBL4
665.13283K118 KDTE104EBS1
665.13289K113 KDTE104EBS2
665.13289K114 KDTE104EBS3
665.13289K115 KDTE104EBS4
665.13289K116 KDTE104ESS0
665.13289K117 KDTE104ESS1
665.13289K118 KDTE104ESS2
665.13292K115 KDTE104ESS3
665.13292K116 KDTE104ESS4
665.13293K115 KDTE104EWH0
665.13293K116 KDTE104EWH1
665.13299K115 KDTE104EWH2
665.13299K116 KDTE104EWH3
665.13402N410 KDTE104EWH4
665.13402N411 KDTE204DBL0
665.13402N412 KDTE204DBL1
665.13402N413 KDTE204DSS0
665.13403N410 KDTE204DSS1
665.13403N411 KDTE204DWH0
665.13403N412 KDTE204DWH1
665.13403N413 KDTE204EBL0
665.13409N410 KDTE204EBL1
665.13409N411 KDTE204EBL2
665.13409N412 KDTE204EBL3
665.13409N413 KDTE204EBL4
665.13472N410 KDTE204ESS0
665.13472N411 KDTE204ESS1
665.13472N412 KDTE204ESS2
665.13472N413 KDTE204ESS3
665.13473N410 KDTE204ESS4
665.13473N411 KDTE204EWH0
665.13473N412 KDTE204EWH1
665.13473N413 KDTE204EWH2
665.13479N410 KDTE204EWH3
665.13479N411 KDTE204EWH4
665.13479N412 KDTE204GPS0
665.13479N413 KDTE234GBL0
665.13492N410 KDTE234GBS0
665.13492N411 KDTE234GPS0
665.13492N412 KDTE234GWH0
665.13493N410 KDTE254EBL0
665.13493N411 KDTE254EBL1
665.13493N412 KDTE254EBL2
665.13499N410 KDTE254EBL3
665.13499N411 KDTE254ESS0
665.13499N412 KDTE254ESS1
665.13542N411 KDTE254ESS2
665.13542N412 KDTE254ESS3
665.13542N413 KDTE254EWH0
665.13542N414 KDTE254EWH1
665.13543N411 KDTE254EWH2
665.13543N412 KDTE254EWH3
665.13543N413 KDTE304DBL0
665.13543N414 KDTE304DPA0
665.13549N411 KDTE304DPA2
665.13549N412 KDTE304DSS0
665.13549N413 KDTE304DSS1
665.13549N414 KDTE304DWH0
665.13692N410 KDTE334DBL0
665.13692N411 KDTE334DSS0
665.13692N412 KDTE334DSS1
665.13693N410 KDTE334DWH0
665.13693N411 KDTE404DBL0
665.13693N412 KDTE404DSP0
665.13699N410 KDTE404DSS0
665.13699N411 KDTE404DSS1
665.13699N412 KDTE404DWH0
665.13802N710 KDTE504DSS0
665.13803N710 KDTE554CSS0
665.13804N710 KDTE554CSS1
665.13809N710 KDTE554CSS3
665.14043K014 KDTE554CSS4
665.14043K015 KDTE704DBL0
665.14312N410 KDTE704DPA0
665.14312N411 KDTE704DSS0
665.14312N412 KDTE704DSS1
665.14312N413 KDTE704DWH0
665.14313N410 KUDE20FBBL0 
665.14313N411 KUDE20FBBL1
665.14313N412 KUDE20FBSS0 
665.14313N413 KUDE20FBSS1
665.14319N410 KUDE20FBWH0 
665.14319N411 KUDE20FBWH1
665.14319N412 KUDE20IXBL9 
665.14319N413 KUDE20IXSS9 
665.14422N510 KUDE20IXSSA
665.14422N511 KUDE20IXWH9 
665.14423N510 KUDE40FXBL6 
665.14423N511 KUDE40FXBT6 
665.14429N510 KUDE40FXPA6 
665.14429N511 KUDE40FXSS6 
665.14522N610 KUDE40FXWH6 
665.14522N611 KUDE48FXBL5 
665.14523N610 KUDE48FXBL6
665.14523N611 KUDE48FXPA5 
665.14529N610 KUDE48FXPA6
665.14529N611 KUDE48FXSP5 
665.14542N710 KUDE48FXSP6
665.14542N711 KUDE48FXSS5 
665.14543N710 KUDE48FXSS6
665.14543N711 KUDE48FXWH5 
665.14545N710 KUDE48FXWH6
665.14545N711 KUDE50CXSS9 
665.14549N710 KUDE50FBSS0 
665.14549N711 KUDE60FXBL5 
665.14552N610 KUDE60FXSS5 
665.14553N610 KUDE60FXWH5 
665.14559N610 KUDE60HXSS5 
665.14562N610 KUDE60HXSS6
665.14562N611 KUDE70FXBL5 
665.14563N610 KUDE70FXBL6
665.14563N611 KUDE70FXPA5 
665.14565N610 KUDE70FXPA6
665.14565N611 KUDE70FXSS5 
665.14569N610 KUDE70FXSS6
665.14569N611 KUDE70FXWH5 
665.14572N610 KUDE70FXWH6
665.14572N611 KUDL15FXBL6 
665.14572N612 KUDL15FXSS6 
665.14573N610 KUDL15FXSS7
665.14573N611 KUDL15FXWH6 
665.14573N612 KUDL15FXWH7
665.14579N610 MDB4949SDE0
665.14579N611 MDB4949SDE1
665.14579N612 MDB4949SDE2
665.14703N510 MDB4949SDE3
665.14703N511 MDB4949SDH0
665.14703N512 MDB4949SDH1
665.14712N710 MDB4949SDH2
665.14713N710 MDB4949SDH3
665.14715N710 MDB4949SDM0
665.14719N710 MDB4949SDM1
665.14742N510 MDB4949SDM2
665.14742N511 MDB4949SDM3
665.14742N512 MDB4949SDZ0
665.14742N513 MDB4949SHB0
665.14743N510 MDB4949SHW0
665.14743N511 MDB4949SHZ0
665.14743N512 MDB5969SDE0
665.14743N513 MDB5969SDE1
665.14749N510 MDB5969SDE2
665.14749N511 MDB5969SDH0
665.14749N512 MDB5969SDH1
665.14749N513 MDB5969SDH2
665.14752N510 MDB5969SDM0
665.14752N511 MDB5969SDM1
665.14752N512 MDB5969SDM2
665.14753N510 MDB6949SDE0
665.14753N511 MDB6949SDE1
665.14753N512 MDB6949SDH0
665.14754N510 MDB6949SDH1
665.14754N511 MDB6949SDM0
665.14754N512 MDB6949SDM1
665.14759N510 MDB7949SDE0
665.14759N511 MDB7949SDE1
665.14759N512 MDB7949SDE2
665.14792N510 MDB7949SDE3
665.14792N511 MDB7949SDH0
665.14792N512 MDB7949SDH1
665.14793N510 MDB7949SDH2
665.14793N511 MDB7949SDH3
665.14793N512 MDB7949SDM0
665.14799N510 MDB7949SDM1
665.14799N511 MDB7949SDM2
665.14799N512 MDB7949SDM3
665.15112K210 MDB7949SDZ0
665.15112K211 MDB7959SHZ0
665.15112K212 MDB7979SHZ0
665.15112K213 MDB8959SFE0
665.15112K214 MDB8959SFE1
665.15112K215 MDB8959SFE2
665.15112K216 MDB8959SFE3
665.15112K217 MDB8959SFE4
665.15112K218 MDB8959SFH0
665.15113K210 MDB8959SFH1
665.15113K211 MDB8959SFH2

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