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Closed Monday, May 27, 2024 in observance of the holiday. Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Closed Monday, May 27 ,2024 in in observance of the holiday. Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

DE47-20037A Microwave Thermostat for Samsung

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Precio original $0.00
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Precio actual $17.99

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Average delivery times range 1-3 days

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Same Day Shipping 

If you place your order between Monday - Friday before 3 p.m., your order will be shipped on that day. If you order on Saturday before 12 p.m., your order will be shipped on that day. If you place your order outside these times, call us at 1-802-727-4126 and we will do our best to get it out the door.


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  • Cross Reference Information
    DE47-20037A, 2079753, PS4226434, AP4222778
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Microwave brands: Samsung 

Model Numbers

Use ctrl+F then enter your model number in the search bar and hit enter

FCQ321HTUB/XAA-00 NE59J3420SW/AA (0005)
FCQ321HTUB/XAA-0000  NE59J3420SW/AA (0001)
FCQ321HTUW/XAA-00 NE59J3420SW/AA (0000)
FCQ321HTUW/XAA-0000  NE59J3420SW/AA (0007)
FCQ321HTUX/XAA-00 NE59J3420SW/AA (0006)
FCQ321HTUX/XAA-0000  NE59J3420SW/AA (0004)
FE-N500WX/XAA-00 NE59J3420SW/AA-00
FE-N500WX/XAA-0000  NE59J3420SW/AA-01
FE710DRS/XAA-0001  NE59J3420SW/AA-02
FE710DRS/XAA-01 NE59J3420SW/AA-03
FE710DRS/XAA-02 NE59J3420SW/AA-04
FE710DRS/XAA-03 NE59J3420SW/AA-05
FER300SB/XAA-00 NE59J3420SW/AA-06
FER300SB/XAA-0000  NE59J3420SW/AA-07
FER300SB/XAB  NE59J3421SS/AA (0000)
FER300SW/XAA-00 NE59J3421SS/AA (0002)
FER300SW/XAA-0000  NE59J3421SS/AA (0001)
FER300SW/XAC  NE59J3421SS/AA-00
FER300SX/XAA-00 NE59J3421SS/AA-01
FER300SX/XAA-0000  NE59J3421SS/AA-02
FER300SX/XAA-0001  NE59J7630SB/AA (0000)
FER300SX/XAA-01 NE59J7630SB/AA (0002)
FER300SX/XAC  NE59J7630SB/AA (0001)
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-00 NE59J7630SB/AA-00
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0000  NE59J7630SB/AA-01
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0001  NE59J7630SB/AA-02
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0002  NE59J7630SG/AA (0001)
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0003  NE59J7630SG/AA (0000)
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-01 NE59J7630SG/AA-00
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-02 NE59J7630SG/AA-01
FTQ352IWUB/XAA-03 NE59J7630SG/AA-02
FTQ352IWUW/XAA-00  NE59J7630SS/AA (0001)
FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0000  NE59J7630SS/AA (0000)
FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0001  NE59J7630SS/AA-00
FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0002  NE59J7630SS/AA-01
FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0003  NE59J7630SS/AA-02
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-00 NE59J7630SW/AA (0000)
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-0000  NE59J7630SW/AA (0001)
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-0001  NE59J7630SW/AA-00
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-0002  NE59J7630SW/AA-01
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-0003  NE59J7650WS/AA (0001)
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-01 NE59J7650WS/AA (0000)
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-02 NE59J7650WS/AA (0002)
FTQ352IWUX/XAA-03 NE59J7650WS/AA (0003)
FTQ353IWUB/XAA-00 NE59J7650WS/AA-00
FTQ353IWUB/XAA-0000 () NE59J7650WS/AA-01
FTQ353IWUW/XAA-00 NE59J7650WS/AA-02
FTQ353IWUW/XAA-0000  NE59J7650WS/AA-03
FTQ353IWUX/XAA-00 NE59J7750WS/AA (0000)
FTQ353IWUX/XAA-0000  NE59J7750WS/AA (0003)
FTQ386LWUX/XAA  NE59J7750WS/AA (0001)
FTQ387LWGX/XAA  NE59J7750WS/AA (0002)
NE58F9500SS/AA-00 NE59J7750WS/AA-00
NE58F9500SS/AA-0000  NE59J7750WS/AA-01
NE58F9500SS/AA-01 NE59J7750WS/AA-02
NE58F9500SS/AA-02 NE59J7750WS/AA-03
NE58F9710WS/AA-00 NE59J7850WG/AA (0001)
NE58F9710WS/AA-0000  NE59J7850WG/AA (0002)
NE58F9710WS/AA-01 NE59J7850WG/AA (0000)
NE58F9710WS/AA-02 NE59J7850WG/AA (0003)
NE58F9710WS/AA-03 NE59J7850WG/AA-00
NE58F9710WS/AA-04 NE59J7850WG/AA-01
NE58H9950WS/AA (0002) NE59J7850WG/AA-02
NE58H9950WS/AA (0000) NE59J7850WG/AA-03
NE58H9950WS/AA (0001) NE59J7850WG/AA-04
NE58H9950WS/AA-00 NE59J7850WS/AA (0000)
NE58H9950WS/AA-01 NE59J7850WS/AA (0002)
NE58H9950WS/AA-02 NE59J7850WS/AA (0001)
NE58H9970WS/AA (0000) NE59J7850WS/AA (0003)
NE58H9970WS/AA-00 NE59J7850WS/AA-00
NE58K9430SS/AA (0000) NE59J7850WS/AA-01
NE58K9430SS/AA-00 NE59J7850WS/AA-02
NE58K9500SG/AA (0001) NE59J7850WS/AA-03
NE58K9500SG/AA (0000) NE59K3310SB/AA (0000)
NE58K9500SG/AA-00 NE59K3310SB/AA-00
NE58K9500SG/AA-01 NE59K3310SS/AA (0000)
NE58K9560WS/AA (0000) NE59K3310SS/AA-00
NE58K9560WS/AA-00 NE59K3310SW/AA (0000)
NE58K9850WG/AA (0000) NE59K3310SW/AA-00
NE58K9850WG/AA-00 NE59M4310SB/AA-00
NE58K9850WS/AA (0000) NE59M4310SS/AA-00
NE58K9850WS/AA-00 NE59M4310SW/AA-00
NE594R0ABBB/AA-0001  NE59M4320SB/AA-00
NE594R0ABBB/AA-01 NE59M4320SG/AA-00
NE594R0ABSR/AA-00 NE59M4320SS/AA-00
NE594R0ABSR/AA-0000  NE59M4320SW/AA-00
NE594R0ABSR/AA-01 NE59M6850SG/AA-00
NE594R0ABWW/AA-0001  NE59M6850SG/AA-01
NE594R0ABWW/AA-01 NE59M6850SS/AA-00
NE595N0PBSR/AA-0001  NE59N6630SG/AA-00
NE595N0PBSR/AA-01 NE59N6630SS/AA-00
NE595R0ABBB/AA-00 NE59N6650SG/AA-00
NE595R0ABBB/AA-0000  NE59N6650SS/AA-00
NE595R0ABBB/AA-01 NV51K6650DG/AA (0000)
NE595R0ABSR/AA-00 NV51K6650DG/AA-00
NE595R0ABSR/AA-01 NV51K6650DS/AA (0000)
NE595R0ABWW/AA-00 NV51K6650DS/AA-00
NE595R0ABWW/AA-0000  NV51K6650SG/AA (0000)
NE595R0ABWW/AA-01 NV51K6650SG/AA-00
NE595R1ABSR/AA-0001  NV51K6650SS/AA (0000)
NE595R1ABSR/AA-01 NV51K6650SS/AA-00
NE595R1ABSR/AA-02 NV51K7770DG/AA (0000)
NE595R1ABSR/AA-03 NV51K7770DG/AA-00
NE597N0PBSR/AA-0001  NV51K7770DS/AA (0000)
NE597N0PBSR/AA-01 NV51K7770DS/AA-00
NE597N0PBSR/AA-02 NV51K7770SG/AA (0000)
NE597R0ABSR/AA-0001  NV51K7770SG/AA-00
NE597R0ABSR/AA-01 NV51K7770SS/AA (0000)
NE597R0ABSR/AA-02 NV51K7770SS/AA-00
NE599N1PBSR/AC-00 NX58J7750SG/AA (0000)
NE599N1PBSR/AC-01 NX58J7750SG/AA-00
NE599N1PBSR/AC-02 NX58J7750SS/AA (0000)
NE599N1PBSR/AC-03 NX58J7750SS/AA-00
NE59J3420SB/AA (0001) NX58J7750SS/AA-01
NE59J3420SB/AA (0002) NX58K3310SB/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SB/AA (0003) NX58K3310SB/AA-00
NE59J3420SB/AA (0005) NX58K3310SS/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SB/AA (0004) NX58K3310SS/AA-00
NE59J3420SB/AA (0000) NX58K3310SW/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SB/AA-00 NX58K3310SW/AA-00
NE59J3420SB/AA-01 NX58K7850SG/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SB/AA-02 NX58K7850SG/AA-00
NE59J3420SB/AA-03 NX58K7850SS/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SB/AA-04 NX58K7850SS/AA-00
NE59J3420SB/AA-05 NX58K9850SG/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SS/AA (0004) NX58K9850SG/AA-00
NE59J3420SS/AA (0006) NX58K9850SG/AA-01
NE59J3420SS/AA (0007) NX58K9850SG/AA-02
NE59J3420SS/AA (0002) NX58K9850SS/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SS/AA (0005) NX58K9850SS/AA-00
NE59J3420SS/AA (0001) NX58K9852SG/AA (0000)
NE59J3420SS/AA (0003) NX58K9852SG/AA-00
NE59J3420SS/AA (0000) NX58M6850SG/AA-00
NE59J3420SS/AA-00 NX58M6850SS/AA-00
NE59J3420SS/AA-01 NE59J3420SS/AA-05
NE59J3420SS/AA-02 NE59J3420SS/AA-06
NE59J3420SS/AA-03 NE59J3420SS/AA-07
NE59J3420SS/AA-04 NE59J3420SW/AA (0003)
NE59J3420SW/AA (0002)

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for DE47-20037A 

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