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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

8182119 Door Boot for Whirlpool

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  • Cross Reference Information
    8182119, WP8182119,  PS11744957, W10003800, WP8182119VP, B01M5AII73, B0156NAK3C, B019IYZ18E, B01BCB60WW, B0053F91I4, B008DJLC7U
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  • Compatible with the following Washer brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others.

Model Numbers

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11047081601 GHW9150PW0
11047081602 GHW9100LW2
11047086600 GHW9150PW4
11047086601 GHW9400PL0
11047086602 GHW9400PW0
11047087600 GHW9150PW1
11047087601 GHW9300PW4
11047087602 GHW9250ML1
11047088600 GHW9400PW4
11047088601 GHW9250MW1
11047088602 GHW9250ML2
11047089600 GHW9150PW3
11047089601 GHW9150PW2
11047089602 GHW9400PL4
11047091600 GHW9160PW0
11047091601 GHW9250MW2
11047091602 GHW9300PW0
11047701800 GHW9400PW1
11047701801 GHW9400PL1
11047711800 GHW9400PT0
11047711801 GHW9100LQ2
11047751800 WFW9200SQ00
11047751801 GHW9400SU0
11047761800 WFW9400SU00
11047761801 GHW9460PL0
11047781700 GHW9400PL2
11047781701 MFW9700SQ1
11047781702 GHW9460PW0
11047787800 GHW9400PW2
11047787801 MFW9600SQ0
11047788800 WFW9400SW00
11047788801 MFW9700SB0
11047789700 KHWS02RMT3
11047789701 WFW9200SQ02
11047789702 GHW9250MT1
11047791700 GHW9300PW1
11047791701 GHW9400PT1
11047791702 KHWS01PMT1
11047797800 MFW9600SQ1
11047797801 GHW9250MT2
11047798800 KHWS01PMT2
11047798801 WFW9200SQA10
11047799701 GHW9160PW4
11047799702 GHW9400PT4
11047852700 GHW9300PW2
11047852701 KHWS01PMT3
11047852702 KHWS02RMT0
11047852703 WFW9600TA00
11047882700 WFW9400SU01
11047882701 WFW9600TW00
11047882702 7MGHW9150PW0
11047882703 GHW9160PW1
11049962600 GHW9400PW3
11049962601 GHW9460PW1
11049962602 KHWS02RMT1
11049962603 MFW9700SQ0
11049972600 WFW9200SQA11
11049972601 WFW9200SQ01
11049972602 GHW9160PW3
11049972603 WFW9400ST00
7MGHW9400PW0 WFW9400SW01
7MGHW9400PW1 GHW9250MQ1
7MGHW9400PW2 GHW9400PL3
GHW9160PW2 GHW9460PL4
GHW9400PT2 11045986400
GHW9400PT3 7MGHW9150PW1
GHW9460PL2 7MGHW9150PW2
GHW9460PL3 GHW9300PW3
GHW9460PW3 GHW9460PL1
KHWV01RSS0 11042822203
MFW9800TK0 11042824203
MFW9800TQ0 11042922202
MHWE300VF00 11042922203
MHWE300VW00 11042924202
MHWE300VW10 11042924203
MHWE300VW11 11042926202
MHWE300VW12 11042926203
MHWE300VW13 11043902202
MHWE400WJ00 11043902203
MHWE400WJ01 11044826301
MHWE400WR00 11044832202
MHWE400WR01 11044834202
MHWE400WW00 11044836301
MHWE400WW01 11044921301
MHWE450WJ00 11044921302
MHWE450WJ01 11044931301
MHWE450WJ02 11044931302
MHWE450WR00 11044932202
MHWE450WR01 11044932203
MHWE450WR02 11044934202
MHWE450WW00 11044934203
MHWE450WW01 11044936202
MHWE450WW02 11044936203
MHWE500VP00 11045081400
MHWE500VP01 11045081401
MHWE500VW00 11045081402
MHWE500VW01 11045081403
MHWE500VW10 11045081404
MHWE500VW11 11045087400
MHWE500VW12 11045087401
MHWE550WJ00 11045087402
MHWE550WJ01 11045087403
MHWE550WR00 11045087404
MHWE550WR01 11045088400
MHWE550WW00 11045088401
MHWE550WW01 11045088402
MHWE900VJ00 11045088403
MHWE900VJ01 11045088404
MHWE900VW00 11045089400
MHWE900VW01 11045089401
MHWE950WJ02 11045089402
MHWE950WR02 11045089403
MHWE950WW00 11045089404
MHWE950WW01 11045091400
MHWE950WW02 11045091401
MWFW9200SQ00 11045091402
NFW7500VM00 11045091403
NFW7500VM01 11045091404
NFW7500VW00 11045801400
NFW7500VW01 11045862400
NFW7600XW00 11045862401
WFW9200SQ03 11045862402
WFW9200SQ04 11045862403
WFW9200SQ10 11045862404
WFW9200SQA12 11045872400
WFW9300VU02 11045872401
WFW9300VU03 11045872402
WFW9300VU04 11045872403
WFW9400SB00 11045872404
WFW9400SB01 11045962400
WFW9400SB02 11045962401
WFW9400SBA10 11045962402
WFW9400ST01 11045962403
WFW9400ST02 11045962404
WFW9400STA10 11045966400
WFW9400SU02 11045966401
WFW9400SW02 11045966402
WFW9400SW03 11045966403
WFW9400SW04 11045966404
WFW9400SWA10 11045972400
WFW9400SZ01 11045972401
WFW9400SZ02 11045972402
WFW9400SZ03 11045972403
WFW9400SZ04 11045972404
WFW9400SZA10 11045976400
WFW9400VE01 11045976401
WFW9400VE02 11045976402
WFW9400VE03 11045976403
WFW9410XW00 11045976404
WFW9450WL00 11045981400
WFW9450WR00 11045986401
WFW9450WW00 11045986402
WFW9451XW00 11045986403
WFW9470WL00 11045986404
WFW9470WL01 11045991400
WFW9470WR00 11045992400
WFW9470WR01 11045994400
WFW9470WW00 11045994401
WFW9470WW01 11045996400
WFW9500TC00 11045996401
WFW9500TC01 11045996402
WFW9500TC02 11045996403
WFW9500TC03 11045996404
WFW9500TW00 11046742700
WFW9500TW01 11046742701
WFW9500TW02 11046742702
WFW9500TW03 11046747801
WFW9550WL00 11046747802
WFW9550WL01 11046752700
WFW9550WL10 11046752701
WFW9550WR00 11046752702
WFW9550WR01 11046757801
WFW9550WW00 11046757802
WFW9550WW01 11047081600
WFW9550WW10 WFW9640XW00
WFW9600TA01 WFW9700VA00
WFW9600TA02 WFW9700VW00
WFW9600TB00 WFW9700VW01
WFW9600TC00 WFW9750WL00
WFW9600TU00 WFW9750WL01
WFW9600TW01 WFW9750WL02
WFW9600TW02 WFW9750WR00
WFW9600TZ00 WFW9750WR01
WFW9630YL00 WFW9750WR02
WFW9630YW00 WFW9750WW00
WFW9750WW02 WFW9750WW01

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 8182119

Tools Needed:

  • Torch 20 driver
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Turn off water supply.
  3. Remove the screws securing the top panel, pull the panel and lift off, set aside.
  4. Next, remove the soap drawer by pressing in the release tab and pull.
  5. Remove the two screws holding the console, open washer door, release the three locking tabs located at the top of the console, with a putty knife release the last locking tab located on the right side of the console. Swing console over the machine.
  6. With a torch 20 driver remove the screws securing the access panel (located at near the bottom). Remove the access panel.
  7. Remove the screws securing the front panel, remove the spring clamp that is located at 6 o’clock underneath the seal with a small flat head screwdriver. See images below  
  9. Pull the spring clamp out as shown below
  11. Take the door boot and push it inside the washer; the soap dispenser tube is located near the door, when you get to this point, pull the door boot back until it removes from the tube.
  12. Close door, and with a torch driver remove the screws that hold the front panel on. Open door, hold the door with one hand and with the other hand hold the front panel, lift the panel and set aside.
  13. Remove the door switch, lift and swing back.
  14. Once you have access to the clamp, loosen the screw of the clamp and remove the clamp.
  15. Remove the old bellow tub seal. Make sure to clean the area.
  16. The new tub has a tab that goes in at 12 o’clock. Push tub in place.
  17. Next, replace the clamp and secure it with the screw. To make sure the bellow tub is fitted securely, grab on it and pull it, once it is then place the lid switch back.
  18. Place the soap dispenser into the hole on the upper left hand of the tub seal.
  19. Replace the front panel the same way it was taken out. Place the screws to secure the front panel. Open door to grab the lid switch through behind of the front panel and align it in its position. Secure with screws.
  20. Place the front of the bellow seal around the whole door. Place clamp back on, once it starts getting hard to clamp on, use locking pliers to finish placing.
  21. Place front access panel back on and secure it with screws.
  22. Place console in by first snapping in the locking tab on the right side and then snap the three upper tabs. Place the two screws in the soap dispenser and place soap drawer. Replace the top panel. Replace the screws.
  23. Turn on water supply and plug in appliance and installation is complete.



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