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Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

67002135 Defrost Heater for Whirlpool

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  • Cross Reference Information 
    67002135, 67001169, 8171009, PS11743479, B008DK1X5U, B00EZ6HZG2, B00L5G7I9E, B008DK6GMK, B00J8HKDHQ
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Refrigerator brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others.

Model Numbers

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DRB1901CW (PDRB1901CW0) GB9SHDXVB00 59665939400 59675934400
ABB1921DEW GB9SHDXVQ00 59665939401 59675934401
ARB190ZCW (PARB190ZCW0) GB9SHDXVS00 59665939402 59675934402
PBF1951HEW GB9SHKRLS00 59665939403 59675934403
ABB1924DEW GB9SHKRLS01 59665939703 59675934703
ABB1927DEW GB9SHKRMS00 59665962700 59675939300
DRB1901CC (PDRB1901CC0) GB9SHKXLB00 59665962701 59675939400
ABB1922FEW GB9SHKXLB01 59665964700 59675939401
ABR1922FES (ABR1922FES0) GB9SHKXLQ00 59665964701 59675939402
ARB1917CB (PARB1917CB1) GB9SHKXLQ01 59665969700 59675939403
MBB1956GEQ (PMBB1956GC0) GB9SHKXLT00 59665969701 59675939703
ABB1924DES GB9SHKXLT01 59666022700 59675962700
ARB1917CW (PARB1917CW1) GB9SHKXMQ02 59666022701 59675962701
PBB1951GRW (PPBB1951GW0) GB9SHKXMQ03 59666032600 59675964700
ABB1924DEQ GB9SHKXMQ12 59666032601 59675964701
ARB1914CB (PARB1914CB0) GB9SHKXMQ13 59666032701 59675969700
MBF1956KEW ITB19330Q10 59666039600 59675969701
ARB1917CC (PARB1917CC1) KBLS19KTSS01 59666039601 59676052700
ARB190ZCS (PARB190ZCS0) KBRS19KTBL00 59666039701 59676052701
MBB1952HEW KBRS19KTBL01 59666132700 59676053700
ABB1922FEQ KBRS19KTSS01 59666132701 59676053701
ABB192ZDEQ KBRS19KTWH00 59666133700 59676054700
ARB194RCW (PARB194RCW0) KBRS19KTWH01 59666133701 59676054701
GB9SHDXPQ01 MBB1952GRQ (PMBB1952GC0) 59666902300 59676059700
PBF1951HEQ MBB1952HEB10 59666902301 59676059701
ABB1927DES MBB1952HEW14 59666942400 59676062700
ABL1922FES (ABL1922FES0) MBB1954GEB (PMBB1954GB0) 59666942401 59676062701
ARB1905CW (PARB1905CW0) MBB1954GEQ (PMBB1954GC0) 59666944400 59676063700
ARB190RCW (PARB190RCW0) MBB1954GES (PMBB1954GS0) 59666944401 59676063701
ARB190ZCB (PARB190ZCBO) MBB1954GEW (PMBB1954GW0) 59666952400 59676064700
ARB1914CW (PARB1914CW0) MBB1954HEW 59666952401 59676064701
ARB1917CSL (PARB1917CSO) MBB1956GES (PMBB1956GS0) 59666953400 59676069700
MBF1956HEB MBB1956HEB 59666953401 59676069701
MBF1956HES MBB1956HEB14 59666954400 ABB1921DEQ
ABB1927DEB MBB1956HEQ 59666954401 ABB1921DEW14
ABB1927DEQ MBB1956HES 59666959400 ABB1921FEB11
ARB1905CB (PARB1905CB0) MBB1956HEW 59666959401 ABB1922FEB11
KBRS19KTSS00 MBB1956HEW14 59666992400 ABB1922FED10
MBB1952HEQ MBB1957VEB10 59666992401 ABB1922FEQ11
MBB1956GEB (PMBB1956GB0) MBB1957VEW10 59667902600 ABB1922FES
MBB1956GEW (PMBB1956GW0) MBF1956HEQ 59667902601 ABB1922FEW11
MBL1956KES MBF1956KEB11 59667902701 ABB1924DEB
PBF1951KEW MBF1956KEQ 59667942600 ABB1927DEW14
59672839200 MBF1956KEQ11 59667942601 ABB1927VEB10
59672914200 MBF1956KEW11 59667942701 ABB1927VEW10
59673822200 MBL1952KES 59667949600 ABB192ZDEB14
59673824200 MBL1952KES12 59667949601 ABB192ZDEW14
ABB1922FEB MBL1956HES 59667949701 ABL1922FES12
ABB192ZDEB MBL1956HES14 59667952600 ABL1927FES12
ABB192ZDES MBL1956KES12 59667952601 ABL1927VES10
ABB192ZDEW MBL1957VES10 59667952701 ABL192ZFES12
ABL1927FES (ABL1927FES0) MBR1952KES 59667953600 ABR1922FES12
ARB190ZCC (PARB190ZCC0) MBR1952KES12 59667953602 ABR1927FES (ABR1927FES0)
ARB1914CC (PARB1914CC0) MBR1956HES 59667954600 ABR1927FES12
ARB1917CSR (PARB1917CS1) MBR1956HES14 59667954601 ABR1927VES10
ARB194RCB (PARB194RCB0) MBR1956KES 59667954701 ABR192ZFES12
GB9SHDXPB01 MBR1956KES12 59667959600 ADD1927DEB14
GB9SHDXPQ00 MBR1957VES10 59667959601 ARB1905CC (PARB1905CC0)
GB9SHDXPS01 PBB1951GRB (PPBB1951GB0) 59667959701 ARB1905CS (PARB1905CS0)
GB9SHKXMQ00 PBB1951HEB 59667992600 ARB190RCB (PARB190RCB0)
KBLS19KTSS00 PBB1951HEB14 59667992701 ARB190RCC (PARB190RCC0)
MBB1952GRW (PMBB1952GW0) PBB1951HEQ 59667993600 ARB1914CSL (PARB1914CS0)
MBF1956HEW PBB1951HEW 59667993602 ARB1914CSR (PARB1914CS1)
MBF1956KEB PBB1951HEW14 59667993702 ARB194RCC (PARB194RCC0)
PBB1951GRQ (PPBB1951GC0) PBF1951KEW11 59668942800 CB19G6Q
59662822200 PDRB1901CC0 59668943800 CB19G6W
59662824200 PDRB1901CW0 59668949800 CB19G6W14
59662832200 EB9FVHLVS00 59672822200 CB19G7B
59662834200 EB9FVHRVS00 59672824200 CB19G7B13
59662839200 EB9FVHXVB00 59672832200 CB19G7W
59662912200 EB9FVHXVQ00 59672834200 CB19G7W13
59662913200 EB9SHKXVQ00 59672912200 EB9FVBLVS00
59662914200 GB9SHDXPB00 59672913200 EB9FVBRVS00
59662919200 GB9SHDXPB02 59672919200 EB9FVBXVB00
59663822200 GB9SHDXPB12 59672952200 EB9FVBXVQ00
59663824200 GB9SHDXPQ02 59672953200 59665934402
59665932300 GB9SHDXPQ12 59672954200 59665934403
59665932400 GB9SHDXPS00 59672959200 59665934703
59665932401 GB9SHDXPS02 59673912200 59665939300
59665932402 GB9SHDXPS12 59673913200 59675932403
59665932403 59675932400 59673914200 59675932703
59665932703 59675932401 59673919200 59675934300
59665934300 59675932402 59675932300 59665934401

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 67002135

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Remove shelves, bins, and rails of the freezer to remove the back panel.
  3. Remove the screws securing the panel, along with the mounting tabs if your model has tabs. Also, remove the plastic light cover located toward the top of the panel if your model has it. Remove the panel by lifting and pulling it.
  4. With a quarter inch nut driver, remove the two screws securing the defrost heater housing. Pull out the foam pieces located on each side.
  5. Next, to remove the aluminum housing around the evaporator motor, use a flat head screwdriver to pop off the grounding clip located on the right side. Using a screwdriver, remove the aluminum clip located on both sides see image below
  6. Once released, guide the aluminum/heat shield out of the evaporator. Replace one of the screws securing the housing. Using a screwdriver, release the two clips securing the heater in place.
  7. Disconnect the wire harnesses and carefully pull out the defrost heater from the evaporator.
  8. To install the new defrost heater, feed the left and right side of the heater as shown below


  1. Guide the wires of the defrost heater through the evaporator. Tip: Use a screwdriver.
  2. Replace the clips at the bottom, replace the aluminum/heat shield, make sure the evaporator coil locks into the clips on each side. Replace the whole assembly in its place, making sure it locks into the locking tabs on each side located toward the top.
  3. Reconnect wire harnesses. Replace the foam, and the other screw securing the housing. Reattach the back panel making sure it is secure into the mounting tabs. Reattach the light cover and mounting tabs if your model has them. Replace all screws.
  4. Replace rails, bins, and shelves. Close door and turn on appliance. Installation is complete.


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