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Closed Monday, May 27, 2024 in observance of the holiday. Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Closed Monday, May 27 ,2024 in in observance of the holiday. Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

4560EL3001A Idler Pulley for LG

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  • Cross Reference Information
    4560EL3001A, 1267529, PS3523032, B00AYBKHUI. 
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Dryer brands: LG

Model Numbers

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DLEX3470W 79669002000 DLE3733S (ATTEEUS) 79690512900
DLEX3550V 79669002010 DLE3733U (ABBEEUS) 79690518900
DLEX3550W 79669272000 DLE3733W (ABWEEUS) 79691022900
DLEX3875V 79669272010 DLE3777E 79691028900
DLEX3875W 79669272012 DLE3777W (ABWEEUS) 79691029900
DLEX3885C 79669272900 DLE4801W 79691532110
DLEX3885W 79669278000 DLE4870W 79691538110
DLEX4070V 79669278010 DLE4970W 79691542110
DLEX4070W 79669278900 DLE5001W 79691548110
DLEX4270V 79669472000 DLE5932S (ATTEEUS) 79691549110
DLEX4270W 79669478000 DLE5932W (ABWEEUS) 79691722010
DLEX5000V 79679002000 DLE5955G (APGEEUS) 79691728010
DLEX5000W 79679002010 DLE5955W (ABWEEUS) 79692192900
DLEX5101V 79679272000 DLE5977B (ABPEEUS) 79692198900
DLEX5101W 79679272010 DLE5977BM 79692199900
DLEX5170V 79679272900 DLE5977S (ATTEEUS) 79698842800
DLEX5170W 79679278000 DLE5977SM (ATTEEUS) 79698852800
DLEX5680V 79679278010 DLE5977W (ABWEEUS) CDE3379WD
DLEX5680W 79679278900 DLE5977WM CDE3379WN
DLEX5780VE 79679472000 DLE6942W (ABWEEUS) CDG3389WD
DLEX5780WE 79679478000 DLE7177RM (ACREEUS) CDG3389WN
DLEX6001V 79680021900 DLE7177WM (ABWEEUS) DL (ABWEEUS)
DLEX6001W 79680272900 DLE8377NM (ANBEEUS) DLE0332W (ABWEEUS)
DLEX7177RM 79680311900 DLE8377WM (ABWEEUS) DLE0442G (APGEEUS)
DLEX7177WM 79680318900 DLE9577SM (ATTEEUS) DLE0442W (ABWEEUS)
DLEX7700VE 79680441900 DLE9577WM (ABWEEUS) DLE0442W01
DLEX7700WE 79680512900 DLEX0001TM (ASTEEUS) DLE1001W
DLEX8000V 79680518900 DLEX2450R DLE1101W
DLEX8000W 79681022900 DLEX2501V DLE1310W (ABWEEUS)
DLEX8377N 79681028900 DLEX2501W DLE1501W
DLEX8377NM 79681029900 DLEX2550R DLE2050W
DLEX8377WM 79681532110 DLEX2550W DLE2101W
DLEX8500V 79681538110 DLEX2650R DLE2140W
DLEX9000V 79681542110 DLEX2650W DLE2240W
DLEX9000W 79681548110 DLEX2655V DLE2250W
DLEY1201V 79681549110 DLEX2801L (ARBEEUS) DLE2301R
DLEY1201W 79681722010 DLEX2801W (ABWEEUS) DLE2301W
DLEY1701V 79681728010 DLEX2901V DLE2350R
DLEY1701VE 79682192900 DLEX3001P (APTEEUS) DLE2350W
DLEY1701WE 79682198900 DLEX3001R (ACREEUS) DLE2512W (ABWEEUS)
DLG0332W (ABWEEUS) 79682199900 DLEX3001W (ABWEEUS) DLE2514W (ABWEEUS)
DLG0452G (APGEEUS) 79688842800 DLEX3070R DLE2515S (ATTEEUS)
DLG0452W (ABWEEUS) 79688852800 DLEX3070W DLE2516W (ABWEEUS)
DLG1102W 79690021900 DLEX3250W DLE2532W (ABWEEUS)
DLG1320W (ABWEEUS) 79690272800 DLEX3360R DLE2601R
DLG1502W 79690272900 DLEX3360V DLE2601W
DLG2051W 79690311900 DLEX3360W DLE2701V
DLG2102W 79690318900 DLEX3370R DLE3050W
DLG2141W 79690441900 DLEX3370V DLE3170W
DLG2241W 79690448900 DLEX3470V DLE3733D (AFGEEUS)

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 4560EL3001A

Installation Instructions – Replacement Idler Pulley for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products 4560EL3001A

Tools Needed:

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Flathead Screwdriver

  1. Unplug your dryer.
  2. Remove the top panel by unscrewing the screws on the bottom back of the top panel.
  3. Pull the panel back until it releases from the stoppers, then lift up and remove the top panel.
  4. Disconnect the control board power (farthest to the left looking forward at the dryer)
  5. Remove the 2 screws closest to the top corners of the control panel.
  6. Pull up the locking tabs on the control panel and gently remove from the dryer unit.
  7. Open dryer door and remove the 2 screws holding the front panel to the lint screen assembly, close the door when the screws are removed.
  8. Remove the 4 screws across the top of the front panel.
  9. Lean the front panel forward and unplug the door switch wiring that’s on the inside of the front panel. Once unplugged, pull the front panel off.
  10. In the upper left corner of the dryer unit, disconnect the lightbulb housing from its wiring, be sure to note what orientation the wiring color is in for when you plug it back in.
  11. Remove the retaining panel by unscrewing the 4 screws holding it in across the front and top of the dryer unit. Once the screws are out, lift up the panel and remove it from its locking tabs.
  12. Unclip the wiring from the housing clips along the frame of the dryer, take the assembly and more it to the side
  13. In the bottom right corner of the dryer unit, disconnect the moisture sensor wiring.
  14. Remove the bulkhead by unscrewing the 4 screws on the sides of the unit, once screws are removed, lift up on the bulkhead to remove it from its retaining latches.
  15. On the bottom left side of the dryer drum, reach in to get to the pulley assembly.
  16. Pull the upper pulley (Idler pulley) wheel to the left, and then pull the belt off the pulley assembly.
  17. Using the pully belt, move the drum out of the dryer unit
  18. On the side facing towards the back, use a flathead screwdriver to flex the triangular piece of plastic out from the retaining assembly
  19. Pull the small, nylon washer out from under where the triangular piece of plastic was, then simply slide the Idler pulley wheel out from its housing
  20. Replace with the new idler pulley wheel, place the washer back onto the shaft, and move the triangular retainer back into position
  21. Place bulkhead back into place making sure the blower seal is placed, and the rollers are underneath the drum.
  22. With the bulkhead in place, set down and ensure the 4 retaining latches are in place on the framing of the dryer unit.
  23. Replace the 4 screws into the retaining latches of the bulkhead.
  24. In the bottom right of the dryer unit, reconnect the moisture sensor wiring
  25. Reconnect the lightbulb housing making sure the orientation of your wires is correct
  26. Replace the support bracket back onto the front of the dryer, setting it into place on its retaining catches. Replace the 4 screws back into their original spots.
  27. Reroute the wiring array into it’s harness clips.
  28. Take the front panel of the dryer and place it onto its retaining latches, reconnect the door switch, once connected, push the panel flush with the unit, then screw back in.
  29. Open dryer door, and replace 2 screws holding front panel to lint screen housing
  30. Place control panel onto front tabs and then angle up, making sure top and bottom tension tabs are firmly in place.
  31. Once tabs are in place, screw control board back into unit.
  32. Reconnect the control board wiring, making sure your assembly is fully in place and secure
  33. With all wire harnesses back in connection, put top panel back into place making sure that the top tension locks are engaged, then put screws back into the panel to completely close the unit.
  34. Plug the dryer back in and allow for a test cycle.


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