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Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

3363394 Washer Pump for Whirlpool

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  • Cross Reference Information
    3363394, 3348014, 3348015, 3348215, 3352492, 62516, 63347, 64076, 8235, PS11741239, WP3363394VP, B00570RFXS, B06XQ29WSH, B00ITVGO7A, B00ITVGN8K, B00ITVGOT8, B00570RH90, B00570RHFY, B008DK2IVS, B00ITVGIYE, B00ITVGL9G, B00ITVGKAG, B00ITVGMDG, B00DCCVS36, B006IA8YPO, B00ITVGPR4, B00DH21WN2, B00ITVGKFQ, B00ITVGPS8, B0118EGZ8W. 
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Washer brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others

Model Numbers

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LSR5233EQ1 LSQ8243HQ0 LSQ8000HQ0 LSR5233EQ2
LSR7010PQ0 LSQ8543JQ0 LSQ9564MQ0 GSX9885JQ0
LST7233DQ1 LSR7233EQ0 LSR7233EZ0 LT7000XVW0
RAX6144EW1 LSR8233EQ0 LSQ9110LW0 LSR5232LQ1
WTW5100SQ0 LXR9245EQ1 RAX4232PQ0 LSN1000LW0
LA5550XTW0 LSR8233EQ1 TAWS800JQ0 LSR7233DQ1
LSR6132EQ1 LSR5233AW0 LSR8233JQ1 LA5558XTW2
LT5000XVW0 LSQ9544KQ0 LST7233AW0 LLR7144DQ0
LTE5243DQ1 LSQ9549LW0 GSW9800PW2 LSQ9659LW0
LSQ9010LG0 LSR8433KQ0 LA7680XTW0 LXR9445JQ0
LSQ9010LW1 LXR7144EQ1 LBR5133AW0 RAX4232KQ0
LSQ9645KQ1 LSN1000KQ0 LSQ8000LQ1 LA7800XTN0
LSR7233DZ0 TAWS800JQ1 LSQ8512KQ0 LA8860XWQ0
RAL5144AW0 LSR8233JQ0 LSQ9030PQ1 RAS8445JQ0
SAWS800JQ1 LSQ9010LW0 LSR5132JQ0 WTW5300SQ0
LA5100XTW0 LSR7233DQ0 LSR7233BW2 LSR8244EQ1
LSC8244BQ1 LXR9245EQ0 11023832100 LT7100XVW0
LSQ9010LW2 LSQ9564JQ0 LSC9355EQ0 LA9100XTW1
LSQ9010PW2 LSR8444LQ0 LSN1000JQ1 LSR5132PQ0
LSQ9110KQ1 LSQ9264HQ0 LSR6332KQ1 LTE5243DQ0
LSR6232JQ1 RAS8445KQ0 LSR8233EZ1 TAWS750PQ0
RAL5144BW0 LA5558XSW0 RAS8333PQ0 LLR6144AQ0
RAX4232KQ1 LSC8244DQ0 LA5550XPW7 SAWS800HQ0
RAX7244EW1 LSQ8543JQ1 LLR6144BW0 LA7780XSW1
RAX7245KQ0 LSR6332KQ0 LXR7144EQ2 LSQ9200LQ0
11027802690 LSR7233BW0 11026902690 CA2762XYW0
GST9679PW1 LTE5243DQ6 LLR9245DQ0 GSQ9669LW1
LSB6400LW1 LSN1000JQ0 LSB6300PW1 LA5200XTW0
LSN1000PQ1 LSR8433KQ1 LSN8244AQ0 LSQ9549PW2
LSQ9665JQ4 LSN1000HQ0 LSR8010PQ0 TAWS800JQ2
LSR7233BN0 LSQ7030LQ0 LST8244DQ0 LSC8244EQ0
WTW5500SQ0 SAWS800MQ0 LSQ8511KQ0 LSV6233AW0
11027812692 TAWX700JQ1 LSQ9110PW2 LSC8244BQ0
CAM2742TQ0 WTW5540SQ0 LXR7144EQ0 LSQ8243HZ0
ETW4300TQ0 LTE5243DQ3 RAX7244EQ1 LSQ9564JQ1
LSB6200PQ0 LLR9245BQ1 GSX9750PW0 LTE5243DQ2
LSC8244EQ1 RTW4340SQ0 LLR8245AW0 LSQ7533JQ1
LSQ9600LW0 LXR9245EQ2 LSB6300PW0 LSQ9549LW2
LSR7133KQ1 GSQ9364HQ0 LSN2000JQ2 LSR7233BQ0
LSV7244AQ0 LLR6144BQ0 LSQ7533JQ0 RAS7133KQ0
LSW9750PW3 LXR6232EQ0 LST8244AQ0 LSQ8200HQ0
KAWE560WAL0 LLR6233AW0 LTE5243DQ4 LSQ8543JT0
LSQ8220HQ0 LA5500XTW0 LXR7244PQ0 LSR5232LQ0
LSQ9010PW6 LLR8233BW0 RAS6233KQ0 LSR8133HQ0
LST7233DQ0 LXR7244JQ1 RAS7233KQ0 RAS7133KQ1
LST8244BQ0 LXR9445JQ1 SAWS800JQ0 RAX6144EQ1
LXR7244JQ0 TAWS700EQ1 LSB6300PW3 GSW9650LW0
RAS8245EQ1 TAWS700EQ2 LSQ9010PW0 LA5580XTW1
RAX7245BW0 LSR7333PQ0 LSR5233AN0 LA5668XTW0

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 3363394

Installation Instructions – Replacement Washer Pump for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products 3363394

Tools Needed:

Phillips Screwdriver


  1. Unplug your washer.
  2. Turn off your water lines into your washer
  3. Unscrew the control panel, there may be trim fittings that you need to remove to gain access to the screws, a putty knife or similar tool may be required.
  4. Once screws are removed, slide the console forward until its retaining latches are disengaged and gently pull the console back to expose the wiring underneath.
  5. Disconnect the lid switch wiring and pop the 2 tension tabs holding the top of the washer lid to the frame. Use a flathead screwdriver and pop the tabs out from inside the top of the washer.
  6. With the tabs disconnected, lift your washer lid up, brace your foot against the bottom of the washer body, and begin tilting it towards you, exposing the frame underneath.
  7. Because you are disconnecting hoses, you may encounter water dripping, consider putting a towel under the pump and hose lines.
  8. Using pliers, pinch the arms of the hose clamps together, and push the clamps back onto the hose line to allow for disconnect from the pump.
  9. Pull the hoses off, unclip the 2 latches on the pump itself.
  10. On the upper pump latch, rotate 90° and remove the latch from its housing.
  11. Pull the pump off of the motor, it may be hard to remove is the shaft has rusted and expanded.
  12. When placing the new pump onto the motor shaft, make sure that the flat sides match the motor shaft. It should be easy to get the motor on, if it feels hard to put the motor on, and there is some black residue on your motor shaft, file it off so you don’t break the pump seal.
  13. Place the pump onto the motor, lock into place with the lower latch
  14. Take the upper latch, reinsert it into the motor and rotate 90° to have the latch be usable again, close the upper latch back down onto the motor.
  15. Reconnect the hose lines to the pump and use pliers to move the clamps back down over the pump lines to ensure a tight seal.
  16. Make sure that when setting the washer body down, you get the lip of the body underneath the frame and engage the 4 locking tabs that are on the base of the frame.
  17. Put the washer body back onto the machine, tilt the lid open, and hold by the washer lid and have your foot braced against the foot of the body, tilt to 45°, and set it back down onto the washer frame.
  18. Hook the 2 retaining clips back into the body of the washer where the control panel will go.
  19. Reconnect the lid switch
  20. Place your washer console back down by rotating it back into place making sure to engage the retention latches, locking it into place, and screwing the console back in
  21. Plug your washer in, and allow for a test cycle.


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