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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

279816 Dryer Limit & Fuse Kit for Whirlpool

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If you are replacing your dryer element, thermal fuse or thermostat because your dryer is having trouble heating up, we recommend replacing the dryer element, thermal fuse and the thermostat. 

Click here to take a look at dryer element and thermostat kits, which include the thermal fuse.

  • Cross Reference Information
    WP279816, 279816, 3399848, 3977393, N197.
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
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  • Compatible with the following Dryer brands: Compatible with the following Dryer brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and others.

Just because parts look the same does not mean that they are the same. Use the model numbers below to ensure that this part is compatible with your appliance! 

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Model Numbers

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MED5820TW0 LEP7858AN2 3ZMED5705TW1 11060012000
MED5820TW1 LEP7858AQ2 4GAED4900YW0 11060012001
MED5821TW0 LEP7858AW2 4GAED4900YW1 11060012002
MED5830TW0 LEP7858AZ2 4GAED4900YW2 11060022010
MED5830TW1 LEQ5000KQ0 4GMEDC100YQ0 1106012510
MED5840TW0 LEQ5000KQ1 4GMEDC100YQ1 11060172000
MED5840TW1 LEQ5000KQ2 4GMEDC100YQ2 11060172001
MED5870TW0 LEQ5000KW1 4GMEDC300YW0 11060172002
MED5870TW1 LEQ5000KW2 4GMEDC300YW1 11060202990
MED5900TW0 LEQ5000PW0 4GMEDC300YW2 11060212990
MED5900TW1 LEQ7000KQ0 4GNED4400YQ0 11060222511
MED5920TW0 LEQ7000KQ1 4GNED4400YQ1 11060232000
MED5921TW0 LEQ7000KQ2 4GNED4400YQ2 11060232001
MED6600TQ0 LEQ7030KQ0 4GNED4600YQ0 11060232002
MEDC100YQ0 LEQ7030KQ1 4GNED4600YQ1 11060522900
MEDC200XW0 LEQ7030KQ2 4GNED4600YQ2 11060602990
MEDC200XW1 LEQ8000HQ0 4GWED4750YQ0 11060612990
MEDC200XW2 LEQ8000HQ1 4GWED4750YQ1 1106062110
MEDC200XW3 LEQ8000JQ0 4GWED4750YQ2 11060622990
MEDC215EW0 LEQ8000JQ1 4GWED4900YQ0 11060702990
MEDC215EW1 LEQ8000JQ2 4GWED4900YQ1 11060712990
MEDC300BW0 LEQ8000JQ3 4GWED4900YQ2 1106072011
MEDC300XW0 LEQ8000JQ4 4GWED4900YQ3 11060722990
MEDC300XW1 LEQ8100KQ0 4GWED4900YW0 11060724990
MEDC400BW0 LEQ8100KQ1 4GWED4900YW1 11060727990
MEDC400BW1 LEQ8100KT0 4GWED4900YW2 11060802990
MEDC400VW0 LEQ8100KT1 4KAED4475TQ0 11060812990
MEDC415EW0 LEQ8800JQ0 4KAED4475TQ1 11060814990
MEDC415EW1 LEQ8800JQ1 4KMED5700TQ0 11060817990
MEDC500VW0 LEQ8800JT0 4KMED5700TQ1 11060832990
MEDC500VW1 LEQ8800JT1 4KMED5900TW0 11060842990
MEDC555DW1 LEQ8857HQ0 4KMEDC405WQ0 11060852990
MEDC555DW2 LEQ8857HQ1 4KMEDC405WQ1 11060854990
MEDX500BW0 LEQ8857HZ0 4KNED5800TQ0 11060857990
MEDX500BW1 LEQ8857HZ1 4KNED5800TQ1 11060882990
MEDX655DW0 LEQ8857JQ0 4KWED5790VW0 11060884990
MEDX655DW1 LEQ8857JQ1 4KWED5790VW1 11060887990
NED4500TQ0 LEQ8857JT0 4LEC6646DN0 11061202010
NED4500VQ0 LEQ8857JT1 4LEC6646DQ0 11061202011
NED4500VQ2 LEQ8858HQ0 4LEC6646DW0 11061252010
NED4600YQ0 LEQ8858HQ1 4LEC7646EN0 11061252011
NED4600YQ1 LEQ8858HZ0 4LEC7646EQ0 11061402310
NED4655EW0 LEQ8858HZ1 4LEC7646EZ0 11061402311
NED4655EW1 LEQ8858JQ0 4PLEC8647JQ0 11061802000
NED4700YQ0 LEQ8858JQ1 4PLEC8647JQ2 11061804000
NED4700YQ1 LEQ8858JT0 4PLEC8647JT0 11061812000
NED4705EW0 LEQ8858JT1 4PLEC8647JT2 11061814000
NED4705EW1 LEQ8858JZ0 4PLEC8647JT3 1106192310
NED4800VQ0 LEQ8858JZ1 4PWED5905SG0 11062202100
NED4800VQ1 LEQ9030PQ0 4PWED5905SG1 11062202101
NED5100TQ0 LEQ9030PQ1 4PWED5905SW0 11062212100
NED5100TQ1 LEQ9508KQ0 4PWED5905SW1 11062212101
NED5200TQ0 LEQ9508LG0 6LER5434BQ2 11062332511
NED5240TQ0 LEQ9508LW0 6LER5434BQ3 11062342510
NED5400TQ0 LEQ9508LW1 6LER5434BW2 11062512100
NED5500TQ0 LEQ9508PG0 6LER5434BW3 11062512101
NED5800TQ0 LEQ9508PG1 7EWED1510YM0 11062512102
RED4000SW0 LEQ9508PW0 7EWED1705YM0 11062514100
RED4100SQ0 LEQ9508PW1 7EWED1705YM1 11062514101
RED4300SQ0 LEQ9557KQ1 7EWED1705YM2 11062514102
RED4300TQ0 LEQ9557KT1 7EWED1730YW0 11062602100
RED4340SQ0 LEQ9558KQ0 7EWED1730YW1 11062602101
RED4340SQ1 LEQ9558KQ1 7EWED1730YW2 11062612100
RED4400SQ0 LEQ9558KT0 7MMEDC300BW0 11062612101
RED4400TQ0 LEQ9558KT1 7MMEDC300DW0 11062622100
RED4400VQ0 LEQ9857LG0 7MMEDX655EW0 11062622101
RED4400VQ1 LEQ9857LG1 7MMEP0080WW0 11062702100
RED4440SQ0 LEQ9857LW0 7MMEP0080WW1 11062702101
RED4440VQ0 LEQ9857LW1 7MWED1600BM0 11062702102
RED4440VQ1 LEQ9857PW0 7MWED1600BM1 11062712100
RED4440VQ2 LEQ9858LG0 7MWED1800EM0 11062712101
RED4640YQ0 LEQ9858LG1 7MWED1900EW0 11062722100
RED4640YQ1 LEQ9858LW0 8530040 11062722101
REK2950KQ0 LEQ9858LW1 8543000 11062722102
REK2950KQ1 LEQ9858PG0 885450 11062724100
REK2950KQ2 LEQ9858PG1 885453 11062724101
REL3612BW2 LEQ9858PW0 885455 11062802100
REL3612BW3 LEQ9858PW1 885456 11062802101
REL4622BL2 LEQ9957KQ0 885457 11062802102
REL4622BW2 LEQ9957KT0 885458 11062812100
REL4622DL0 LER2614BW2 885461 11062812101
REL4622DL1 LER2614DW0 885462 11062822100
REL4622DW0 LER2614DW1 885463 11062822101
REL4622DW1 LER2614EW0 885464 11062822102
REL4632BL2 LER2614EW1 885465 11062824100
REL4632BL3 LER2614EW2 885468 11062824101
REL4632BQ2 LER2614JQ0 885469 11062824102
REL4632BQ3 LER2614JQ1 885472 11062832100
REL4632BW2 LER2614JQ2 AED4370TQ0 11062832101
REL4632BW3 LER3624BN2 AED4470TQ0 11062842100
REL4632DL0 LER3624BN3 AED4475TQ0 11062852100
REL4632DL1 LER3624BW2 AED4475TQ1 11062852101
REL4632DW0 LER3624BW3 AED4675EW0 11062854100
REL4632DW1 LER3624DQ0 AED4675YQ0 11062854101
REL4634BL2 LER3624DQ1 AED4675YQ1 11062872100
REL4634BL3 LER3624DQ2 BYCD3722W0 11062872101
REL4634BW2 LER3624DZ0 BYCD3722W1 11062872102
REL4634BW3 LER3624DZ2 BYCD4932W0 11062882100
REL4636BL2 LER3624EQ0 BYCWD6274W0 11062882101
REL4636BL3 LER3624EQ1 BYCWD6274W1 11062884100
REL4636BW2 LER3624JQ0 BYCWD6274W2 11062884101
REL4636BW3 LER3624JQ1 CE2950XYG2 11062886100
RES6745PQ0 LER3624JQ2 CE2950XYG3 11062886101
RES7646JQ0 LER3624PQ0 CE2950XYN2 11063102100
RES7646KQ0 LER3624PQ1 CE2950XYN3 11063102101
RES7646KQ1 LER3634EW0 CE2950XYW2 11063112100
RES7646KQ2 LER3634EW1 CE2950XYW3 11064102300
RES7646KQ3 LER3634EW2 CED123SEW0 11064102301
RES7648EN0 LER3634JW0 CED126SBW0 11064112200
RES7648EN1 LER3634JW1 CED126SBW1 11064202200
RES7648EN2 LER4600PQ0 CED126SDW0 11064202201
RES7648EQ0 LER4600PQ1 CED126SDW1 11064212200
RES7648EQ2 LER4624BN2 CED126SXQ0 11064212201
RES7648EW0 LER4624BQ2 CED126SXQ1 11064602300
RES7648EW1 LER4624BW2 CED137HXQ0 11064602301
RES7648EW2 LER4624DQ0 CED137HXW0 11064612200
RES7648JQ0 LER4624DQ1 CED137SBW0 11064622300
RES7648KQ0 LER4624DZ0 CED137SDW0 11064622301
RES7648KQ1 LER4624DZ1 CED137SDW1 11064632300
RES7745PQ0 LER4634BQ1 CED137SXQ0 11064632301
RES7745RQ0 LER4634BQ2 CED147HXW0 11064642400
RES7745RQ1 LER4634DQ0 CED147SBW0 11064652400
REX2614LQ0 LER4634DQ1 CED147SDW0 11064672400
REX3514PQ0 LER4634DZ0 CED147SDW1 11064712200
REX3514RQ0 LER4634DZ1 CED147SDW2 11064712201
REX3514RQ1 LER4634EQ0 CEDS1043VQ0 11064722400
REX3519PQ0 LER4634EQ1 CEDS1043VQ1 11064732400
REX3614JW0 LER4634EQ2 CEDS563MQ0 11064742400
REX3614KW0 LER4634EW0 CEDS563MQ1 11064812200
REX3614KW1 LER4634EZ0 CEDS563RB1 11064812201
REX3614KW2 LER4634EZ1 CEDS563RQ0 11064832400
REX3614PW0 LER4634EZ2 CEDS563RQ1 11064842400
REX3614PW1 LER4634JQ0 CEDS563SQ0 11064852400
REX3614PW2 LER4634JQ1 CEDS563ST0 11064854400
REX3615EW0 LER4634JQ2 CEDS663SB0 11064902200
REX3615EW1 LER4634JT0 CEDS663SQ0 11064902201
REX3615EW2 LER4634JT1 CEDS774JQ0 11064912200
REX4625EN0 LER4634JT2 CEDS774JQ1 11064922200
REX4625EW0 LER4634JZ0 CEDS774MQ0 11064922201
REX4625EW1 LER4634PQ0 CEDS774MQ1 11064924200
REX4625EW2 LER4634PQ1 CEDS832VQ0 11064924201
REX4634JQ0 LER4634PT0 CEDS832VQ1 11064932200
REX4634KQ0 LER4634PT1 CEDS984RQ0 11064932201
REX4634KQ1 LER5600HQ0 CEDS984RQ1 11065102310
REX4634KQ2 LER5600HZ0 CEDX463JQ0 11065132410
REX4635EN0 LER5600JQ0 CEDX463JQ1 11065132411
REX4635EN1 LER5600JT0 CEDX463MQ0 11065202310
REX4635EN2 LER5620KQ0 CEDX463MQ1 11066051690
REX4635EQ0 LER5620KQ1 CEDX463RQ0 11066058690
REX4635EQ1 LER5620KQ2 CEDX463RQ1 11066071690
REX4635EQ2 LER5624BN2 CEDX463RT0 11066101690
REX4635EW0 LER5624BW2 CEDX463RT1 11066101691
REX4635EW1 LER5624DQ0 CEDX463SQ0 11066102500
REX4635EW2 LER5624DQ1 CEDX563JQ0 11066112500
REX5634JQ0 LER5624DW1 CEDX563JQ1 11066112501
REX5634KQ0 LER5624DZ0 CEDX563JQ2 11066512690
REX5634KQ1 LER5624DZ1 CEDX631VQ1 11066512691
REX5634KQ2 LER5634AQ2 CEE2990AG2 11066512692
REX5634PQ0 LER5634DQ1 CEE2990AG3 11066512694
REX5634PQ1 LER5634EQ0 CEE2990AN2 11066514690
REX5634RQ0 LER5634EZ0 CEE2990AN3 11066514691
REX5635EN0 LER5634LG0 CEE2990AW2 11066514692
REX5635EN1 LER5634LQ0 CEE2990AW3 11066514694
REX5635EN2 LER5634LT0 CEE2990EW0 11066522500
REX5635EQ0 LER5634LW0 CEM2940TQ0 11066522501
REX5635EQ1 LER5635LQ0 CEM2940TQ1 11066524500
REX5635EQ2 LER5635LQ1 CEP2960EW0 11066524501
REX5635EW0 LER5636DW0 CEP2960JQ0 11066611690
REX5635EW1 LER5636DW1 EED4100SQ0 11066611691
REX5635EW2 LER5636EQ0 EED4100WQ0 11066611692
REX5636AL2 LER5636EQ1 EED4300SQ0 11066612690
REX5636AW2 LER5636EQ2 EED4300TQ0 11066612691
REX6634PQ0 LER5636EQ3 EED4300VQ0 11066612692
REX6634RQ0 LER5636EZ0 EED4300VQ1 11066642500
REX6634RQ1 LER5636EZ01 EED4400SQ0 11066642501
REX6646AL2 LER5636EZ1 EED4400TQ0 11066652500
REX6646AL3 LER5636EZ2 EED4400VQ0 11066652501
REX6646AQ2 LER5636EZ3 EED4400WQ0 11066662500
REX6646AQ3 LER5636JQ0 EED4400WQ1 11066662501
REX6646AW2 LER5636JT0 GCE2900XSW3 11066702690
REX6646AW3 LER5636KQ0 GCE2900XSW4 11066702691
SEDS800HQ0 LER5636KQ1 GCEM2900JQ0 11066702692
SEDS800JQ0 LER5636KT0 GCEM2900JQ1 11066712690
SEDS800JQ1 LER5636KT1 GCEM2990LQ0 11066712691
SEDS800MQ0 LER5636LG0 GCEM2990MQ0 11066712692
SEDS800MQ1 LER5636LQ0 GCEM2990MQ1 11066712694
SEDX600HQ0 LER5636LQ1 GCEM2990TQ0 11066722690
SEDX600JQ0 LER5636LT0 GCEM2990TQ1 11066722691
SEDX600JQ1 LER5636LT1 GEN2000HQ0 11066722692
SEDX600MQ0 LER5636LW0 GEN2000HQ1 11066722694
SEDX600MQ1 LER5636PQ0 GEN2000HZ0 11066732500
TEDL400BW2 LER5636PQ1 GEN2000HZ1 11066732501
TEDL640BW2 LER5636PT0 GEQ8858EQ0 11066742500
TEDL640DQ0 LER5636PT1 GEQ8858EZ0 11066742501
TEDL640DQ1 LER5638AN3 GEQ8858HQ0 11066752500
TEDS680BN2 LER5638AW3 GEQ8858HQ1 11066752501
TEDS680BQ2 LER5644AN2 GEQ8858HZ0 11066801690
TEDS680BW2 LER5644AW2 GEQ8858HZ1 11066801691
TEDS680DQ0 LER5644EQ0 GEQ9858JQ0 11066801692
TEDS680DQ1 LER5644EQ1 GEQ9858JQ1 11066801694
TEDS680EQ0 LER5644EQ2 GEQ9858JT0 11066808690
TEDS680EQ1 LER5644EZ0 GEQ9858JT1 11066808691
TEDS680EQ2 LER5644EZ1 GEW9878JQ0 11066808692
TEDS740JQ0 LER5644EZ2 GEW9878JQ1 11066808694
TEDS740JQ1 LER5644JQ0 GEW9878JT0 11066812690
TEDS740JQ2 LER5644JQ1 GEW9878JT1 11066812691
TEDS740PQ0 LER5644JQ2 GEW9878LG0 11066812692
TEDS740PQ1 LER5644JQ3 GEW9878LW0 11066812694
TEDS780JQ0 LER5644JT0 GEW9878LW1 11066814690
TEDS840JQ0 LER5644JT1 GEW9878PG0 11066814691
TEDS840JQ1 LER5644JT2 GEW9878PG1 11066814692
TEDS840JQ2 LER5644JT3 GEW9878PW0 11066814694
TEDS840JQ3 LER5644PQ0 GEW9878PW1 11066822690
TEDS840PQ0 LER5644PQ1 GEX9868JQ0 11066822691
TEDS840PQ1 LER5700KQ0 GEX9868JQ1 11066822692
TEDX340RW0 LER5700KQ1 GEX9868JQ2 11066822694
TEDX340RW1 LER5700KT0 GEX9868JQ3 11066824690
TEDX340RW2 LER5700KT1 GEX9868JT0 11066824691
TEDX540RQ0 LER5848EQ0 GEX9868JT1 11066824692
TEDX540RQ1 LER5848EQ1 GEX9868JT2 11066824694
TEDX640EQ0 LER5848EQ2 GEX9868JT3 11066832500
TEDX640EQ1 LER5848EQ3 HED4300TQ0 11066832501
TEDX640EQ2 LER5848EQ4 HED4400TQ0 11066842500
TEDX640JQ0 LER5848EQ5 IED4100SQ0 11066842501
TEDX640JQ1 LER6611LQ0 IED4300SQ0 11066852690
TEDX640JQ2 LER6611LQ1 IED4300TQ0 11066852691
TEDX640PQ0 LER6611PQ0 IED4400SQ0 11066852692
TEDX640PQ1 LER6620PQ0 IED4400TQ0 11066852694
WED4616FW0 LER6620PQ1 IED4400VQ0 11066854690
WED4700YQ0 LER6620PT0 IED4400VQ1 11066854691
WED4750XQ0 LER6620PT1 IES5000RQ0 11066854692
WED4750XQ1 LER6621PQ0 IES5000RQ1 11066854694
WED4800BQ0 LER6634BN2 IEX3000RQ0 11066862500
WED4800BQ1 LER6634BQ2 IEX3000RQ1 11066862501
WED4800XQ0 LER6634BW2 IJ80001 11066864500
WED4800XQ1 LER6634DQ0 IJ80002 11066864501
WED4800XQ2 LER6634DQ1 IJ82001 11066872500
WED4800XQ3 LER6634DW0 IJ82002 11066872501
WED4800XQ4 LER6634DW1 IJ84001 11067322600
WED4810BQ0 LER6634DZ0 IJ84002 11067332600
WED4810EW0 LER6634DZ1 IM80000 11067342700
WED4810EW1 LER6636PW0 IP80000 11067402600
WED4815EW0 LER6636PW1 IP80001 11067422600
WED4815EW1 LER6638DQ0 IP82000 11067432600
WED4850BW0 LER6638DQ1 IP82001 11067442600
WED4850BW1 LER6638DW0 IP84000 11067522600
WED4850XQ0 LER6638DW1 IP84001 11067532600
WED4850XQ1 LER6638DZ0 IS80000 11067542600
WED4850XQ2 LER6638DZ1 IS82000 11067622600
WED4870BW0 LER6644DQ0 IS84000 11067632600
WED4890BQ0 LER6644DQ1 IV85000 11067642600
WED4890BW0 LER6644DZ0 IV85001 11067652600
WED4890XQ0 LER6644DZ1 IV86000 11067654600
WED4890XQ1 LER6646BN2 IV86001 11067732790
WED4890XQ2 LER6646BW2 IV87000 11067732791
WED4900XW0 LER6646DN1 IV87001 11067732794
WED4900XW1 LER6646DW1 KEYE665BAL2 11067832790
WED4900XW2 LER6646PW0 KEYE665BWH2 11067832791
WED4910XQ0 LER6646PW1 KEYE665BWH3 11067832794
WED4910XQ1 LER6848AN2 KEYE670BAL2 11067834790
WED4910XQ2 LER6848AQ2 KEYE670BAL3 11067834791
WED4915EW0 LER6848AW2 KEYE670BWH2 11067834794
WED4915EW1 LER6848AZ2 KEYE670BWH3 11068202790
WED4916FW0 LER7620KQ0 KEYE677BWH2 11068202794
WED4975EW1 LER7620KQ1 KEYE677BWH3 11068322700
WED4985EW0 LER7620KT0 KEYE678BAL0 11068332700
WED4995EW0 LER7620KT1 KEYE678BAL1 11068402700
WED4995EW1 LER7620LG0 KEYE679BBL0 11068402701
WED5000DW1 LER7620LG1 KEYE679BBL1 11068422700
WED5000DW2 LER7620LQ0 KEYE770BAL2 11068432700
WED5000VQ0 LER7620LW0 KEYE770BWH2 11068442700
WED5000VQ1 LER7620LW1 KEYE777BWH2 11068522700
WED5100SQ0 LER7646AN2 KEYE778BAL2 11068532700
WED5100VQ0 LER7646AQ2 KEYE77BWH2 11068622700
WED5100VQ1 LER7646AW2 KEYL410BAL2 11068632700
WED5200TQ0 LER7646AZ2 KEYL410BWH2 11068652700
WED5200VQ0 LER7646DQ0 KEYL510BAL2 11068702890
WED5200VQ1 LER7646DQ1 KEYL510BWH2 11068702894
WED5300SQ0 LER7646DW0 KEYL517BWH2 11068712890
WED5300ST0 LER7646DW1 KEYS677EQ0 11068712894
WED5300VW0 LER7646DZ0 KEYS677EQ1 11069012990
WED5310SQ0 LER7646DZ1 KEYS677EQ2 11069032990
WED5320SQ0 LER7646EQ0 KEYS677EZ0 11069101990
WED5321SQ0 LER7646EQ1 KEYS677EZ1 11069101991
WED5500SQ0 LER7646EQ2 KEYS677EZ2 11069202990
WED5500ST0 LER7646EZ0 KEYS700EQ0 11069422800
WED5510VQ0 LER7646EZ1 KEYS700EQ1 11069422801
WED5510VQ1 LER7646EZ2 KEYS700EZ0 11069432800
WED5520SQ0 LER7646JQ0 KEYS700EZ1 11069432801
WED5521SQ0 LER7646JT0 KEYS700GQ0 11069522800
WED5530SQ0 LER7648KQ0 KEYS700GT0 11069532800
WED5540SQ0 LER7648KQ1 KEYS700GZ0 11069622800
WED5540ST0 LER7648KQ2 KEYS700JQ0 11069632800
WED5550SQ0 LER7648KQ3 KEYS700JQ1 11069652800
WED5550ST0 LER7648KT0 KEYS700JT0 11069812990
WED5560SQ0 LER7648KT1 KEYS700JT1 11080764000
WED5590SQ0 LER7648KT2 KEYS700LQ0 11086405150
WED5590VQ0 LER7648KT3 KEYS700LQ1 11086405160
WED5590VQ1 LER7648PQ0 KEYS700LT0 11086405850
WED5600SQ0 LER7648PQ1 KEYS700LT1 11086405860
WED5600ST0 LER7648PT0 KEYS710JQ0 11086407150
WED5600VQ0 LER7648PT1 KEYS710JQ1 11086407160
WED5700SW0 LER7848DQ0 KEYS710LQ0 11086407850
WED5700VH0 LER7848DQ1 KEYS710LQ1 11086407860
WED5700VH1 LER7848DZ0 KEYS750GQ0 11088762790
WED5700VW0 LER7848DZ1 KEYS750GT0 11088762791
WED5700VW1 LER7858AN2 KEYS750GZ0 11088762792
WED5790SQ0 LER7858AW2 KEYS750JQ0 11088764790
WED5790ST0 LER8620PG0 KEYS750JQ1 11088764791
WED5790VQ0 LER8620PG1 KEYS750JT0 11088764792
WED5790VQ1 LER8620PW0 KEYS750JT1 11096374200
WED5800SG0 LER8620PW1 KEYS750LQ0 11096374210
WED5800SW0 LER8648LG0 KEYS750LQ1 11096407160
WED5810SW0 LER8648LG1 KEYS750LQ2 11096510120
WED5820SW0 LER8648LQ0 KEYS750LT0 11096511120
WED5821SW0 LER8648LW0 KEYS750LT1 11096512200
WED5830SW0 LER8648LW1 KEYS750LT2 11096512210
WED5840SG0 LER8648PG0 KEYS777EQ0 11096520120
WED5840SW0 LER8648PG1 KEYS777EQ1 11096529120
WED5850SG0 LER8648PQ0 KEYS777EZ0 11096529130
WED5850SW0 LER8648PQ1 KEYS777EZ1 11096529820
WED5860SG0 LER8648PW0 KEYS850GQ0 11096529830
WED5860SW0 LER8648PW1 KEYS850GT0 11096530100
WED5900SB0 LER8857EQ0 KEYS850GZ0 11096530110
WED5900SW0 LER8857EQ1 KEYS850JQ0 11096550120
WED6200SW0 LER8857EQ2 KEYS850JQ1 11096551220
WED6200SW1 LER8857EZ0 KEYS850JT0 11096551230
WED6600WL0 LER8857EZ1 KEYS850JT1 11096560120
WED7000DW0 LER8857EZ2 KEYS850LE0 11096560200
WED7000DW1 LER8858DQ0 KEYS850LE1 11096560210
YAED4370TQ0 LER8858DQ1 KEYS850LE2 11096560820
YAED4470TQ0 LER8858DZ0 KEYS850LQ0 11096561120
YAED4475TQ1 LER8858DZ1 KEYS850LQ1 11096561220
YCEDS563SQ0 LER8858EQ0 KEYS850LQ2 11096561230
YCEDX463RQ1 LER8858EQ1 KEYS850LT0 11096561420
YCEP2960JQ0 LER8858EQ2 KEYS850LT1 11096561430
YEED4300TQ0 LER8858EZ0 KEYS850LT2 11096561820
YEED4300VQ0 LER8858EZ1 KEYS855JE0 11096562200
YEED4300VQ1 LER8858EZ2 KEYS855JE1 11096563120
YEED4400TQ0 LER8875EQ1 KEYS977EQ0 11096563820
YEED4400WQ0 LET5624BN2 KEYS977EZ0 11096564120
YGEW9877JQ1 LET5624BQ2 KEYW770BAL0 11096564220
YGEX9868JQ1 LET5624BW2 KEYW770BWH0 11096564420
YGEX9868JQ2 LET5624DQ0 KEYW770BWH2 11096564820
YHED4300TQ0 LET5624DQ1 KEYW777BWH0 11096565110
YHED4400TQ0 LET6634AN2 KEYW777BWH1 11096565120
YIED4400VQ1 LET6634AQ2 KEYW777BWH2 11096565210
YIED4400VQ2 LET6634AW2 KEYW778BAL0 11096565220
YIED4600YQ0 LET6634DQ0 KEYW778BAL1 11096566200
YIED4671DQ0 LET6634DQ1 KEYW778BAL2 11096566210
YIED4671EW0 LET6634DZ0 KEYW870BAL0 11096566400
YIED4671EW1 LET6634DZ1 KEYW870BWH0 11096566410
YIED4700YQ0 LET6638AN2 KEYW877BWH0 11096572120
YIED4700YQ1 LET6638AQ2 KEYW878BAL0 11096572130
YIED4771DQ0 LET6638AW2 KEYW977BWH0 11096572820
YKEYS710JQ0 LET6638DQ0 LEB6000KQ0 11096572830
YKEYS710JQ1 LET6638DQ1 LEB6000KQ1 11096573020
YKEYS710LQ0 LET6638DZ0 LEB6000KQ2 11096573030
YLEN1000PQ0 LET6638DZ1 LEB6000PQ0 11096573120
YLEN1000PQ1 LET7646AQ2 LEB6000PQ1 11096573220
YLEN2000JQ1 LET7646AZ2 LEB6200KQ0 11096573230
YLEN2000KQ0 LET7646DQ0 LEB6200KQ1 11096573820
YLEN2000KQ1 LET7646DQ1 LEB6200KQ2 11096573920
YLEN2000LW0 LET7646DZ0 LEB6200PQ0 11096573930
YLEN2000LW1 LET7646DZ1 LEB6200PQ1 11096574120
YLEN2000PW1 LET7646EQ0 LEB6300LW0 11096574820
YLEQ5000KQ0 LET7646EQ1 LEB6300LW1 11096575100
YLEQ5000KQ1 LET7646EQ2 LEB6300PW0 11096575110
YLEQ5000KQ2 LET7646EZ0 LEB6300PW1 11096575200
YLEQ5000KW1 LET7646EZ1 LEB6400KQ0 11096575810
YLEQ5000KW2 LET7646EZ2 LEB6400KQ1 11096576200
YLEQ5000PW0 LET7848AQ2 LEB6400LW0 11096576210
YLEQ5000PW1 LET7848AZ2 LEB6400LW1 11096576400
YLEQ7000KQ0 LET7848DQ0 LEC5000PQ0 11096576410
YLEQ7000KQ1 LET7848DQ1 LEC5000PQ1 11096577220
YLEQ8000JQ2 LET7848DZ0 LEC6646AN2 11096577230
YLEQ9857LW0 LET7848DZ1 LEC6646AQ2 11096577420
YLEQ9857LW1 LET8858AN2 LEC6646AW2 11096577430
YLER3624JQ1 LET8858AQ2 LEC6646AZ2 11096580000
YLER4000RQ0 LET8858AW2 LEC6848AN3 11096580010
YLER4000RQ1 LET8858AZ2 LEC6848AQ3 11096580120
YLER4634JQ1 LET8858DQ0 LEC6848AW3 11096580620
YLER4634JQ2 LET8858DQ1 LEC6848AZ3 11096580820
YLER4634PQ0 LET8858DZ0 LEC6858AQ3 11096580900
YLER4634PQ1 LET8858DZ1 LEC7646DQ0 11096580910
YLER5635JQ1 LEV4634JQ0 LEC7646DQ1 11096581120
YLER5636PQ0 LEV4634JQ1 LEC7646DZ0 11096581220
YLER5636PQ1 LEV4634JQ2 LEC7646DZ1 11096581820
YLER8648PW0 LEV4634JT0 LEC7848DQ0 11096582120
YLER8648PW1 LEV4634JT1 LEC7848DQ1 11096582820
YLEV4634JQ1 LEV4634PQ0 LEC7848DZ0 11096585120
YMED5600TQ0 LEV4634PQ1 LEC7848DZ1 11096585200
YMED5600TQ1 LEV6634BN2 LEC7858AN2 11096585210
YMED5620TQ0 LEV6634BQ2 LEC7858AQ2 11096585400
YMED5620TQ1 LEV6634BW2 LEC7858AW2 11096585410
YMED5640TQ0 LEV6634DQ0 LEC7858AZ2 11096585820
YMED5700TQ0 LEV6634DQ1 LEC8858DQ0 11096586200
YMED5700TQ1 LEV6634DZ0 LEC8858DQ1 11096586210
YMED5707TQ0 LEV6634DZ1 LEC8858DZ0 11096586400
YMED5720TQ0 LEV6646AN2 LEC8858DZ1 11096586410
YMED5720TQ1 LEV6646AW2 LEC8858EQ0 11096587210
YMED5740TQ0 LEV7646AN2 LEC8858EQ1 11096587410
YMED5740TQ1 LEV7646AW2 LEC8858EQ2 11098576200
YMED5800TW0 LEV7646DQ0 LEC8858EZ0 11098576400
YMED5820TW0 LEV7646DQ1 LEC8858EZ1 110C60222510
YMED5820TW1 LEV7646DZ0 LEC8858EZ2 110C60242510
YMED5840TW0 LEV7646DZ1 LEC9000PW0 110C61102011
YMED5900TW0 LEV7848DQ0 LEC9000PW1 110C61292011
YMED5900TW1 LEV7848DQ1 LEE9848BQ2 110C61292012
YMED6600TQ0 LEV7848DZ0 LEE9848BZ2 110C61492310
YNED5200TQ0 LEV7848DZ1 LEG8858JZ0 110C62332511
YNED5500TQ0 LEV7858AN2 LEL7646EQ0 110C65132410
YNED5800TQ0 LEV7858AW2 LEL7646EQ1 110C65132411
YRED4300SQ0 LEW8858HQ0 LEL8858DQ0 110C66652502
YRED4300TQ0 LEW8858HQ1 LEL8858DZ0 1CWED4800DQ0
YRED4340SQ0 LTE6234AN3 LEL8858EQ0 1CWED4900DW0
YRED4340SQ2 LTE6234AW3 LEL8858EQ1 1CWED5100VQ0
YRES7645KQ1 LTE6234DQ0 LEL8858EQ2 1CWED5100VQ1
YREX3614KW1 LTE6234DQ1 LEN1000HQ0 1CWED5200VQ0
YREX4634KQ0 LTE6234DQ2 LEN1000HQ1 1CWED5200VQ1
YREX4634KQ1 LTE6234DT2 LEN1000PQ0 1CWED5300VW0
YREX4634KQ2 LTE6234DZ0 LEN1000PQ1 1CWED5700VW0
YREX5634PQ0 LTE6234DZ1 LEN2000JQ0 3CEP2910BW0
YREX6634RQ0 LTE6234DZ2 LEN2000JQ1 3CEP2910DW0
YREX6634RQ1 MED5570TQ0 LEN2000JQ2 3CEP2920DW0
YWED4800XQ0 MED5591TQ0 LEN2000JT0 3CEP2950DN0
YWED4800XQ1 MED5600TQ0 LEN2000JT1 3CEP2950DW0
YWED4800XQ2 MED5600TQ1 LEN2000JT2 3CEP2960DN0
YWED4900XW0 MED5620TQ0 LEN2000KQ0 3CEP2960DN2
YWED4900XW1 MED5620TQ1 LEN2000KQ1 3CEP2960DW0
YWED4900XW2 MED5621TQ0 LEN2000KQ2 3CEP2960DW2
YWED5200VQ0 MED5630TQ0 LEN2000KT0 3DWED4800YQ0
YWED5200VQ1 MED5630TQ1 LEN2000KT1 3DWED4800YQ1
YWED5300SQ0 MED5640TQ0 LEN2000LG0 3DWED4800YQ2
YWED5300VW0 MED5640TQ1 LEN2000LG1 3DWED4900YW0
YWED5700SW0 MED5700TQ0 LEN2000LW0 3DWED4900YW1
YWED5700VH0 MED5700TQ1 LEN2000LW1 3DWED4900YW2
YWED5700VH1 MED5707TQ0 LEN2000PG0 3DWED5605SQ0
YWED5700VW0 MED5707TQ1 LEN2000PG1 3HLER5437JQ0
YWED5700VW1 MED5720TQ0 LEN2000PW0 3HLER5437JQ1
YWED5800SW0 MED5721TQ0 LEN2000PW1 3HLER5437JQ2
YWED6200SW1 MED5730TQ0 LEN3624BN2 3HLER5437JQ3
YWED6600WL0 MED5740TQ0 LEN3624BW2 3HWED5205SQ0
3SWED5205SQ1 MED5740TQ1 LEN3634DW0 3SWED5205SQ0
3XLER5435HQ0 MED5770TQ0 LEN3634DW1 LEP6848AN2
3XLER5435HQ2 MED5800TW0 LEP6646AN2 MED5805TW1
3ZAED4475TQ0 MED5800TW1 LEP6646AW2 LEP6848AW2
3ZMED5705TW0 MED5805TW0

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 279816

  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Remove all screws that are holding the back panel carefully with a screwdriver.
  3. Thermal cut-off is located at the top of the burner box, with a flat head screwdriver, pop off the terminals and label them. Remove the thermal cut-off as well.
  4. Go down to the bottom of the dryer and again remove terminals and hyaline thermostat with flat head screwdriver.
  5. Thermal cut-off goes on the top portal, mount tab to the small hole and screw in the bottom hole.
  6. Once mounted, reconnect wires.
  7. Next is the lower end of the burner tube, cut the 3/16th red wire off the jumper wire about a quarter of an inch, strip it back, take the gold double connector and connect to the wire. Make sure to tighten.
  8. Next, cut the orange wire terminal about a quarter of an inch, strip it back and place the silver double connector in the wire, and tighten it.
  9. Next, mount the new thermostat on the lower end of the wires. If thermostat does not fit, lift the mounting tab out of the way. Once cleared, thermostat should fit in properly. Screw in hyaline thermostat.
  10. Reattach wires. Red wire on the top. Connect jumper wire with double connection to the orange wire and then connect that to the bottom side of the lower thermostat.
  11. Connect red wire onto heating element terminal.
  12. Replace the back panel, align screws holes and tighten screws. Place access cover back on.
  13. Plug in appliance.

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver



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