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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

10QBP1004 Magnetron

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$55.07 - $55.07
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Monday - Friday order before 3 p.m. If you place your order outside these times, call us at 1-802-727-4126 and we will do our best to get it out the door.

Delivery Time

Average delivery times range 1-3 days


Peak Anode Voltage: 4.35 kV. Type: Standard. Configuration: K. Antenna: 30mm. Power Rating: 900-1000 watts.

Model Numbers

2M244-M1F NE1056T Panasonic
68913497 JC Penney
68857198 JC Penney
NE2157R Panasonic
2M248K NE1056C Panasonic
2M248K NE2157A Panasonic
2M248K NE1056A Panasonic
2M244-M1J1P Panasonic
2M248K(A) Toshiba
2M244-M1G Panasonic
10489404 Whirlpool
2M248K NNS696WA Panasonic
2M248K NNL726BA Panasonic
2M248K NNE666BA Panasonic
2M248K NNS766BA Panasonic
2M248K NN6705A Panasonic
2M248K NNS766WA Panasonic
2M248K NNE666WA Panasonic
2M248K NNE766BA Panasonic
NN7755A Panasonic
2M248K NNE766WA Panasonic
2M248K NNS666BA Panasonic
2M248K NNS676LA Panasonic
NN6815A Panasonic
2M248K NNS666WA Panasonic
2M248K NNS676BA Panasonic
2M248K NNL736BA Panasonic
2M248K NNS776WA Panasonic
2M248K NNS676WA Panasonic
2M248K NNS666LA Panasonic
NNS676WC Panasonic
NNL726WA Panasonic
NNS666BC Panasonic
2M248K NNS776BA Panasonic
2M248K NN6813A Panasonic
NNL736WA Panasonic
2M248K NNS696BA Panasonic
NNS666WC Panasonic
2M248K NN7705A Panasonic
2M248K MQS1239H Quasar
2M248K MQS1239E Quasar


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