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Use code SNAPTOWINTER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Dryer Maintenance Kit to the Rescue - Snap Supply

Dryer Maintenance Kit to the Rescue

A failing dryer does not call for headaches and stress. Yes, the dryer is a little more complex to fix than most of your home appliances. Yet, what if we told you there is a trick to follow when replacing a part in the dryer that will make any do-it-yourselfer happy. Let’s say your dryer is experiencing one or more of the following:

Thumping Noise
          Doesn’t Rotate

              Here is the trick! When you take apart your dryer you will be dealing with 1 of 3 parts. This includes the rollers, idler pulley, or the belt. A simple solution is to replace all of them at the same time. No, we are not crazy. Replacing them all at the same time saves you time and money.

              Your dryer belt, idler pulley, and rollers work closely together to make each load of laundry quick and quiet. Here’s what they do:


              Right away when you take apart your dryer you will see a belt wrapped around your drum. This belt helps to keep the drum in place and rotate without it moving and scrapping. Over time your belt will begin to wear. Think of it as like the tires of your car. The belts tread, just like your tires, begins to wear away and you will begin to hear a squeaking noise. This will keep happening until your belt wears to the point that it snaps. Once the belt snaps the squeaking noise will turn into a thumping noise.

              Idler Pulley

              Your idler pulley keeps the tension of your dryer belt wrapped around the drum. The pulley is made up bearings and a wheel that helps rotate the drum with the belt. The bearings begin to wear out and this may cause the pulley to lock up or break. Your dryer will then not rotate or make a clunking sound when turned on.


              The rollers are the muscles of your dryer. The rollers act as support for the drum as they help rotate and keep the drum in place. This allows your drum to rotate with ease. Overtime the rollers begin to wear away causing you to hear a scraping or thumping noise when the rollers start giving out. The lower two rollers wear out the quickest as this is where the weight of your drum sits as it rotates. It is highly recommended to not just replace one roller wheel that has gone bad. You should replace all four rollers to avoid having to replace the rollers at different times.

              To wrap it all up, your dryer belt, idler pulley, and rollers work together to rotate your drum. The more you use the dryer the more these parts wear out. When you need to replace one, it’s best to replace all of them. This will save you the time of taking apart your dryer repeatedly. If you still don’t believe us just take apart your dryer…
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