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Replacement Dryer Heating Element for SNAP Supply 279838

Replacement Dryer Heating Element for SNAP Supply 279838

Installation Instructions – Replacement Dryer Heating Element for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products 279838

Generic instructions based on common refrigerator models

  1. Disconnect electrical power supply to the appliance
  2. Remove back panel off of the dryer by removing all the screws
  3. Find the heating element and take a picture of the wires
  4. Remove all the wires attached to the heating element/thermostat
  5. Remove the screws and remove the heating element from the heating tube
  6. Take the thermostat off of the old element if you are not replacing it
    1. You can remove the thermostat by pulling it off of the terminal and sliding the element tab out of the hole on the thermostat
  7. Place thermostat on new element by sliding element tab through the thermostat hole and sliding it onto the terminal
  8. Place element back onto the heating tube and secure with the screws
  9. Attach all wires to their original location on the thermostat and element
  10. Place back panel back on and secure with screws
  11. Test dryer under supervision
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