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DC47-00019A Dryer Element for Samsung

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  • Cross Reference Information
    DC47-00019A, 35001247, 35001119, AP4045884, 1185561, AH2038533, EA2038533, PS2038533, ERDC47-00019A.
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  • Compatible with the following Dryer brands: Samsung

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for DC47-00019A

Tools Needed

  • Pliers
  • Flat nose screwdriver
  1. Disconnect dryer to avoid electrocution
  2. Remove the screws from the back of the dryer that secure the top panel
  3. Slide panel back and remove top to set aside
  4. Carefully remove the control panel from the top
  5. Disconnect the wire harness and set panel aside
  6. Remove screws on top securing the front panel
  7. Open your dryer door and remove the two remaining mounting screws
  8. Use flat nose screwdriver to unlock the locking tabs located on top
  9. Pull the front panel forward
  10. Disconnect the door switch panel & lift off
  11. Set aside the panel
  12. Disconnect the moisture sensor wires located at the bottom of the dryer
  13. Remove the screws securing the heating element housing
  14. Remove the housing from the bracket by pulling up
  15. Remove the screws securing the bracket to the base
  16. Take both the bracket and the heating element housing out
  17. Note the wires and disconnect them
  18. Using a screwdriver unscrew the high limit thermostat & thermal limit from housing
  19. Remove screws securing the housing
  20. With pliers pull the retaining tab up
  21. Separate the housing
  22. Use pliers to straighten the wire locking tabs and pull them out
  23. Remove old dryer element and set aside
  24. Take new SNAP Supply Dryer Element out and place it in the housing
  25. Insert terminal wires in the locking tabs and bend them slightly to lock
  26. Rejoin the two halves of the housing element by inserting the tabs into the slots
  27. Use pliers to bend the inner tabs
  28. Align the tabs with the housing using the screw holes & screw into place
  29. Reposition the high limit thermostat and thermal limit to housing
  30. Replace the screws
  31. Connect the heating wires to the terminals
  32. Return the housing to the dryer
  33. Reposition the bracket by placing the slots into the base of the dryer
  34. Secure using the screws
  35. Reposition the heating housing by inserting the element into the bulkhead
  36. Align the front tab to the bracket
  37. Secure using screws
  38. Reconnect the moisture sensor wires
  39. Replace the front panel and connect wire to the door switch
  40. Replace mounting screws
  41. Reconnect the wire harness to the control panel
  42. Align tabs on bottom and snap panel into place
  43. Slide the top panel into place
  44. Use screws to secure into place
  45. Connect dryer outlet and begin using

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