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Maggie's Microwave Help Guide - Snap Supply

Maggie's Microwave Help Guide

6 Ways to Know if it Needs Love or Replacement

If you do not always have time to cook, like me, then your microwave has turned into your favorite kitchen appliance. While microwaves do not last forever, there are ways to prolong the life expectancy of them. Yes, microwaves can be an inexpensive kitchen appliance to purchase, but it can hinder your wallet if you replace it constantly.

Have no fear here are some tips to help you know if your microwave needs love or replacement!

Microwave just needs some TLC:

  1. Door Issues

Microwave doors are designed to contain radiation and function only when the door is closed. If your microwave runs while the door is open or stops functioning when your door is closed, beware of danger! Not all is lost with your microwave if this happens. Internally your microwave has interlock switches that signals the microwave to start, only when the door is closed. Be sure to check to see if the door hooks or release switch are not broken, as they might have done some damage to the interlock switches. Always keep in mind that the interlock switches work together and if one is damaged then they all need replacing.

  1. Lights Out!

Having the light bulb go out in your microwave calls for an easy fix on all microwaves no matter if it’s GE, Samsung, or Whirlpool. Just replace the bulb in your microwave by opening the compartment that houses the light bulb.  

Snap Supply currently offers shatter resistant light bulb that may work for your microwave.

  1. Broken Door Handle

No, you are not turning into the Incredible Hulk if your microwave handle broke or came off. Microwaves are not indestructible so breaking your door handle can happen. Replacing your door handle is a quick fix that can take a matter of minutes. All that’s required is a screwdriver and a microwave handle replacement.

Time to replace your microwave:

  1. Any Signs of Smoke or Fire!

Safety first! Any signs of smoke, fire, or sparks stop using your microwave immediately. Something as simple as smelling smoke in your microwave can be a serious issue. Unplug your microwave and replace it.

  1. Strange Noises

Your microwave should be a quiet appliance, any noises such as a loud buzzing or banging can be a bad sign for your microwave. Always check to make sure your turntable and pate are adjusted correctly. If the problem persists then it could be an internal issue with the magnetron and the time has come to replace your microwave.

  1. Heating Food is Taking Twice as Long

Is your food tasting a little cold, lately? While every microwave heats up at a different speed, if you notice a significant change put your microwave to the test. Using an 8-ounce cup of water, put it in the microwave for about 2 minutes. If the cup isn’t boiling hot, the magnetron is failing, and it may be time to replace your microwave.

If you have any questions on whether or not you should replace your microwave contact us directly. Check out our forum to continue the conversation!

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