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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!
Cooking More? Take Proper Care of Your Oven and Refrigerator

Cooking More? Take Proper Care of Your Oven and Refrigerator

Recent studies have shown that Americans are cooking at home 50% more than used to. One study, from HunterPR, says that cooking at home has increased 53% since before the outbreak, and that baking has increased 47%. Another survey, from Statista, says that 63% of Americans are cooking more than they used to. 

Chances are, you’re one of these Americans who is cooking more. We are too! But now that you’re putting your oven through more use than it might be used to, it’s important to make sure it is operating properly. 

Take a look at some of the most common parts that need replacement below. 

Bake and Broil Element Kit



If your oven is having trouble reaching or maintaining the desired temperature, the problem could be either the bake element or the broil element. When making a repair, it is standard to replace both to save time and to ensure that the oven operates properly going forward.

While a single element is favored when using your oven’s “bake” or “broil” settings, both elements are used to regulate the heat of the oven. That’s why we include both in this kit.

The kit includes:

  • Oven bake element 
  • Oven broil element

Make sure to check out the different available options in our catalog. Just because a part looks the same does not mean that it’s the same. Use cross reference information and model numbers to ensure that this kit is compatible with  your appliance. 

If you are confident that only just the bake element or just the broil element needs to be replaced, you can also browse our catalog to view these items individually. 


Surface Element


The range surface element supplies the heat to a cooking area on top of the electric range. Your surface element might have to be replaced if your surface element doesn't heat up, or if the contacts on the surface element are worn out or blackened. 

Again, make sure to confirm compatibility with your appliance using model numbers and cross reference info! 


Refrigerator Door Gasket 

The refrigerator door gasket creates an airtight seal to preserve internal temperature. The cold air stays in and the hot air stays out. If your refrigerator is having trouble reaching or maintaining the desired temperature, it might be a problem with the gasket. 

One more time: to make sure this part is compatible with your appliance, take a look at cross reference information and model numbers!


Evaporator Motor

The evaporator motor is found in the freezer compartment and is responsible for circulating the cold air from the evaporator coil throughout the entire unit. If the evaporator fan is not functioning correctly, it can cause the evaporator coils in the freezer to freeze over.

Pop quiz: if parts look the same, does that mean they are an exact match?

If you answered “NO,” you win - and we’re sure that you always check compatibility information like cross reference charts and model numbers to ensure that the part you’re looking at is compatible with your appliance.

Remember that all parts on Snap Supply include installation instructions - and that if you need more help, you can visit the product page for that item or contact us at Support@snap.parts!

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