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Use code SNAPTOWINTER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
An Unbalanced Washer Can Mean What? - Snap Supply

An Unbalanced Washer Can Mean What?

Appliances are built to last a good ten years or even more. There is no need to panic if over the weekend you were doing some laundry and noticed your top-loading washer was moving all around your laundry room. All appliances need proper care and on occasion some replacements to work just like new. Here is one thing to look out for if you own a top-loading washer.

During the spin cycle, your washer will spin rapidly and release the water within your washer.  Have you ever asked yourself how your washer manages to stay in place during the fast spin cycle? The answer is, with the help of suspension rods. A top-loading washer requires four suspension rods that work together to keep your washer balanced and from moving out of place. With time your suspension rods can stretch and even break from the constant tension from every load. When your suspension rods stretch or break your washer will become off-balanced and wobble or even move around in the laundry room. The suspension rods can be replaced and do not require you to purchase a brand new washing machine.

If you are replacing a suspension rod never replace just one rod but all four rods at the same time. As we mentioned before, your rods, work hand in hand, and if one begins to wear out, it won’t be long until all wear out. If you need to replace your suspension rods and need help finding the correct rods for your unit, send us your model number, and we’ll be happy to do a model lookup for you.


Need some help finding your model number check out our recent blog on some of the most common locations to find your model number to your washer.

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