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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!
Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!
Replacement Inducer Motor for SNAP Supply 70-24157-03

Replacement Inducer Motor for SNAP Supply 70-24157-03

Installation Instructions – Replacement Inducer Motor for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products 70-24157-03

  1. Shut off power to furnace
  2. Slide upper access panel to remove
  3. Detach exhaust vent tube from outlet part of inducer
  4. Detach black vacuum tube form pressure switch
  5. Use flat head screwdriver to detach mounting bracket pressure switch screws
  6. Move bracket out of the way
  7. Note the motor wires and disconnect them
  8. Unthread assembly mounting screws on old motor
  9. Carefully remove old motor and set aside
  10. Take new SNAP Supply Inducer Motor out and install it
  11. Replace screw to secure motor into place
  12. Connect wires
  13. Reposition the pressure switch and mounting bracket
  14. Replace pressure switch screws
  15. Connect new vacuum tube to pressure switch
  16. Position the exhaust bent tube onto outlet port of the new motor
  17. Replace access panel
  18. Turn power switch on & done!
  19. UPC #: 810019171543
  20. ASIN #: B077BJ7VDR

Tools Needed

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Quarter Inch Nut Driver
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Moe - octubre 8, 2018

I purchase induer motor new, it was very easy to put in, turn it on working fine. Thank you very much Snap Supply 👌🏿

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