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Is your 243297606 Ice Maker On?

Is your 243297606 Ice Maker On?

When installing your brand-new Snap Supply 243297606 ice maker, you may ask yourself, is my ice maker working? After installing the new ice maker, make sure the ice maker arm is in the down position for on. If the arm is up, the ice maker is off. At times you may find the ice maker arm is stuck in the up position. If this occurs gently lower the arm to the down position.

Another trick to turning your ice maker on or off is by using the display panel located on the front of your freezer door. On your display panel, start by clicking on the “Options” button located on the left-hand side of your display panel (See image below). This function displays various options. You need to scroll up or down until you find the option “Ice Maker On-Off.” The “Ice Maker On-Off” allows you to turn your ice maker on or off through the display panel.

Remember when installing 243297606 ice maker, this type of ice maker is controlled by your refrigerator panel system. Meaning your refrigerator controls your ice maker functions like calling for water. The only way to determine if the ice maker is defective is by running a diagnostic test through your display panel and checking if the thermistor is working correctly.

***Please note, depending on your refrigerator model and brand (Frigidaire or Kenmore) your display panel may vary from the image provided***

If you would like to find out how to test your thermistor be sure to click here

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