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Replacement Cold Control for SNAP Supply WR9X499

Replacement Cold Control for SNAP Supply WR9X499

Generic instructions based on common refrigerator models

  1. Disconnect electrical power supply to the appliance
  2. Remove console assembly and bring to a work space
  3. Carefully remove cold control knob
  4. Remove power tabs and unfasten cold control from console
  5. Unfasten the sensor bulb and remove the entire cold control from the console
  6. Slip the sensor bulb sleeve off of the old cold control
  7. Straighten out the sensor bulb wire on the new cold control
  8. Slip the sensor bulb sleeve over the new wire
  9. Install the new cold control and thread the sensor bulb wire into place
  10. Reattach the cold control power tabs and install the knob
  11. Reinstall the console assembly into the refrigerator
  12. Restore electrical power and test range refrigerator

Repair Tip: Be sure to place the sensor bulb exactly as the old one is placed and install any insulating tubing that may come with the new thermostat or use the one from the old thermostat. Be careful not to bend or kink the sensory bulb too sharply.

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