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Replacement Bake Element for SNAP Supply WB44T10010

Replacement Bake Element for SNAP Supply WB44T10010

  1. Disconnect oven to avoid electrocution
  2. Remove access panel screws from back of oven with quarter inch nut driver
  3. With pliers remove wires from bake oven terminal
  4. Go to the front of oven and open door
  5. Remove oven racks
  6. For convenience remove oven door by using screwdriver, flip up stoppers located at the bottom of the door
  7. Using two hands raise up door until it pops out
  8. Place door on flat surface
  9. Using nut driver take out the two screws holding the bake element
  10. Pull out old bake element and set it aside
  11. Take new SNAP Supply Bake Element out and install it
  12. Secure Bake Element with the two screws
  13. Install oven door by popping it into place and locking the both side stoppers
  14. Replace racks
  15. Slowly close oven door to make sure it is properly installed
  16. From the back of the range slide the wires into bake element terminals
  17. Install rear access panel and secure with screws
  18. Connect oven outlet and begin using

Tools Needed

  • Flat Nose Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Quarter Inch Nut Driver
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