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Replacement Evaporator Motor for SNAP Supply WR60X10307

Replacement Evaporator Motor for SNAP Supply WR60X10307

Installation Instructions – Replacement Evaporator Motor for SNAP Supply, LLC’s WR60X10307

  1. Disconnect electrical power supply to the appliance
  2. Remove the Freezer shelves
  3. Remove the back cover panel by removing all the screws
    1. If your model has an ice maker, carefully remove it first
  4. Pull fan blade off of the motor shaft
  5. Disconnect evaporator motor plug
  6. Remove the pressure bracket by squeezing it
  7. Secure the evaporator motor in the housing and put the bracket back in place
  8. Connect the motor power plug.
  9. Reinstall the back cover panel and then the ice maker.
  10. Carefully install all of the shelves
  11. Restore electrical power and test range refrigerator

Failure Symptoms: Poor cooling in both sections, but especially in the refrigerator section.

How to test: Measure voltage at the fan motor wire terminals using a multi meter. If voltage is present, the motor is faulty.
Often times, the fan blade may be manually turned and it may continue slowly or start turning by itself. That is an accurate way to test without the use of a meter.

Repair Tip: Lubricating the motor almost never helps long term, the motor should be replaced. When installing the fan blade, make sure it is not pushed onto the motor shaft too far as it may bind and not turn smoothly.

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