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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Replacement Igniter Kit for SNAP Supply WB13K21 - Snap Supply

Replacement Igniter Kit for SNAP Supply WB13K21

Installation Instructions – Replacement Igniter Kit for SNAP Supply, LLC’s WB13K21

  1. Disconnect electrical power supply to the range
  2. Remove the door by opening about 25% and pulling straight up
  3. Remove shelves
  4. remove bottom panel by removing the screws and pulling it up and out.
  5. Pull the drawer out to access the gas valve shield
  6. Follow the wires to find the cover plate and remove the screw holding it in.
  7. Pull the wires into the oven to find the locking tabs
  8. Disconnect the old igniter and unscrew it
  9. Connect the new igniter to the locking tabs
  10. Attach new igniter to burner and route the wires out the back of the oven
  11. Install the cover plate and gas valve shield
  12. Put the oven back together
  13. Restore electrical power and test range


  • Approx. 10.5"L x 3.25"W x 2"H.
  • Flat style.
  • 8" lead wire.
  • 1-1/2" ceramic block.
  • Includes male/female two-pin quick disconnect.
  • Connector may need to be cut off and wires spliced to range wiring with porcelain wire connectors (part number MA01165) to install this replacement part.

Symptoms of an igniter going bad

  1. If the oven doesn't bake evenly
  2. doesn't heat at all.
  3. Igniter does not glow white, but more of a yellowish orange.

How to test: Over time all oven igniters weaken. As this happens, it will take longer for the gas valve to open and eventually not at all. If the igniter glows for more than 90 seconds without igniting the gas flame, the oven igniter should be replaced. 

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