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Replacement Microwave Door Switch for SNAP Supply W10211972

Replacement Microwave Door Switch for SNAP Supply W10211972

Installation Instructions – Replacement Microwave Door Switch for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products

  1. Unplug power cord
  2. Remove microwave screws that secure the grill
  3. Open microwave door slightly and remove screws securing the microwave control panel
  4. Lift up the release the control panel
  5. Before removing any wires we suggest you take a picture of where they all go.
  6. Release all wires from their terminals attached to control panel to access the door switch.
    1. Grounding wire may be screwed in
  7. Once the control panel is detached you need to remove the control panel backing to access the switch. Do this by removing the screws and removing the wires and sensor switch.
  8. ** Optional ** For the best access remove the screw that holds the support
  9. Remove the tension spring
  10. Remove the wires from the old switches terminals
  11. Pry the switch out of the support using a flathead screwdriver
  12. Attach the terminals to the new switch and press into the support
  13. Attach the tension spring
  14. **if you removed the support slide it back into place and secure it with its screw
  15. Attach the senor to the panel backing and run the wire bundle through the wire channel and then secure it back into position with the screws.
  16. Screw the ground wire back on to the control panel and attach the wires to their original position
  17. Slide the control panel back into place and secure it with the screws
  18. Attach the microwave grill with the screws and turn it on to test!
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