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Replacement Bake Element for SNAP Supply 865940

Replacement Bake Element for SNAP Supply 865940

Installation Instructions – Replacement Bake Element for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products 865940

  1. Disconnect oven to avoid electrocution
  2. Open oven doors & remove racks
  3. Unscrew screws from old bake element
  4. Pull out bake element to disconnect wires
  5. Important when disconnecting wires do not let wires get lost in insulation or behind the stove
  6. Disconnect wires
  7. Set aside old Bake Element
  8. Connect new SNAP Supply Bake Element to wires
  9. Push element back in and put screws in
  10. Replace oven racks
  11. Close door
  12. Connect oven outlet and begin using

Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver
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