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Replacement Surface Element Switch for SNAP Supply 3149400

Replacement Surface Element Switch for SNAP Supply 3149400

Installation Instructions – Replacement Surface Element Switch for SNAP Supply, LLC’s 3149400

  1. Disconnect electrical power supply to the appliance
  2. Remove back panel that houses the Surface Element Switch.
  3. Remove the knob and release the 2 screws holding switch in place.
  4. Pull the old switch out and remove both of the plugs
    1. We suggest taking a picture
  5. Compare the shafts, if they are the same length proceed if not cut down to size.
    1. If you need to cut down, remove the spring clip attached to shaft
    2. Then use a pairs of pliers to snap it off by holding one below the break off point and using the second to break it off.
    3. Attach the spring clip back to the shaft
  6. Connect wires 1 by 1 to the terminals on the new switch
  7. Install the switch into place and screw the 2 screws into it to hold it in place
  8. Screw back panel back on and give it a test!
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