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WB44X200 Bake Element for GE

SKU WB44X200
  • Direct replacement for Whirlpool part # WB44X200
  • Tested for quality and durability 
  • Premium materials ensure long-lasting components


  • Cross Reference Information: W10308477, 3267, AH249424, EA249424, PS249424, TS44X200, WB44X0160, WB44X0200, WB44X160, WB44X200R, WB44X6200, B003BIGD8Q
  • 13.5 inches in length on the front end by 19 inches on the side
  • Compatible with the following Range brands: General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, and others.

Model Numbers

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JK25x02 RJ742GxJ4 JKP36G*D2 JKP68GxK3
JK29x06 RJ742GxJ5 JKP36Gx06 JKP76Gx01
JK29x07 RJ742GxT6 JKP36Gx07 JKP77Gx01
JK29x08 RJ742GxT7 JKP36Gx08 JKP77Gx02
JK29x09 RJ742xJ1 JKP36Gx09 JKP77GxJ1
JKP07*D2 RJ742xT6 JKP36GxD1 JKP77GxJ2
JKP070J3 RJ742xT7 JKP36GxH1 JKP77GxJ3
JKP07G*D2 RJ745GxJ1 JKP36GxJ1 JKP78G0K2
JKP07G0J3 RJ745GxJ2 JKP36x07 JKP78GK3
JKP07GJ4 RJ745GxJ3 JKP36x08 JKP78GxK1
JKP07GJ5 RJ745GxT6 JKP36x09 JKP78GxK2
JKP07Gx06 RJ745GxT7 JKP36x10 JKP78GxK3
JKP07GxD1 RK747GxD1 JKP36xD1 JKP78GxK4
JKP07GxH1 RK747GxD2 JKP37G*L1WG JKP80Gx03
JKP07GxJ1 RK747GxJ1 JKP37GxL1 JKP80Gx04
JKP07GxJ2 RK747GxJ2 JKP38G0J3 JKP80Gx05
JKP07GxJ3 RK747GxJ3 JKP38GJ4 JKP80Gx06
JKP07GxJ4 RK747GxJ4 JKP38GJ5 JKP97Gx06
JKP07GxJ5 RK747GxJ5 JKP38GJ6 JKP97Gx08
JKP07J4 RK747GxT5 JKP38GxJ1 JMP26G*01
JKP07J5 RK747GxT6 JKP38GxJ2 JMP26G0J3
JKP07J6 RK747xD1 JKP38GxJ3 JMP26GJ4
JKP07WxN1 RK747xD2 JKP38GxJ4 JMP26GJ5
JKP07x07 RK747xJ1 JKP38GxJ5 JMP26GxH1
JKP07xD1 RK747xT6 JKP38GxJ6 JMP26GxJ1
JKP07xJ1 RK767GxD1 JKP39GxK1 JMP26GxJ2
JKP07xJ2 RK767GxD2 JKP39GxK2 JMP26GxJ3
JKP07xJ3 RK767GxJ1 JKP39GxK3 JMP26GxJ4
JKP07xJ4 RK767GxJ2 JKP39GxK4 JMP26GxJ5
JKP07xJ5 RK767GxJ3 JKP40GxK1 JMP26x05
JKP07xJ6 RK767GxJ4 JKP40GxK2 JMP26x06
JKP16G*D2 RK767GxT5 JKP40GxK3 JMP26x07
JKP16G0J3 RK767GxT6 JKP40GxK4 JMP26x08
JKP16GJ4 RK767GxT7 JKP46GxK1 JMP26xD1
JKP16GJ5 RK767xD1 JKP46GxK2 JRP03*07
JKP16GJ6 RK767xT5 JKP46GxK3 JRP030J3
JKP16Gx07 RK767xT6 JKP46GxK4 JRP03G0J3
JKP16GxD1 RK767xT7 JKP47GxK1 JRP03GJ3
JKP16GxH1 RK777GxD1 JKP47GxK2 JRP03GJ4
JKP16GxJ1 RK777GxD2 JKP47GxK3 JRP03GJ5
JKP16GxJ2 RK777GxJ1 JKP47GxK4 JRP03Gx06
JKP16GxJ3 RK777GxJ2 JKP47GxK5 JRP03Gx07
JKP16GxJ4 RK777GxJ3 JKP48GxK1 JRP03GxH1
JKP16GxJ5 RK777GxJ4 JKP48GxK2 JRP03GxJ1
JKP16GxJ6 RK777GxJ5 JKP48GxK3 JRP03GxJ2
JKP18GxK1 RK777GxJ6 JKP48GxK4 JRP03GxJ3
JKP18GxK2 RK777GxM1 JKP48GxK5 JRP03GxJ4
JKP18GxK3 RK777GxT7 JKP55GxD1 JRP03GxJ5
JKP18GxK4 RK777GxT8 JKP60Gx01 JRP03J3
JKP19GxK1 RK955Gx01 JKP60Gx02 JRP03J4
JKP19GxK2 RK955GxD1 JKP60Gx03 JRP03J5
JKP19GxK3 RK959Gx01 JKP61Gx01 JRP03J6
JKP19GxK4 RK959GxD1 JKP61GxJ1 JRP03x06
JKP27*D2 RK960Gx01 JKP61GxJ2 JRP03xJ1
JKP27G*D2 RK960Gx02 JKP61GxJ3 JRP03xJ2
JKP27GJ3 RK960Gx03 JKP62GK2 JRP03xJ3
JKP27GJ4 RK961Gx01 JKP62GK3 JRP03xJ4
JKP27Gx07 RK961GxJ1 JKP62GxK1 JRP03xJ5
JKP27GxD1 RK961GxJ2 JKP62GxK2 JRP14G*07
JKP27GxH1 RK961GxJ3 JKP62GxK3 JRP14G0J3
JKP27GxJ1 RK962GxK1 JKP65Gx01 JRP14GJ3
JKP27GxJ2 RK962GxK2 JKP65Gx02 JRP14GJ4
JKP27GxJ3 RK962GxK3 JKP65Gx03 JRP14GJ5
JKP27GxJ4 RK966Gx06 JKP65GxD1 JRP14GJ6
JKP27J3 RK966Gx07 JKP66Gx01 JRP14Gx06
JKP27J4 RK966Gx08 JKP66Gx02 JRP14GxH1
JKP27J5 RK966Gx09 JKP67Gx01 JRP14GxJ1
JKP27x08 RK966Gx10 JKP67Gx02 JRP14GxJ2
JKP27xD1 RK966Gx11 JKP67GxJ1 JRP14GxJ3
JKP27xJ1 RK966Gx12 JKP67GxJ2 JRP14GxJ4
JKP27xJ2 RJ742GxJ1 JKP67GxJ3 JRP14GxJ5
JKP27xJ3 RJ742GxJ2 JKP68GK2 JRP14GxJ6
JKP27xJ4 RJ742GxJ3 JKP68GK3 JKP36*D2
JKP27xJ5 JKP68GxK2 JKP68GxK1

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for WB44X200

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Be careful not to let wires fall back into the oven wall.
  3. Open oven door, pull out oven racks.
  4. Remove the two screws that hold the bake element. Pull the bake element out enough to disconnect the wires. Disconnect the two wires off the terminals. Be careful not to let wires fall back into the oven wall.
  5. Remove old element. Place new element into position, attach wires into terminals, push in element and put screws back in.
  6. Place racks in, close door, and turn on appliance.

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