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Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

M245 Evaporator Motor

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GEM PN: #EM245. CW/CCW Rotation. Shaft: Diameter: 1/8", Length: 1-3/4".
Cross Reference
1135914 115560 132960 132968 133602 136611 29708-1 5104-050-10 5104-050-13 5104-050-15 5301230532 5308010661 54482-3 C28542 C28543 C28545 C28546 C35363-1 C35363-7 C35656-1 C35656-5 C35759-1 C35759-5 C35759-6 C35759-7 C36811-1 C38088 C38089 C38090 C38785 C38788 C38791 C460752 C57230 C712838 D71157-1 D71157-2 D71157-3 D71157-4 D71157-6 D71157-7 D72560-3 D72562-1 D72562-3 EM245 ERM245 G146620 G152646 K1159624 K1159782 K1159808 K1166681 K1166971 K1167246 K1202158 K1202159 K1204665 K1204667 K1205028 K1206352 K1206353 K1206354 K1206452 K1206453 K1208099 K1209560 K1220352 K1222931 K1226505 K1226507 K1227015 K1227017 K1228883 K1230532 M245 R0151002 R1570-87 SC317 SM317 WR49X5082 WR60X100 WR60X104 WR60X105 WR60X108 WR60X112 WR60X118 WR60X120 WR60X122 WR60X125 WR60X126 WR60X127 WR60X129 WR60X130 WR60X131 WR60X132 WR60X162 WR60X163 WR60X168 WR60X171 WR60X5005 WR60X5011 WR60X5016 WR60X5020 WR60X5021 WR60X5035 WR60X5040 WR60X5046 WR60X5047 WR60X5049 WR60X5060 WR60X5073 WR60X52 WR60X54 WR60X60 WR60X65 WR60X71 WR60X74 WR60X82 WR60X84 WR60X85 WR60X88 WR60X96


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