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DC47-00018A Dryer Thermostat for Samsung

SKU DC47-00018A


  • Cross Reference Information
    1122485, PS4205217, B001HP6L46
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  • Compatible with the following Dryer brands: Samsung

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for DC47-00018A

  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Remove control panel by lifting tabs.
  3. Open door and remove the two screws, next remove the four screws located at the top.
  4. Remove door panel by slightly lifting it up from two hooks that are holding it in its place.
  5. Pull off the wire harness that is connected to the door panel and remove door panel.
  6. Remove moisture sensor and set it aside so that it does not interfere.
  7. Remove the three screws that hold the heating element in. Carefully lift the element, reach in and lift locking bracket, pull out the lower heating element.
  8. Once done, lower heating element and pull it out carefully. With a flat head screwdriver, remove wires off from the thermostat and then the screws holding the thermostat and remove thermostat.
  9. Place new thermostat in position. Place screws in. Place wires, black wire is toward the dryer and blue wire is away from the dryer.
  10. Carefully place assembly back into the dryer. Place lower bracket back in position by lifting heating element, placing the two tabs that the lower bracket has in position, making sure the front tab of the lower bracket goes into its slot as well, lower heating element so that it lays in the bracket. Place three screws holding it in its place.
  11. Reattach moisture sensor. Place door panel by attaching it to the three brackets located at the bottom. Reconnect door switch, reattach door panel in its place and place in screws, open door and replace two screws, close door.
  12. Replace front console by aligning tabs with slots in the front panel. Place top in place, align tabs and lock it in place. With a screwdriver place back in screws of the back panel.
  13. Turn on appliance.

    Tools Needed:
  • Screwdriver
  • Small flat head screwdriver


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