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Closed Monday, May 27, 2024 in observance of the holiday. Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Closed Monday, May 27 ,2024 in in observance of the holiday. Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

10QBP1003 Magnetron

by ERP
Original price $55.07 - Original price $55.07
Original price
$55.07 - $55.07
Current price $55.07

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Monday - Friday order before 3 p.m. If you place your order outside these times, call us at 1-802-727-4126 and we will do our best to get it out the door.

Delivery Time

Average delivery times range 1-3 days


Peak Anode Voltage: 4.35 kV. Type: Standard. Configuration: H. Antenna: 30mm. Power Rating: 900-1000 watts.

2M261-M32F NN5262WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS561WF Panasonic
2M269-M32F NNS542BF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 69380890 Kenmore
NNSN660S Panasonic
NNS750WAS Panasonic
NNS604BF Panasonic
NNH924WF Panasonic
NNSN957S Panasonic
NNSN947S Panasonic
NNH934WF Panasonic
NNS655BF Panasonic
NNS755WF Panasonic
NNS655WF Panasonic
NNH924WFW Panasonic
NNS604WF Panasonic
NNH934BF Panasonic
NNSN789S Panasonic
NNS943WF Panasonic
NNH935BF Panasonic
NNH924BFW Panasonic
NNP294BF Panasonic
NNP794SF Panasonic
NNP794SFR Panasonic
NNS750WAF Panasonic
NNH764BF Panasonic
NNSN797S Panasonic
NNP794WFR Panasonic
NNS914WF Panasonic
NNS942WF Panasonic
NNH744WF Panasonic
NNH264SFR Panasonic
NNS950BAF Panasonic
NNH764WF Panasonic
NNH264SF Panasonic
NNP794WF Panasonic
NNP294WF Panasonic
NNH924BF Panasonic
NNP295BF Panasonic
NNS750WA Panasonic
NNH264QF Panasonic
NNP295WF Panasonic
NNH914BF Panasonic
NNP794BF Panasonic
NNP794BFR Panasonic
NNS943BF Panasonic
NNH744BF Panasonic
NNS614WF Panasonic
NNS752BF Panasonic
NNS944WFW Panasonic
NNH964BF Panasonic
NNS954BFR Panasonic
NNS635BF Panasonic
NNS645BF Panasonic
NNS955WF Panasonic
NNS960BAS Panasonic
NNS944WF Panasonic
NNS960WAS Panasonic
NNH944WFW Panasonic
NNS752WF Panasonic
NNH964WF Panasonic
NNS950BAS Panasonic
NNS950WAS Panasonic
NNL531BF Panasonic
NNS644BF Panasonic
NNS950BA Panasonic
NNL730BA Panasonic
NNL531WF Panasonic
NNS635WF Panasonic
NNS952BF Panasonic
NNS954BF Panasonic
NNS962WF Panasonic
NNS755BF Panasonic
NNS624WF Panasonic
NNS944BF Panasonic
NNS645WF Panasonic
NNH944BF Panasonic
NNS550WF Panasonic
NNS624BF Panasonic
R310HW Sharp
NNSN778S Panasonic
NNH935WF Panasonic
NNH914WF Panasonic
NNSN968BT Panasonic
NNS980WAS Panasonic
NNS634WF Panasonic
NNSN960S Panasonic
NNH944WF Panasonic
NNS980BA Panasonic
NNS944BFW Panasonic
NNS645MF Panasonic
NNS980BAS Panasonic
NNS634BF Panasonic
NNS980WA Panasonic
NNH944BFW Panasonic
NNS654BF Panasonic
NNS935BFX Panasonic
NNS932WF Panasonic
NNS762WF Panasonic
NNS760WASF Panasonic
NNS740BAW Panasonic
NNH275SF Panasonic
NNS934WFR Panasonic
NNS744WF Panasonic
NNH724WF Panasonic
NNH275WF Panasonic
NNH635BF Panasonic
NNH504BFR Panasonic
NNH634WF Panasonic
NNH504WF Panasonic
NNH634BF Panasonic
NNS760BAS Panasonic
NNS740BAWF Panasonic
NNS563MF Panasonic
NNS924WF Panasonic
NNS932BF Panasonic
NNH644BF Panasonic
NNH504BF Panasonic
NNS735WF Panasonic
NNS740BAF Panasonic
NNS563WF Panasonic
NNS924WFW Panasonic
NNS750BA Panasonic
NNH665BF Panasonic
NNS735BF Panasonic
NNH635WF Panasonic
NNS762BF Panasonic
NNS760BAF Panasonic
NNH724BF Panasonic
NNS740BAS Panasonic
NNH645BF Panasonic
8206079 KHMS2050SBL0 Whirlpool
NNS924BFW Panasonic
NNS750BAF Panasonic
NNS743BF Panasonic
NNS562BF Panasonic
NNH275BF Panasonic
NNS743WF Panasonic
NNS742BF Panasonic
NNS924BF Panasonic
NNS760BASF Panasonic
NNH504WFR Panasonic
NNS934BFR Panasonic
NNS742WF Panasonic
NNS750BAS Panasonic
NNH604WF Panasonic
NNH735WF Panasonic
NNH604BF Panasonic
NNS760WAF Panasonic
NNH614BF Panasonic
NNS934WF Panasonic
NNH735BF Panasonic
NNS933WF Panasonic
NNS744BF Panasonic
NNS763WF Panasonic
NNS942BF Panasonic
NNS760WAS Panasonic
NNH625WF Panasonic
NNS760BA Panasonic
NNH625BF Panasonic
NNS740WAF Panasonic
NNH275QF Panasonic
NNS934BF Panasonic
NNH614WF Panasonic
NNS760WA Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNP994SF Panasonic
NNS540BFW Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSA646B Panasonic
NNS504WF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN657S Panasonic
NNS935WF Panasonic
NNS255BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT695SF Panasonic
R315JSF Sharp
2M261-M32F NNP994WFR Panasonic
NNSD767S Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNP294SF Panasonic
NNS254SF Panasonic
NNT685SF Panasonic
NNS540BFWR Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS553BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNP994SFR Panasonic
NNS503BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH765WF Panasonic
2M75P1-21 NNS615WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS562WF Panasonic
R315JS Sharp
RV-MZA295WRE0 R310FW Sharp
2M261-M32F NNP994WF Panasonic
NNS263WF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNH965WFB Panasonic
RV-MZA291WRE0 R310EW Sharp
2M261-M32J NNT774SF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNSN656S Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN667W Panasonic
NNS423BF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSD997S Panasonic
RV-MZA295WRE0 R310JW Sharp
2M261-M32F NNT664SFR Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNP994BFR Panasonic
NNS780WAS Panasonic
RV-MZA295WRE0 R320HQ Sharp
2M261-M32KLY NNSD696S Panasonic
RV-MZA295WRE0 R320HK Sharp
RV-MZA320WRZZ R320HW Sharp
NNSD768B Panasonic
NNSD787ST Panasonic
NNS443WF Panasonic
NNS530BFV Panasonic
NNS263SF Panasonic
NNS780WAF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN667BB Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT665SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS935BF Panasonic
2M269-M32F NNT990SAF Panasonic
NNS423WF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSD697S Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT763SF Panasonic
NNS254SFR Panasonic
NNS753BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT765SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH965BF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN667B Panasonic
NNS255WF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSD967S Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNSN676S Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNSN756B Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS532WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT995SF Panasonic
NNT995SFXB Panasonic
NNS254WFR Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSD987S Panasonic
NNS505BF Panasonic
NNS504BF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN667WB Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSA647B Panasonic
NNS443BF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNSD987SB Panasonic
WB27X10831 JES2251SJ01 General Electric
2M261-M32F NNH965WFX Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNH965WFB Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT783SF Panasonic
NNS505WF Panasonic
NNS503WF Panasonic
RV-MZA295WRE0 R310JK Sharp
NNH264WFR Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN667MB Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS543BFW Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH965WFXB Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNP994BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT764SFR Panasonic
2M261-M32JP NNS615WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS954WFR Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT955SF Panasonic
2M248H NNT790SA Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNS754WF Panasonic
NNS531WFV Panasonic
NNS263QF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT965SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT983SF Panasonic
NNT790SF Panasonic
2M269M32F NNT990SA Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNS754BFR Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSD667S Panasonic
MOS0883 Emerson
NNT790SC Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNSD986S Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNS754BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS954WF Panasonic
NNS950WA Panasonic
W10120113 JMW2330WB00 Whirlpool
2M261-M32J NNSA636W Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT935SF Panasonic
RV-MZA295WRE0 R25JTF Sharp
2M261-M32F NNS553WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT945SFX Panasonic
NNS254BF Panasonic
NNT563SAF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN977S Panasonic
NNSN776S Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNSA616W Panasonic
2M261-M32KLY NNSA746M Panasonic
NNSN756S Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNS754WFR Panasonic
NNS654WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT975SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT563SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH264BFR Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH664MF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT755SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS963BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS963WF Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNT754SF Panasonic
NNH624BFR Panasonic
NNH624WFR Panasonic
NNH624WF Panasonic
NNS532BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT745SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH664BF Panasonic
2M261-M32G NNS952WF Panasonic
NNS533BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT984SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT964SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT985SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT735SF Panasonic
2M269-M32F NNT790SAF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT964SFR Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSA647W Panasonic
NNH624BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT644SF Panasonic
NNS753WF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSA646W Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT583SF Panasonic
2M261-M32 NNSA646M Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH644WF Panasonic
NNS254WF Panasonic
NNS614BF Panasonic
NNS614BFAPH Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT775SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT655SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT774SFR Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNT794SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT994SFR Panasonic
NNS530WFV Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS962BF Panasonic
NNS614WFAPH Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT793SF Panasonic
NNS780WA Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT785SF Panasonic
NNT694SF Panasonic
RV-MZA295WRE0 Sharp
RV-MZA239WRE0 Sharp
2M261-M32F NNH765BF Panasonic
2M258-M32F NNH965WF Panasonic
RV-MZA295WRE0 R25JT Sharp
2M261-M32KLY NNT664SFT Panasonic
NNT675SF Panasonic
NNS254BFB Panasonic
NNSN756BT Panasonic
NNS263BF Panasonic
2M269-M32F NNT900SA Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS953BF Panasonic
NNS254BFR Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT664SF Panasonic
NNS615WM Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH665WF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSN677S Panasonic
NNSD787S Panasonic
NNH264BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT794SFR Panasonic
NNS531BFV Panasonic
2M261-M32JY NNS615 Panasonic
2M261-M32J NNT784SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS933BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNP295SF Panasonic
NNS763BF Panasonic
RV-MZA291WRE0 R320FK Sharp
2M261-M32F NNS541WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNL731BF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNS960BA Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT795SF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNS592SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNL731WF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNS961WF Panasonic
NNS960WA Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS542WF Panasonic
NNS740BA Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS550BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS543BF Panasonic
RV-MZA291WRE0 R310JWF Sharp
NNT945SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNL931BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT994SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS761WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS961BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS961WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNL931WF Panasonic
NNS253WF Panasonic
R3A05 Sharp
NNH264WF Panasonic
NNS253BF Panasonic
NNH264WFT Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNH644WF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 R24GT Sharp
2M261-M32F NNH664BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNT993SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS543BFR Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNL930BA Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS541BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS533WF Panasonic
RV-MZA291WRE0 R320FQ Sharp
2M261-M32F NNS262BF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 R320FQ Sharp
2M261-M32F NNS561BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS951WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS751WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS252BF Panasonic
NNT655SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS252WF Panasonic
NNT654SF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS951BF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNS760 Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS262WF Panasonic
NNS955BF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS262SF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNS563BF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNS953WF Panasonic
2M261-M32KLP NNSD667S Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS761BF Panasonic
RV-MZA291WRE0 R315EW Sharp
2M261-M32F NNS751BF Panasonic
2M248H(FN)-N1 NNS560WFS Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS560BF Panasonic
RV-MZA291WRE0 R320FW Sharp
2M261-M32F NNS522WF Panasonic
2M261-M32F NNS644WF Panasonic
NNS914BF Panasonic
NNH645WF Panasonic


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