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70-24157-03 62-23543-01 62-22868-93 Inducer Motor Blower Kit for Rheem

SKU 70-24157-03KIT


  • This kit comes with 1 Inducer Motor Blower (70-24157-03), 1 Flame Sensor (62-23543-01), and 1 Furnace Igniter (62-22868-93)
  • Cross Reference Information for 70-24157-03 (Inducer Motor Blower): 
    70-24157-03, AS-67915-02, 2638751,  00-81R02QJAA, 7121-11559, 117847-00, J238-150-15165, 7058-1406, J238-150-1533, J2381501533, 117847-07, 11784707, 117847-7, 1178477, J238-150-1533, J2381501533, 11710401, 117104-01, 117104-04, 17104-01, 30-6631, 17104-01, 1710401, 300792F, 300792F7, 66838, 7021-11559. 
  • Cross Reference Information for 62-23543-01 (Flame Sensor):
  • Cross Reference Information for 62-22868-93 (Furnace Igniter): 
    62-22441-01, 62-22548-01, 62-22868-01, 62-22868-02, 62-22868-82, 62-22868-92, 62-22868-93s, 62-22869-01, 62-23460-01, and 8553-5514 
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  • Compatible with the following brands: Rheem
  • UPC #: 810019172434
  • ASIN #: B07K4ZSLVD

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

For 70-24157-03, click here then click on Installation Instructions tab below the product pictures.

For 62-23543-01, click here then click on Installation Instructions tab below the product pictures.

For 62-22868-93, click here then click on Installation Instructions tab below the product pictures.

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