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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!

5304516160 6" Surface Element for Frigidaire

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SKU 5304516160


  • This 6" Surface Element Directly Replaces the following part #'s: 79041309810, 79092562810, 79041303810, FFEF3010UWA, 79041323810, FFEF3010UWB, FFEF3012UWA, FFEF3012UWB, 79092553810, FFEF3016USA, FFEF3016USB, FFEC3005UBA, CFEF3016USB, CFEF3012UWA, CFEF3012UWB, FFEF3003UWB, CFEF3016USA, FFEF3003UWA, CFEF3016UWB, FFEC3005UWA, CFEF3016UWA, 79092563810, FFEC3005USA, FFEF3012UBB, CFEF3012USA, FFEF3010UBA, FFEF3016UBA, FFEF3016UBB, 79092559810, FFEF3012UBA, FFEF3016UWA, FFEF3016UWB, FFEF3010UBB, 79041302810, 79092552810, 79092569810, 79092573810
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Range brands: Frigidaire, Electrolux, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, and others.

Model Numbers

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CFEF3012UWB 790.9255981 CFEF3016UWB FFEF3010UWB
CFEF3016USA 790.9256281 CFEF3017USA FFEF3012UBA
CFEF3016USB 790.9256381 CFEF3017UWA FFEF3012UBB
CFEF3016UWA 790.9256981 FFEC3005UBA FFEF3012UWA
CFEF3016UWB 790.9257381 FFEC3005USA FFEF3012UWB
790.4130281 CFEF3012USA FFEC3005UWA FFEF3016UBA
790.4130381 CFEF3012UWA FFEF3003UWA FFEF3016UBB
790.4130981 CFEF3012UWB FFEF3003UWB FFEF3016USA
790.4132381 CFEF3016USA FFEF3010UBA FFEF3016USB
790.9255281 CFEF3016USB FFEF3010UBB FFEF3016UWA
790.9255381 CFEF3016UWA FFEF3010UWA


Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 5304516160

Installation Instructions – Replacement Surface Element for SNAP Supply, LLC’s products 5304516160

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • 14-inch nut driver
  • Pliers
  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Open oven door and remove screws holding oven top. Close door lift main top up and use a sturdy object to support main top.
  3. Release burner by unscrewing the screws securing the cross-brace to the main top
  • The burner is held in place by two brackets, be sure to know which slots the bracket tabs are in. Use marker if needed.
  • With pliers, squeeze tabs to detach the old burner from the brace.
  • Transfer brackets from the old burner to the new one. Be sure to place bracket in their correct numbered slots.
  • Transfer wires from old burner to the new one.
  • Align bracket tabs in their correct slots, snap the new burner into the cross brace.
  • Position the assembly onto the main top and replace screws. Remove the support and lower the main top to its original position.
  • Open oven door to replace the two screws, close door.
  • Turn on appliance and oven is all set!
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