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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

3191454 8" Surface Element for Whirlpool

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The range surface element supplies the heat to a cooking area on top of the electric range. Your surface element might have to be replaced if your surface element doesn't heat up, or if the contacts on the surface element are worn out or blackened.

  • Snap Supply manufactures all of our appliance parts with premium materials so you can shop with confidence. Manufactured for your Whirlpool oven, this surface element is also compatible with Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, and others.
  • UPC #: 810019172144
  • ASIN #: B07CP535JD
  • Cross Reference Information 
    3191454, Y04000033, 14200721, 1938249, 1938344, 19950005, 332-218, 42127, 51571, 51572, 561102, 7-3421, 74-06-138, 74007160, 7406P028-60, 7406P039-60, 766327, D8549502, F80-344, PS11740903, R0167049, R0710049, W10126574, W10126575, Y0042127, Y0042131, Y0042139, Y0042164, Y0045542, Y0050259, Y0050264, Y0051570, Y0051571, Y0051572, Y0071853, Y0072549, Y0072980, Y0075356, Y0091795, Y0091801, Y0312875, Y0312877, Y04000031, Y07683300, Y0E00800699, Y0E00800799, Y0E00800899, Y0E00802099, Y0E00802599, Y703421, Y71853, B008DJL108, B008DJK0TQ, B008DJW4J0, B008DJRGY8, B008DJL1QM, B008DJP5XW, B008DJRG6Q, B008DJHRNS, B008DJNICW, B008DJPUFU, B008DJPEG0, B008DJUWJE, B008DJHT36, B008DJVF40, B008DK1HVU, B008DJS52U, B008DJS5IO, B008DJS23C, B00A8O0D5K, B008DJS2NC, B008DK19QI, B008DJYDZI, B008DJUVDG, B008DK11RA, B008DJIJ9O, B008DJNKJI, B008DJS6B0, B008DJQMPC, B008DJQF18, B008DK3U60, B001E8EO5E, B008DJP6V8, B008DJUX5M, B008DJIQMO, B008DJKY7O, B008DJIQVU, B008DJRW2Y, B008DK57YS, B008DJOM40, B008DK1MDI, B008DK47DU, B008DJV9JG, B008DJK1CC, B008DK1C9C, B008DJQN8I, B008DJOLS2, B008DJRC5G, B008DJTACO, B008DK4RWG, B008DJNARK, B008DJS33G, B003MYUVC8, B008DJOB4G, B008DJTCNG, B008DJQFJ0, B008DJNN5E, B008DK1CUQ, B008DJS6XS, B008DJQM8O, B008DK3SSU

Just because parts look the same does not mean that they are the same. Use the model numbers below to ensure that this part is compatible with your appliance! 

All Snap parts come with installation instructions to help you with your repair. If you need more help, you can always contact us for further assistance. Email us at or give us a call at 1-877-269-0086.

Model Numbers

Use ctrl+F then enter your model number in search bar and hit enter

C206 EH4-33W9 35HA-2CLX-ON A8720PW
JED8130ADB EHN3892WW (P1142422NWW) 35HA-2CW A89L-4-R
FDU185 EHN3892WW (P1142479NWW) 35HA-2CW-DN AC110B14
C203 EJN3892W,L (P1142481NWL) 35HA-2CX-EC AC110W14
JEA7000ADS EJR304-2F/N (EJR30402F/N) 35HB-2CX-ON ACH100E (P1133381NE)
JED8130ADW EKD395 35HG-2CX-ON ACH100W (P1133381NW)
3842XRW EKG971A549 35HN-2CLX-EC ACR100E (P1133384NE)
C206B EKG971W549 35HN-2CLX-ON ACR100SS (P1133384NSS)
XST-305 EKS395 35HN-2CW ACR100W (P1133384NW)
KECS161GBL1 EL4-33A9 35HN-2CW-DN ACR100WW (P1133384NWW)
JEA7000ADB EL4-33B9 35HN-2CX-EC ACR110E (P1133385NE)
KECS161GWH1 EL4-33S9 35HN-2CX-ON ACR110SS (P1133385NSS)
KECS100GWH0 EL4-33W9 35HY-2CLX-EC ACR110W (P1133385NW)
KECS161GSS1 EPF9-71KA669A 35HY-2CW-DN ACR110WW (P1133385NWW)
KECS100GSS0 EPF9-71KW669A 35HY-2CX-EC ACT100E (P1133380NE)
3842SRW EPF9-81KS9A 35HY-2CX-ON ACT100W (P1133380NW)
JEA7000ADW ESD379 35JA-2CLX-EC ACT110E (P1133386NE)
8610PV ESD394 35JA-2CLX-ON ACT110W (P1133386NW)
CE3832XRA ESD395 35JA-2CW-DN ACX100 (P1133389N)
3621XRW ETR645 35JN-2CLX-EC AER1350AAL
3842SRA ETR646 35JN-2CLX-ON AER1350AAT
3842VRV EVP394 35JN-2CW-DN AER1350BAH
3842XRA FCI112 35JN-2CX-ON AER1350BAT
CE35111AAW FCU146 35JY-2CLX-EC AET-480
RCS3014GQ0 FCU158 35JY-2CX-ON AKDE5WW (P1131742NWW)
22305 FDU-248-2D (FDU-248-2 D) 3621WRA AKDE5WW (P1131742W W)
38HN-42TVW-EV FDU-248-2WW 3621WRW AKES3060E (P1131752NE)
5651XUW FDU146 3862XRW AKES3060E (P1131756NE)
6551XUW FDU158 3882XRA AKES3060E (P1131758NE)
6892XVS FDU170 38FA-2C-94 AKES3060WW (P1131758NWW)
8610PA FDU2482D 38FA-2CW AKES3060WW (P1131752NWW)
CE3832XRW FDU2482WW 38FA-2CX-94 AKES3060WW (P1131756NWW)
KECS161GBT02 FDU265 38FA-2CX-MO AKR3001E (P1143727N E)
RCS3014GQ1 FDU275 38FA-2CX-MS AKR3001LL (P1143727NLL)
XST2052W (P1133262N W) FET1322B (P1131551N B) 38FA-2CX-OC AKR3001SS (P1143727NSS)
ARR620W1 (P1138601S) FET1322K (P1131553N K) 38FA-2CXW AKR3001WW (P1143727NWW)
C201-C FET1322WW (P1131551N W) 38FA-2CXW-94 AKR30E (P1131550N E)
KECS100GSS1 FET150 38FA-2CXW-ON AKR30K (P1131550N K)
3862XRA FET178 38FA-42TXW AKR30WW (P1131550N W)
C206W FET180 38FA-92C ARR-401 (P8531204S)
CCE406B FET270 38FB-2C ARR-401 (P8531208S)
ESD345 G-433 38FB-2CX-MO ARR-401 (P8531210S)
ETD643 G-436 38FB-2CX-ON ARR-402 (P8531211S)
FET100 G3862XRA 38FB-42TXW ARR-402 (P8531209S)
KET570 G3862XRW 38FG-2C ARR-402 (P8531205S)
MER5520AAW GA3631XUWG 38FG-2CX-ON ARR-405 (P8562103S)
RCS3014LS0 GAE26TC 38FN-2CX-94 ARR-412 (P8531212S)
RCS3014RS00 H3531WRA 38FN-2CX-MO ARR303 (P8523506S)
RCS3614LS0 H3531WRW 38FN-2CX-MS ARR303 (P8523509S)
35FA-2CX-ON H3531XRA 38FN-2CX-OC ARR303 (P8523512S)
6551WUW H3531XRW 38FN-2CX-ON ARR303 (P8523501S)
68HA-3CXW H3832SRA 38FN-2CXW ARR303 (P8551102S)
ARR-415 (P8577101S) H3832SRW 38FN-2CXW-94 ARR303W (P8551105S)
ARR630 (P8577206S) HET-480 38FN-2CXW-ON ARR305 (P8523511S)
CCE406 JEA7000ADB13 38FN-42TXW ARR305 (P8551101S)
CRE775 JEA7000ADS13 38FY-2C ARR305 (P8523503S)
ESD349 JEA7000ADW13 38FY-2CX-MO ARR305 (P8523508S)
KECS100GAL0 JED8130ADB15 38FY-2CX-ON ARR305 (P8523505S)
KECS100GBL0 JED8130ADB16 38FY-2CXW ARR5200W (P1142688N W)
KECS100GBT0 JED8130ADW15 38FY-2CXW-ON ARR610 (P8587710S)
KECS100GWH1 JED8130ADW16 38HA-2C ARR610 (P8587702S)
RCS3014GB0 KECS100GAL1 38HA-2CW ARR610 (P8587706S)
RCS3014RB02 KECS100GBL1 38HA-2CX-ON ARR620 (P8587707S)
SAE26TC KECS100GBT1 38HA-2CXW-ON ARR620 (P8587703S)
35FN-2CX-ON KECS100GWH02 38HA-42TXW ARR620 (P8587711S)
3621XRA KECS161GAL1 38HB-2CX-ON ARR630 (P8577210S)
3882VRV KECS161GBL0 38HG-2CX-ON ASR303 (P8523507S)
38HN-2C KECS161GBL02 38HK-2CX-ON ASR303 (P8523513S)
38HN-2CX-ON KECS161GBT0 38HN-2CW ASR303 (P8523510S)
38JA-2CXW-ON KECS161GBT1 38HN-2CXW-ON ASR303 (P8523504S)
631.002 KECS161GWH0 38HN-42TXW ASR303 (P8551103S)
665AH-CV KECS161GWH02 38HY-2C ASR303 (P8551106S)
6892VRA L8610PV 38HY-2CX-ON B35HA-2CX-ON
6892VVA L8610RV 38HY-2CXW-ON B35HA-92X-DGI
8610PS MEC4430ACW 38JA-2CW B35HA-92X-ON
8720VS MEC4430ACW14 38JA-2CX-94 B35HN-2CX-ON
87LA-1G MEC4436AAB10 38JN-2CW B35HN-92W-EV
A3531XRA MEC4436AAC10 38JN-2CX-94 B35HN-92X-DGI
A3832SRW MEC4436AAW10 38JN-2CX-ON B35HN-92X-ON
ARR-405 (P8531201S) MEC4536WB00 38JN-2CXW-ON B38HA-2CXW-ON
ARR305 (P8551104S) MEC4536WC00 45EA-3CLW B38HA-42TXW
C202-C MEC4536WW00 45EB-3CLW B38HN-2CXW-ON
C203-C MER4351AGW 45EG-3CLW B38HN-42TVW-EV
CE3832SRA MRR-1000 (P8551401S) 45EY-3CLW BNEA3H2X
CEA3C6CV MRR-1000 (P8551402S) 5651XRA BNEA3H9TZ
CEC1536AAC MRR1000W (P8551404S) 5651XRS BNEW3H2WEV
CSE4000ACW NEA3G8AC 5892VRA C206-C
ESD344 NEA3G8EVW 58HN-2CX CAKDE5E (P1131743N E)
FET290 NEA3J8EV 610 CARR589L (P1142453N L)
RCS3014RQ00 NEA6H6CLW 610.001 CARR589L (P1142469N L)
RCS3614LT0 NECA86-1 610.002 CARR589W (P1142453N W)
1151AH-30 NECW86-1 621 CARR589W (P1142469N W)
1880 NEHA86-1 621.001 CC-1 (P2727107S)
1990 NEHW86-1 630 CC-7 (P2727118S)
1990.001 NEW3G8AC 630.001 CC1 (P2727107S)
3072 NEW3G8CV 630.002 CC1 (P2727114S)
35HA-2CX-ON NEW3G8CX 630.003 CC1 (P8591901S)
38FA-2C NEW3G8EV 631.001 CC12HRE1 (P1133372NE)
38FA-2CX-ON NEW3G8EVW 631.003 CC12HRW1 (P1133372NW)
38FN-2C NEW3H2EX 631.004 CC13E (P1155203S E)
38FN-92C NEW3J8EV 631.006 CC13W (P1155204S w)
38JA-2CX-ON NEW6H6CLW 6551WRA CC14E (P1133371NE)
5651XUS QDU-858 6551WRW CC14W (P1133371NW)
5892VRV QDU-966 6551WUA CC1CE (P1133346N E)
631 QDU-976 6551XRA CC1CW (P1133346N W)
6892XRS QMD-800 6551XRW CC1E (P1155201S)
8610PB RCC-3 (P7277101M) 6551XUA CC1E (P1155201)
86HS-1 RCC-3 (P7340801M) 655AH-CVW CC1EF (P1133354N)
86LA-1 RCC-3-A (P7277101M A) 655WH-CVW CC1EF (P1133354N E)
86LW-1 RCC-3-A1 (P7340801M A) 65HA-3W CC1W (P1155202)
87LS-1G RCC-3-AG (P7277101M G) 65HA-3X CC1W (P1155202S W)
969 RCC-3-AG1 (P7340801M G) 65HN-3W CC1W (P1155202S)
AKDE5E (P1131742N E) RCC-3-C (P7277101M C) 65HN-3X CC1WF (P1133354N)
ARR5200L (P1142688N L) RCC-3-C1 (P7340801M C) 6651XRS CC1WF (P1133354N W)
C206B-C RCC-3-L1 (P7340801M L) 6651XUS CC8610PV
CC-1 (P2727101S) RCR-1010 (P8572801S) 665AH-CVW CCE1401B
CC1E (P1155201S E) RCR-1010 (P8572803S) 665HH-CV CCE406L
CE3531XRA RCR-5 (P8231902S) 665WH-CV CE35111AAA
CE3531XRW RCR-5 (P8531901S) 665WH-CVW CE3531WRA
CSE6010ACD RCR-7 (P8551504S) 6892XRA CE3531WRV
D140-C RCR-7 (P8551501S) 6892XRW CE3531WRW
DCSE400 RCR-700 (P8572701S) 6892XVA CE3552XRA
DEI-512 RCR-700 (P8572703S) 6892XVW CE3552XRW
EHN3892L (P1143208N L) RCR-8 (P8551203S) 68HA-3CW CE3832SRW
EHN3892W,L (P1142422NW) RCR1020 (P8576801S) 68HN-3CXW CE8610PA
EHN3892W,L (P1142479NWL) RCR7 (P8551506S) 773 CE8610PS
EJN3892W,L (P1142423NW) RCR720 (P8576701S) 776 CE8610PW
FCI122 RCR8 (P8551205S) 8610PT CEA3D3W
FDU160 RCS3014GB1 86HA-1 CEA3D3X
FDU2482B (P1130613N B) RCS3014GS0 86HK-1 CEA3D5DLV
FET170 RCS3014GS1 86HN-1 CEA3D5DLX
FET265 RCS3014GT0 86HY-1 CEA3D5DV
KECS161GSS02 RCS3014LT0 86LS-1 CEA3D5W
KET-480 RCS3014RB00 8710PA CEA3D6CV
LCI-522 RCS3014RB03 8710PB CEA4D59C0
QDU-838 RCS3014RB05 8710PS CEA4D59CO
RCR-8 (P8551201S) RCS3014RQ01 8710PW CEA4D59CV
RCS3014LB0 RCS3014RQ02 8710VB CEA6C6CW
RCS3014RB01 RCS3014RQ03 8710VD CEC1536AAB
RCS3014RS01 RCS3014RQ04 8710VS CEC1536AAQ
S68HA-3CXW RCS3014RS02 8710VV CEDA861
WET-480 RCS3014RS03 8720PA CEDC861
1068F-CZ RCS3014RS04 8720PS CEDF861
1151AA-36 RCS3014RT00 8720PW CEDH861
1151AD-30 RCS3014RT01 8720VB CEDS861
1151AD-36 RCS3014RT02 8720VD CEDW861
1151AH-36G RCS3014RT03 8720VQ CEHA861
1151AJ-30 RCS3014RT04 8720VV CEHW861
1151AL-30 RCS3514GB0 87LA-1 CELA861
1151AL-36G RCS3614GB0 87LK-1 CELS861
1151WA-36 RCS3614GB1 87LN-1 CELW861
1151WD-30 RCS3614GQ0 87LN-1G CET-480
1151WD-36 RCS3614GQ1 87LS-1 CEW3C6CV
1151WH-30 RCS3614GS0 89L-4 CEW3D3W
1151WH-36G RCS3614GS1 955 CEW3D3X
1151WJ-30 RCS3614GT0 958AF-CLW CEW3D5DLV
1151WL-30 RCS3614GT1 958AF-CLZ CEW3D5DLX
1151WL-36G RCS3614GZ0 958AH-CZW CEW3D5DV
1870 RCS3614LB0 958AJ-ZW CEW3D5DX
1995 RCS3614LQ0 958WF-CLW CEW3D5V
28FA-6CXWV8-94 RCS3614RB01 958WH-CZW CEW3D6CV
28FK-6CXWV8 RCS3614RQ01 968 CEW4D59CV
28FK-6CXWV8-94 RCS3614RS00 968.01 CEW6C6CW
28FK-6CXWV8-DZ RCS3614RS01 968AF-C CNE2000ACL
28FN-6CXWV8 RCS3614RT00 968WF-C CNE2000ACW
28FN-6CXWV8-94 RCS3614RT01 969.001 CRCR-7 (P8551505S)
28FN-6CXWV8-DZ S105-C 969.002 CRCR8 (P8551204S)
28FS-6CXWV8 S1068H-CZW 969.003 CSE400
28FS-6CXWV8-94 S1151L-30 970 CSE4000ACD
28FS-6CXWV8-DZ S1151L-36G 970.001 CSE4000ACL
28FY-6CXWV8 S125-C 970.002 CSE4000ADW
28FY-6CXWV8-94 S38FA-2CX-94 A3531WRA CSE6010ACL
3021 S38FK-2CX-OC A3531XRW CSEA300ACE
3036.A00 S38FY-2CX-94 A3631WRA CSEA300ACL
3074 S58H-2CXW A3631WRW CU230
3074.A00 S65HA-3LX A3832SRA DCI-512
3090 S65HN-3LX A3832XRA DCI-522
3094 S68HK-3CXW A3832XRW DEI-522
3094.A00 S958J-LZW A5892XRS EDS648
3542XRA X8610RA A6892XRS EG971A549
3542XRW X8610RT A8610PA EG971W549
35FB-2CX-ON X8610RV A8610PS EG972A549
35FG-2CX-ON XST2052B (P1133262N B) A8610PV EG972W549
35FY-2CX-ON EH4-33S9 A86LW-1-R EH4-33A9
35HA-2CLX-EC A8720PA

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 3191454

  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Lift and pull out surface element.
  3. Make sure terminals are in good shape, if not, the terminal blocks must be replaced along with the surface element.
  4. Plug the element into the terminal block and place the end of the support into the slots in the bowl.
  5. Plug the appliance. 



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