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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!
Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!

316075104 Bake Element for Frigidaire

SKU 316075104

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A fully functioning bake element is essential to safe and delicious home cooking. If you find that your oven is having trouble reaching the desired temperature or that food is taking longer than expected to cook, check out our compatibility information to see if our bake element is a fit for your oven.
  • Direct replacement for Whirlpool part # 316075104 
  • Tested for quality and durability 
  • Premium materials ensure long-lasting components
  • Cross Reference Information: 316075104, 316282600, 09990062, 1465763, 316075100, 316075102, 316075103, 3203534, AH2332301, EA2332301, F83-455, 316075104, PS2332301, B005B9CI96
  • 17 inches in length on the front end by 19 inches on the side
  • Compatible with the following Range brands: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, and others

Just because parts look the same does not mean that they are the same. Use the model numbers below to ensure that this part is compatible with your appliance! 

All Snap parts come with installation instructions to help you with your repair. If you need more help, you can always contact us for further assistance. Email us at or give us a call at 1-877-269-0086.

Model Numbers

Use ctrl+F then enter your model number in search bar and hit enter

TEF351EWB FEFB66ECJ 31-5592-18-01 CFEF3048LSE
FEF336ECE FEFB66ECK 31-5592-18-02 CFEF3048LSF
FEF352AWF FEFB66ECM 31-5592-18-03 CFEF3048LSG
FEF352AWG FEFL58GSC 31-5592-18-04 CFEF3048LSH
MEF352BGWD FEFL63HSA 31-5592-23-03 CFEF3048LSJ
FEF352AWA FEFL63HSB 31-5592-23-04 CFEF3048LSK
FEF352AWE FEFL63HSC 31-6239-00-01 CFEF3048LSM
FEF366DCE FEFL63HSD 31-6239-00-02 CFEF3055TBA
TEF326FSA FEFL63HSE 31-6239-23-02 CFEF3055TWA
FEF316ASA FEFL63HSF 31-6759-00-01 CFEF311FSA
FEF369CGSB FEFL64FSD 31-6759-00-02 CFEF311GSA
TEF361ESA FEFL67DCL 31-6759-23-02 CFEF311GSB
TEF361ESC FEFL67GCB 31-6969-00-01 CFEF311GSC
FEF322BAWM FEFL67HCA 31-6969-00-02 CFEF312FBA
FEF326ASG FEFL67HCB 31-6969-23-02 CFEF312FBB
FEF366EMD FEFL67HCC 31-7969-00-01 CFEF312FQA
FEF366ECC FEFL67HCD 31-7969-00-02 CFEF312FQB
FEFL67DCE FEFL67HCE 37-1007-00-05 CFEF312FSA
FEF336ECC FEFL67HCF 37-1007-23-05 CFEF312GBA
FEF326ASH FEFL67HCG 37-1007-66-05 CFEF312GBB
FEF353BFDE FEFL67HCH 37-1009-00-01 CFEF312GBC
FEF365BGWC FEFL67HCJ 37-1009-00-02 CFEF312GQA
TEF326FBA FEFL67HCK 37-1009-00-03 CFEF312GQB
FEF366ECD FEFL68GMB 37-1009-00-04 CFEF312GSA
TEF351EWC FEFL68GMC 37-1009-00-05 CFEF312GSB
FEF316BSC FEFL68GMD 37-1009-23-01 CFEF312GSC
FEF336BCM FEFL68GME 37-1009-23-02 CFEF316FSA
FEF336FMC FEFL68GMF 37-1009-23-03 CFEF320GSA
FEF352AWC FEFL68GMG 37-1009-23-05 CFEF320GSB
FEF336ASF FEFL68GMH 37-1009-23-06 CFEF320GSC
FEF365BWD FEFL68GMJ 37-1039-00-01 CFEF355FBA
FEF369CGSA FEFL68GMK 37-1039-00-02 CFEF355FBB
FEF326FSB FEFLM66EBA 37-1039-00-03 CFEF355FBC
FEF336BGWD FEFLM66EBB 37-1039-00-04 CFEF355FBD
FEF389WFCJ FEFLM66ESA 37-1039-00-05 CFEF355FCA
FEF326FBB FEFLM66ESB 37-1039-23-01 CFEF355FCB
FEF326FSA FEFLM66ESC 37-1039-23-02 CFEF355FCC
FEF352AWD FEFS52DQA 37-1039-23-03 CFEF355FCD
FEF352DSA FEFS52DQB 37-1039-23-04 CFEF355FCE
FEF365BWF FEFS52DQC 37-1039-23-05 CFEF355FCF
FEF366ECE FEFS52DQD 37-2539-00-01 CFEF355FCG
FEF369CGSC FEFS52DSB 37-2539-23-01 CFEF355FSA
FEF369CGSD FEFS52DSD 37-2639-00-01 CFEF355FSB