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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!
Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!

241872509 Freezer Door Gasket For Frigidaire

SKU 241872509

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The freezer door gasket creates an airtight seal between the cold air and the warm air. If this part is old or worn out, it can cause the freezer to warm up.

  • Cross Reference Information 
    241872509, 1379485, 240514609, 240542109, 240542121, 5304439524, AH2331949, EA2331949, PS2331949
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Refrigerator brands: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, and others

Just because parts look the same does not mean that they are the same. Use the model numbers below to ensure that this part is compatible with your appliance! 

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Model Numbers

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253.3111330H FRT8S6ESBG FRT18S6ABW
253.3111330J FRT18P6BSB2 FRT8G6FMB2
253.3111330K FRT18IL6DMN FRT8S6EMB8
253.3111330L FRT8G6FMB4 FRT8S6ESKF
253.311153 FRT8S6ESKC GLRT183TDBG
253.311153 FRT18S6AB1 GLRT184RAB3
253.311153 FRT18P6BSB0 GLRT184RAB7
253.3111531 FRT18P6BSB4 GLRT83TEK0
253.3111530A FRT8B5HB0 GLRT83TESB
253.3111530B GLRT183TDBH GLRT83TESE
253.3111530C FRT18B6CB1 GLRT86TEBC
253.3111530D FRT18IL6DMM GLRT86TEK0
253.3111530E GLRT83TESC GLRT86TES4
253.3111530F FRT18IL6DMD PLHT189CSBE
253.3111530G FRT18IL6DS0 PLHT189CSK4
253.3111530H FRT8S6ESB6 253.728792
253.3111530J FRT8S6ESKG FRT18H6CB5
253.3111530K GLRT184RAB1 FRT18H6CSK2
253.3111530L GLRT83TES8 FRT18IL6DBB
253.311233 FRT185BSB3 FRT18IL6DBM
253.311253 FRT18H6CSB2 FRT18IL6DK0
253.311253 FRT18HS6DB2 FRT18IL6DML
253.608894 FRT18IL6DB1 FRT18IL6DSA
253.608894 FRT18IL6DBC FRT18IL6DSE
253.608994 FRT18IL6DMG FRT18IS6CBD
253.608994 FRT18IS6CB1 FRT18IS6CBF
253.608994 FRT18P5AB3 FRT18IS6CBG
253.6089941 GLRT183TDBA FRT18P6BSK2
253.617953 GLRT183TDBD FRT18S6ABT
253.617953 GLRT183TDBK FRT8G6FB3
253.6179531 GLRT83TES0 FRT8HIS6FB1
253.6179531 GLRT83TES2 FRT8S6EMB4
253.617963 GLRT83TESF FRT8S6EMBB
253.617963 FRT185BSK3 FRT8S6ESB2
253.6179631 FRT18IL6DBN FRT8S6ESB4
253.6179631 FRT18IS6CB3 FRT8S6ESBE
253.6182701 FRT8G6FMB3 FRT8WR6EB9
253.6182701 FRT8WR6EB8 GLRT182SAB3
253.6182701 GLRT183TDBB GLRT183TDB5
253.6182701 GLRT183TDBL GLRT184TCB1
253.618794 GLRT83TEK2 GLRT188WDK2
253.618794 GLRT83TES4 GLRT188WDS0
253.618794 253.311233 GLRT188WDS4
253.628792 FRT18IL6DBJ GLRT83TEK4
253.628792 FRT18IL6DMJ GLRT83TEK6
253.638733 FRT18IS6CBC GLRT83TEKC
253.638733 FRT18P6BSB5 GLRT83TEKE
253.638833 FRT18S6ABX GLRT83TESG
253.638833 FRT8S6ESB0 GLRT86TEKE
253.638833 FRT8S6ESK0 GLRT86TES0
253.638933 GLRT183TDB1 GLRT86TES2
253.638933 GLRT183TDB3 PLHT189CSBB
253.638933 GS18HTZDSB0 PLHT189CSK2
253.648104 GS18HTZDSK0 PLHT189CSK8
253.648104 FRT185BSB0 PLHT189SSK9
253.648104 FRT18B6CB3 253.311133
253.6481041 FRT18FR7EB7 253.311133
253.6481041 FRT18HP7DBA 253.311133
253.6481041 FRT18HS6AB1 253.3111331
253.6481040A FRT18IL6DBG 253.3111330A
253.6481040B FRT18IL6DBH 253.3111330B
253.6481040C FRT18IL6DMK 253.3111330C
253.6481040D FRT18IL6DS4 253.3111330D
253.6481040E FRT18IL6DSL 253.3111330E
253.6481040F FRT18IS6CBN 253.3111330F
253.6481040G FRT18P6BSB7 253.3111330G
253.6481040H FRT18P6BSK4

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