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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

10QBP0228 Magnetron

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  • 10QBP0228 Magnetron
  • Peak Anode Voltage: 4.1 kV. Type: Compact. Configuration: K. Antenna: 30mm. Power Rating: 700-800 watts.

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Model Numbers

MH6110XBB0 Whirlpool
MH7130XEQ0 Whirlpool
MH6110BB5 Whirlpool
MH9115XBQ5 Whirlpool
MH6100XYBP Whirlpool
MH7115XBW6 Whirlpool
MH7110XBB5 Whirlpool
MH7110XBB6 Whirlpool
MH7115XBQ6 Whirlpool
MH7115XBZ0 Whirlpool
MH9115XBQ4 Whirlpool
MH6110BB6 Whirlpool
MH7130XEB0 Whirlpool
MH7115XBZ6 Whirlpool
MH7110XBB3 Whirlpool
MH7115XBZ5 Whirlpool
MH7115XBZ4 Whirlpool
MH7115XBZ1 Whirlpool
MH7110XBB2 Whirlpool
MH7110XBB4 Whirlpool
MH7110XBB1 Whirlpool
WB27X10927 General Electric
MH7115XBQ5 Whirlpool
MH7115XBB6 Whirlpool
MH9115XEW0 Whirlpool
MC8130XAQ0 Whirlpool
MH9115XEBQ0 Whirlpool
MC8130XAQ1 Whirlpool
MH7115XBB5 Whirlpool
MH7115XBB0 Whirlpool
MH7115XBB1 Whirlpool
MH7115XBB4 Whirlpool
MH7135XEB0 Whirlpool
MH7115XBQ0 Whirlpool
MH9115XEB0 Whirlpool
MH7135XEQ0 Whirlpool
MH6100XYB0 Whirlpool
MH7110XBQ0 Whirlpool
MH7115XBQ2 Whirlpool
MH7115XBZ2 Whirlpool
MH7110XBQ4 Whirlpool
MH7110XBQ5 Whirlpool
MH7110XBQ6 Whirlpool
MH7115XBQ4 Whirlpool
MH7115XBQ1 Whirlpool
MH7110XBW6 Whirlpool
MH7115XBN6 Whirlpool
MH7115XBB2 Whirlpool
2M254H(L) R630DWA Sharp
MH6110XBQ4 Whirlpool
MH7130XEB1 Whirlpool
MH6110XBQ1 Whirlpool
MH6700XX0 Whirlpool
MH6110XBB5 Whirlpool
MH6600XW1 Whirlpool
MH6110XBB4 Whirlpool
MH9115XBQ1 Whirlpool
MH6700XW1 Whirlpool
MH6110XBQ6 Whirlpool
MH6600XX0 Whirlpool
MH6110XEB1 Whirlpool
MH6110XBQ0 Whirlpool
MH9115XBB0 Whirlpool
MH6110XEB0 Whirlpool
MH6110XEQ0 Whirlpool
MH9115XBB5 Whirlpool
MH6110XBB6 Whirlpool
MH9115XBB2 Whirlpool
MH6110XBQ2 Whirlpool
MH6110XBB3 Whirlpool
MH6110XBB2 Whirlpool
MH6110XBQ5 Whirlpool
MH7100XYQ0 Whirlpool
MH7110XBB0 Whirlpool
MH6110XBQ3 Whirlpool
MH9115XBQ2 Whirlpool
MH7100XYB0 Whirlpool
MH9115XBB1 Whirlpool
MH9115XBQ0 Whirlpool
MH9115XBB4 Whirlpool
MH6110XBB1 Whirlpool
MH710XBB4 Whirlpool
MH6701XW1 Whirlpool
MH6701XX0 Whirlpool
MH6110XEQ1 Whirlpool
85032010 Kenmore
85029010 Kenmore
500859G LG
80494400 Kenmore
80492400 Kenmore
62624200 Kenmore
80594400 Kenmore
2M214-15GKH LG
85022010 Kenmore
85039010 Kenmore
85033010 Kenmore
53001044 MMV1153AAB Whirlpool
81043700 Kenmore
MV1604SW Goldstar
MV1604SB Goldstar
2B73147A LG
4359002 Whirlpool
D7831007 Amana
2B71165Q LG
2B71165R 62622200 Goldstar
2B71165L LG
MPI55BK(GM) General Electric
WB27X10159 General Electric
4358059 Whirlpool
WB27X10160 General Electric
2B71165J LG
WB27X1086 General Electric
WB27X10927 JNM1541DM1BB General Electric
WB27X748 General Electric
2B71165P 80599402 Kenmore
57001043 Maytag
4392007 Whirlpool
59004009 Whirlpool
80499400 Kenmore
MV1615W Goldstar
80599400 Kenmore
2M214-161GP Goldstar
62642200 Kenmore
2B71165L 80593400 Kenmore
62644200 Kenmore
62643200 Kenmore
2B71165R 80593401 Kenmore
MV1608WW Goldstar
80592400 Kenmore
LMV1630BB Goldstar
MV1608BB Goldstar
MV1608ST Goldstar
MV1604SBQ Goldstar
2B71165R 80592402 Kenmore
2B71165R 80039700 Kenmore
2B71165R 80419500 Kenmore
2B71165R 80042700 Kenmore
2B71165D 8965381 Kenmore
2B71165D 8965580 Kenmore
2B71165R 80414500 Kenmore
2B71165R 80413500 Kenmore
2B71165R 80043700 Kenmore
2B71165R 80044700 Kenmore
2B71165R 80412500 Kenmore
2B71165R 80593402 Kenmore
2B71165R 80592401 Kenmore
2B71165D 89941490 Kenmore
VM12AM*.1-10 Magic Chef
2B71165D 89940490 Kenmore
VM12A*.10 Magic Chef
2B71165R 62629200 Goldstar
2B71165D 8965380 Kenmore
VM12AB*.1-10 Magic Chef
MH1353M Goldstar
2B71165D MH1354P Goldstar
2B71165D MH1355M Goldstar
2B71165R 80599401 Kenmore
2B71165D MV1155W Goldstar
2B71165D 8985890 Kenmore
2B71165R 80594402 Kenmore
2B71165R 80594200 Kenmore
VM12AV*.-1.1-10 Magic Chef
2B71165D 8965581 Kenmore
2B71165D 8915081 Kenmore
2B71165D 8915080 Kenmore
2B71165D 68361890 Kenmore
2B71165D 68360790 Kenmore
MC8131XEQ0 Electrolux
2B71165D 8815181 Kenmore
2B71165D 8815180 Kenmore
ER946P Goldstar
MC8130XAB0 Electrolux
MC8130XAQ0 Electrolux
MC8130XAQ1 Electrolux
MC8130XEB0 Electrolux
MC8131XEB1 Electrolux
2B71165R 80049700 Kenmore
JE1390GA01 General Electric
JE1390WA01 General Electric
2B71165D 8935090 Kenmore
2B71165R MV1604SBQ01 Goldstar
2B71165R 80033700 Kenmore
2B71165R MV1604ST Goldstar
2B71165R 80032700 Kenmore
2B71165R 80029700 Kenmore
2B71165R 80022700 Kenmore
2B71165D 8975590 Kenmore
2B71165D 8985590 Kenmore
2B71165D 89972590 Kenmore
2B71165D 8997190 Kenmore
2B71165D 8915580 Kenmore
2B71165D 8635627 JC Penney
MC8131XEQ1 Electrolux
62649200 Kenmore
KHMC105BBL0 Kitchenaid
2B71165D 89942490 Kenmore
KHMS105WH0 Kitchenaid
KHMS105WBL1 Kitchenaid
2B71165D 89942490 Kenmore
KHMS105WH2 Kitchenaid
KHMS105BBL0 Kitchenaid
KHMS105WAL1 Kitchenaid
KHMS105BWH2 Kitchenaid
KHMS105BWH0 Kitchenaid
KHMS105BBL2 Kitchenaid
2B71165R MVH1670ST Goldstar



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