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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Why You Should Replace Your Ice Maker & Water Valve - Snap Supply

Why You Should Replace Your Ice Maker & Water Valve

Ice, an essential part of having a nice cold refreshing drink. So why is it when an ice maker begins to fail many consumers don’t realize that they should be replacing not only their ice maker but also their water valve. You may be asking yourself “why, my only issue is my ice maker,” so let me stop you right there.

You see your water valve is like the heart, it is the key component in the ice making process. It’s always best to have ease of mind knowing that you replaced both and will have cold drinks for years to come.

Common signs that your ice maker is failing:

  • Stopped making ice
  • Not calling for water
  • Overheating
  • Loud noises
  • Dirty or bad tasting ice
  • Leaking

Your ice maker, depending on how often it is used, will only last 4-6 years. If you are a person who loves ice you may be powering your ice maker more often. Here’s how your ice maker works. Your ice maker is a simple machine that uses electricity to call for water when it does, the water valve uses pressure to push only a certain amount water into the ice tray. The water then freezes at a certain degree to create cubes and is then released into the ice bin. Over time your ice makers capability will slowly wear down and eventually stop working. If your ice maker, that isn’t the key component to the process of making ice breaks down, you should consider how much work your water valve puts in.

The water valve plays a crucial role within your freezer to make ice. If the water valve works, your ice maker freezes the correct amount of water in the tray. If the water valve starts to fail, you could be experiencing small or hollow ice. When this happens, it could mean you are not getting a good flow of water into your valve. If your water line is running correctly then your water valve may be experiencing some restriction in the valve. Restriction occurs over time as the water valve is in use. Water valves have a filter that gets clogged from minerals in your water. If your home uses heaving water, (water that contains a high mineral count), your water valve can get clogged and stop working more often. A failing water valve can have the same symptoms of a failing ice maker. Making your replacement processes easier if both are changed at the same time.   

As you can see, your ice maker and water valve work together to create ice cubes for your refreshing drinks. If you experience ice maker issues, then it is best to install a new water valve to ensure that you’re going to get good ice making an experience.


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