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Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
USPS Winter Slowdown - Snap Supply

USPS Winter Slowdown

If you’ve ever read this blog before, chances are you’ve seen a post about how USPS slowdown as a result of the pandemic. We’ve written about it before. We even changed the way we handle shipping in order to provide customers with the most reliable shipping options out there.

Customers who purchase Snap Supply parts from Amazon and eBay have the greatest chance of being affected by USPS slowdown. Customers who shop directly from our website are treated to a more premium caliber of shipping - we do not use USPS at

Because of the policies of eCommerce hubs like eBay and Amazon, however, Snap Supply parts are shipping through USPS from those sites.

USPS has officially stated that shipments may be delayed up to two weeks. To make matters worse, USPS is no longer updating tracking information.

Some items may say they have never left the point of origin when in reality they are really well on their way. This is a result of USPS not properly scanning a package and updating its tracking information.

While it’s true that all major carriers are currently experiencing erratic and unpredictable delays because of the pandemic, USPS has been affected the worst out of all of them.

Each of us at Snap Supply has been personally affected by these slowdowns personally and professionally. Friends, colleagues and business partners have reported similar stories. 

Unfortunately, what happens once a part is shipped is out of our hands. In cases where USPS - or any carrier - experiences delays, for whatever reason, we will do whatever we can to get the part to you as soon as possible.

Our options are limited, though, and sometimes there’s nothing that we can do.

That’s why we suggest patience and understanding when it comes to shipping or receiving anything this holiday season. With the stress on USPS already bad enough to cause delays, it’s inevitable that they will experience further issues.

We do what we can to ensure our customers receive their shipments on time. To utilize our high-quality shipping options, make sure to order from instead of going through eBay or Amazon.

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