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Use code SNAPTOWINTER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Summer Check In: Kits - Snap Supply

Summer Check In: Kits

While this strange summer continues rolling along, many of us are finding ourselves with some extra time on our hands. Some of us have decided to take on some new projects at home. If you’re in the market for a new part - or you’re wanting for something to do - we’ve got appliance part kits, with instructions, that provide you with everything you need to fully remedy certain common problems, and ensure your appliances are being maintained properly. 

Bake & Broil Element Kits 

As ovens age, you might notice that they take longer than usual to heat up. Or, in some cases, your oven isn’t able to reach the desired temperature. If you find yourself at home more than you’re used to, you might be one of the over 50% of Americans using their oven more than usual this summer. 

Some quick facts about how bake and broil elements work:

  • They’re both used - even when selecting just “bake” or just “broil.”
  • They alternate at different intervals depending on the setting and desired temperature.
  • If one of them is not functioning properly, there’s a chance your food will not be cooked thoroughly. 

When your oven is having trouble reaching the desired temperature, it is often hard to diagnose whether the problem lies with the bake or the broil element.

This is why we offer the Bake & Broil Element Kit. Each kit comes with installation instructions to guarantee it’s a Snap. 

Ice Maker & Water Valve Kits 

Problems with your refrigerator water valve sometimes look like problems with your ice maker, and vice versa. 

Here are some common signs that your ice maker is failing:

  • Stopped making ice
  • Not calling for water
  • Overheating
  • Loud noises
  • Dirty or bad tasting ice
  • Leaking

However, because the refrigerator water valve is the part that fills the ice maker to actually make the ice - it acts like the heart of the refrigerator, carrying water to all parts that need it - these problems could be a result of a failing water valve too!

We recommend Snap Supply Ice Maker & Water Valve kits because A) it is often difficult to diagnose the specific problem part and B) the ice maker and water valve must be replaced every 4-6 years to ensure proper and safe operation.

Dryer Maintenance Kit

Most common issues with dryers can be diagnosed by simply listening to your appliance. Often, dryer issues will make themselves apparent via noises such as:

  • Thumping
  • Squealing
  • Scraping
  • Clunking

These noises are the result of issues with the following parts:

  • Roller wheels
  • Idler pulley
  • Dryer belts

In some cases, it can be easy to see which of these parts is causing the problem after you take apart your dryer to look inside.

However, because these parts are commonly the cause of dryer trouble, we recommend replacing each of them in one go. Replacing just one can result in:

  • Parts of varying quality - if you have a new belt but old rollers, it is more likely that you will have problems down  the line.
  • Mistaking the problem - you might think the problem is with the dryer belt, but after going through all that effort you might find it was really a new idler pulley you needed.

If you’re going to go through the process of taking apart your dryer, it is a good idea to replace each of these parts to save yourself time, money, and effort. 

That’s why the Dryer Maintenance Kit contains a replacement for each of these parts. 


Dryer Element & Thermostat Kit

Here are some reasons why you would want to replace your dryer element or thermostat:

  • Dryer is not reaching or maintaining desired heat
  • Clothes are taking longer than usual to dry
  • Clothes are not drying at all

The heating element is the part of the dryer that generates the heat for your clothes, and the thermostat is the part that tells the dryer what temperature to heat to and when to stop heating. 

If your dryer is not heating, it can be hard to tell if it is an issue with the dryer element or the thermostat. 

Since you’re aware that there’s a problem and you’re going to be cracking open your dryer anyway, we recommend replacing both. 

Replacing just one could result in further problems down the line resulting from a new part working with an older part, you could end up replacing a perfectly good part while the problem part persits. 

The Dryer Element & Thermostat Kit contains a dryer element and dryer thermostat, and thermal fuse.

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