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Use code SNAPSUMMER at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
How to identify a Bake or Broil Element - Snap Supply

How to identify a Bake or Broil Element

When it comes to picking out the right bake or broil element, it can be tricky.  There’s not a lot of information out there to help you figure it out! That’s why we wanted to step in and break this down for you; to help you understand what key features to look at and what to consider. Remember shape is just a starting point! 

  1. One of the quickest and the most accurate ways is a model look up. Find your model number in one of these locations click here and enter it into Snap Supply’s search bar. All our elements have been tagged with their model numbers!
  2. Maybe you accidentally peeled off the model number label, or it's faded, and it is no longer legible. Almost all brands purchase their elements from one manufacturer, and they engrave the part numbers directly on the shaft!  You can usually find it on either side of the mounting bracket. *It is much easier to read in person, does not photograph well!
  3. If you’ve made it to number 3, we’re looking at finding it the manual way. So, when all else fails, start with the shape to narrow down your search. We recommend uninstalling your current bake element to help with the following three steps.   

    1. Again, remember shape is just a starting point. Make sure the mounting bracket is in the same spot. For example, here are three elements that are the same shape. All 3 are roughly the same size; however, they are all different. For example, the WB44K10005, the terminals bend at a 45-degree angle after the mounting bracket. The WB44T10010 has roughly a 3-inch straight stretch before and after the mounting bracket, where the others only have it after the brackets.  These are the small details that will determine if it will fit and work properly.
    2. We recommend these 3 points of measurements to find one that will fit: overall width, length, and terminal spacing. See the image above for an example. 
    3. Make sure the mounting bracket looks similar, as some require to be screwed in some do not. Also, make sure the terminals look the same and face the same direction.

    If you’re having trouble, please contact us at We guide hundreds of customers along this process each day! We will always start with steps 1 and 2 to help you. If possible, please have your model or part number handy to begin!


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