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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!
Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!

154665201 Dishwasher Element for Frigidaire

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The dishwasher heating element is located at the bottom of the dishwasher and is responsible for heating the water used to wash the dishes. If your dishwasher is running without hot water, the dishwasher heating element may need to be replaced.

  • Cross Reference Information 
    1472862, 154247601, AH2355742, EA2355742, PS2355742
  • Quality you can Trust! All Snap Products are made with premium materials and are tested so they last.
  • Compatible with the following Dishwasher brands: Frigidaire, Electrolux, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, and others. 

Just because parts look the same does not mean that they are the same. Use the model numbers below to ensure that this part is compatible with your appliance! 

All Snap parts come with installation instructions to help you with your repair. If you need more help, you can always contact us for further assistance. Email us at or give us a call at 1-877-269-0086. Product pages also contain repair information. 

Model Numbers

Use ctrl+F then enter your model number in search bar and hit enter

FDB956RBC1 FDB737GFS2 FDB510LCS6 58715074200
FDB989GFC2 FDB750RCC2 FDB520RHB0 58715074201
FDB658RAC1 FDB834RFT0 FDB520RHB2 58715079200
PLDB998AC1 FDB836GFB1 FDB520RHB2A 58715132400
FDB956RBC0 FDB836GFB4 FDB520RHB3 58715132401
GPDB998JC0 FDB837GFS1 FDB520RHC0A 58715132402
FDB635RFS4 FDB856RJT0 FDB520RHS0 58715132403
FDB635RFS6 FDB946NEQ0 FDB520RHS2 58715139400
FDB635RFR4 FDB954SDS0 FDB520RHS2A 58715139401
FDB635RBS0 FDB956RBB0 FDB634CFS0 58715139402
PLDB998CC0 FDBB240FB3 FDB634CFS1 58715139403
FDB679GFC5 FDBB540DB0 FDB634CFS3 58715142400
FDB126RBS2 FDBB944CB0 FDB634CFS4 58715142401
FDB750RCC1 FDBC24BAS2 FDB635RFR2 58715142402
FDB949GFB2 FDBC45BAS1 FDB635RFR3 58715142403
FDB510LCS0 FDBL960BS0 FDB635RFS1 58715142404
FDB635RFR6 FDP635RFR0 FDB635RFS3 58715142405
FDB435RFR4 GDB421RHR1 FDB679GFC1 58715149400
FDB750RCS0 GDB742RJB3 FDB679GFW1 58715149401
FDB2310LCC2 GDB754RCS0 FDB679GFW3 58715149402
FDB710LCS0 GDB755RJB0 FDB679GFW4 58715149403
FDB635RBB0 GDB755RJB2 FDB700BFB0 58715149404
FDB421RFR3 GLD2150RCS0 FDB700BFB1 58715149405
FDB750RCC0 GLD2150RCS1 FDB700BFB2 58715152400
GLDB653AS1 GLDB953CS0 FDB700BFC1 58715152401
FDB750RCB0 GLDB958AQ1 FDB700BFC2 58715157400
FDB1050REC0 GPDB698JC1 FDB700BFQ1 58715158400
FDB636GFR5 GSB5712BB1 FDB700BFQ2 58715158401
FDBL955BS0 MDB121RFM2 FDB700BFS1 58715159400
FDB636GFS5 MDB124BFS1 FDB700BFS2 58715159401
GLDB957AB1 MDB125RHB2 FDB710LCC0 58715162400
FDBL955BB0 NGS5712AQ0 FDB710LCQ1 58715162401
GLDB957AS2 NGS5712AS1 FDB736GFR0 58715163400
FDB1050REC2 58714002992 FDB736GFR1 58715163401
PLDB998AC0 CDBE241AW0 FDB736GFR2 58715163402
FDB1050REB0 F71C44EJB0 FDB736GFR4 58715164400
FDB1050REB2 F71C44EJS0 FDB736GFR5 58715164401
FDB510LCS3 FD1870WHS0 FDB736GFS0 58715169400
FDB834RFR0 FDB1051REB0 FDB736GFS1 58715169401
GLDB957AS1 FDB1051RES2 FDB736GFS2 58715173400
MDB122LBS0 FDB10NRBB1 FDB737GFR0 58715182400
GLDB653AS2 FDB125RHU0 FDB737GFR1 58715182401
FDB1050REM0 FDB130RGQ0 FDB737GFR2 58715182402
FDB345LFS2 FDB2320REC0 FDB737GFR3 58715182403
FDB510LCB0 FDB421RFR6 FDB737GFS0 58715182404
FDB658RAC0 FDB435RFS3 FDB737GFS1 58715188400
GLDB653AQ1 FDB510CFB2 FDB737GFT0 58715188401
FDB1050REM2 FDB634CFS2 FDB737GFT1 58715188402
FDB345LFS0 FDB636GFR0 FDB737GFT2 58715188403
GLDB957AQ1 FDB736GFS4 FDB737GFT3 58715188404
GLDB756AB1 FDB780RCB0 FDB750RCB1 58715189400
GLDB756AS1 FDB836GFB2 FDB750RCQ1 58715189401
PLD2560LCC1 FDB836GFB7 FDB751SCC0 58715189402
FDB949GFS2 FDB836GFS4 FDB760REM0 58715189403
FDBC45BAB1 FDB857RJS0 FDB835RFS0 58715189404
GLDB656JS0 FDB857RJS1 FDB835RFT0 58715192400
GPDB698JC0 FDB939GFS2 FDB836GFB3 58715192401
FDB1050RES0 FDB939GFT2 FDB836GFB6 58715192402
FDB2310LCC1 FDB955SDS0 FDB836GFS1 58715193400
FDB635RBS1 FDBB840DC0 FDB836GFS2 58715193401
GLDB957AS0 FDBB945DC2 FDB836GFS3 58715193402
FDB345LFR2 FDBC24BAS0 FDB836GFS6 58715194400
FDB635RBQ1 FDBL960BS1 FDB836GFT1 58715194401
GSB5712BC1 FDP635RFR5 FDB836GFT2 58715194402
FDB345LBS0 FDP750RCS1 FDB836GFT3 58715199400
FDB641RAS1 GDB421RHR0 FDB836GFT4 58715199401
FDB780RCS0 GDB421RHS1 FDB837GFR0 58715199402
PLDB999CC0 GDB742RJB1 FDB837GFR2 58715232900
FDB710LCB0 GDP635RHR0 FDB837GFS0 58715232900A
FDB221RFR3 GLD2150RCB0 FDB856RJB1 58715233900
FDB641RAS0 GLD2150RCQ0 FDB856RJS0 58715233900A
GLDB653AB1 GLD2161SCB1 FDB856RJS1 58715234900
GLDB957JS0 GLDB653JB1 FDB939GFB2 58715234900A
GPDB998JC1 GLDB656JB1 FDB946NES0 58715238900
FDB641RJS0 GLDB656JS1 FDB949GFS0 58715238900A
TDB210RFS2 GLDB656JT1 FDB949GFT0 58715239900
GLDB653AB2 GLDB953CB0 FDB954SDB0 58715239900A
GLDB653JB0 GLDB954BB1 FDB954SDC0 58715242700
GLDB756AS0 GLDB954BS0 FDB954SDC1 58715242701
MDB122RFS1 GLDB958AQ2 FDB954SDQ0 58715242702
MDB125RGR0 GSB5712BC0 FDB955SDB0 58715248700
FDBC45BAB2 GSB5712BS0 FDB955SDC0 58715248701
GLDB653JS0 MDB120RFM2 FDB955SDC1 58715248702
MDB122RFS0 MDB421RFR2 FDB955SDQ0 58715249700
MDB124BFR2 MDB631RFR0 FDB979GFC0 58715249701
FDB125RHS0 MDB631RFR3 FDB979GFC1 58715249702
FDB345LFR0 WDB745RES0 FDB979GFW0 58715362100A
FDB421RFS3 58714001990 FDB979GFW1 58715363100A
GLDB653AB0 58714002990 FDB979GFW2 58715369100A
GLDB656JB0 58714002991 FDB989GFC1 58716072201
GLDB958JS0 58714008001 FDB989GFW0 58716073200
FDB126RBB4 58714008002 FDB989GFW1 58716073201
FDB126RBS3 58714009101 FDB989RCQ0 58716074200
FDB130RGS0 58714009102 FDBB240FB0 58716074201
FDB345LBB0 58715072201 FDBB240FB4 58716079200
FDB421RFR4 58715079201 FDBB240FB5 58716079201
FDB435RFS0 58716072200 FDBB240FS4 58716142400
FDB635RBB1 CDBE566AB0 FDBB240FS5 58716142401
FDB641RJB0 CDBE566AS2 FDBB540DS1 58716142402
FDB679GFC2 FDB101SAW1 FDBB944CB1 58716142403
FDB751SCB0 FDB101SAW2 FDBB944CB2 58716142404
FDBB944CS0 FDB1050REQ1 FDBB944CC0 58716142405
GLDB653AS0 FDB1051REQ0 FDBB944CQ1 58716149400
GLDB957AB0 FDB1051REQ2 FDBB944CQ2 58716149401
F71C12PHS0 FDB1051RES0 FDBB944CS2 58716149402
FDB1050REB1 FDB125RHS1 FDBC45BAS0 58716149403
FDBS956CC0 FDB126RBB0 FDBC56BAB1 58716149404
FDB1050RES2 FDB126RBQ3 FDBL955BQ0 58716149405
FDB345LBS1 FDB126RBQ4 FDBL960BB1 58716152400
GLDB756AQ1 FDB2110LCB0 FDBL960BQ0 58716152401
MDB122RFS2 FDB221RFR2 FDBL960BQ1 58716157400
TDB210RFS1 FDB2310LCS0 FDP635RFR1 58716158400
FDB125RHS3 FDB2320RES0 FDP635RFR4 58716158401
FDB126RBS4 FDB2321REC0 FFBD2403LB0A 58716159400
FDB510LCS1 FDB421RFR0 FFBD2403LB0B 58716159401
FDB635RFR5 FDB421RFR1 FFBD2403LS0B 58716162400
FDBB540DS0 FDB421RFR5 FFBD2403LW0A 58716162401
FDP635RFR3 FDB421RFS2 FFBD2403LW0B 58716163400
GLDB957JB0 FDB421RFS5 FFBD2405KB0 58716163401
FDB130RGB0 FDB435RFR6 FFBD2405KB0A 58716163402
FDB2310LCC0 FDB510CFB0 FFBD2405KS0 58716164400
FDB345LBB1 FDB510CFB1 FFBD2405KS0A 58716164401
FDB641RAB0 FDB510LCB1 FFBD2405KW0 58716169400
FDB657RJC0 FDB635RFR0 FFBD2405KW0A 58716169401
FDB949GFT2 FDB635RFR1 FFBD2407LB0A 58716182400
FDB989GFW2 FDB635RFS0 FFBD2407LB0B 58716182401
FDBB945DC0 FDB635RFS2 FFBD2407LM0A 58716182402
GLDB958JS1 FDB641RJB1 FFBD2407LM0B 58716188400
PLDS999CC0 FDB679GFC0 FFBD2407LQ0A 58716188401
FDB126RBB3 FDB679GFC3 FFBD2407LQ0B 58716188402
FDB345LFR1 FDB679GFW0 FFBD2407LS0A 58716189400
FDB345LFS1 FDB679GFW5 FFBD2407LS0B 58716189401
FDB635RBQ0 FDB700BFQ0 FFBD2407LW0A 58716189402
FDB636GFT0 FDB710LCB1 FFBD2407LW0B 58716192400
FDB641RAB1 FDB736GFS5 GDB421RHR2 58716192401
FDBB945DC1 FDB737GFS3 GDB421RHS0 58716192402
GLD2150RCB1 FDB751SCC1 GDB421RHS2 58716193400
GLDB653AQ0 FDB836GFS7 GDB634RFR1 58716193401
GLDB653AQ2 FDB837GFR1 GDB634RFR2 58716193402
FDB126RBS0 FDB837GFS2 GDB634RFS1 58716194400
FDB126RBS1 FDB856RJB0 GDB742RJB2 58716194401
FDB2510LCC0 FDB856RJT1 GDB742RJS0 58716194402
FDB2510LCC1 FDB857RJB1 GDB742RJS3 58716199400
FDB435RFR3 FDB946NEB0 GDB754RCB0 58716199401
FDB989GFC0 FDB946NEC0 GDB754RCQ0 58716199402
FDBB240FS2 FDB949GFB0 GDB755RJD0 58716232900
GLDB958AB1 FDB949GFT1 GDB755RJD2 58716232900A
F71C24RJB0 FDB979GFC2 GDB755RJQ0 58716233900
FDB636GFR2 FDB989RCB0 GDP635RHR1 58716233900A
FDB636GFS0 FDB989RCS0 GDP635RHR2 58716234900
FDB710LCQ0 FDBB240FB1 GLD2150RCC1 58716234900A
FDB750RCQ0 FDBB240FS0 GLD2155RDB0 58716238900
FDB834RFS0 FDBB240FS1 GLD2155RDC0 58716238900A
FDBC56BAB0 FDBB540DB1 GLD2155RDC2 58716239900
GLDB957AB2 FDBB944CS1 GLD2155RDQ0 58716239900A
GLDB957AQ2 FDBC56BAS1 GLD2155RDS0 58716242700
GLDB957JS1 GDB742RJS1 GLD2160SCB0 58716242701
GLDB958AS2 GDB742RJS2 GLD2160SCC0 58716242702
GLDB958JB0 GDB755RJB1 GLD2160SCC1 58716248700
FDB1050REQ0 GDB755RJD1 GLD2160SCQ1 58716248701
FDB126RBB1 GDB755RJS0 GLD2160SCS1 58716248702
FDB421RFS4 GDB755RJS2 GLD2161SCB0 58716249700
FDB435RFS2 GLD2160SCB1 GLD2161SCC0 58716249701
FDB636GFR3 GLD2160SCQ0 GLD2161SCC1 58716249702
FDB740RCB0 GLD2161SCQ1 GLD2161SCQ0 58717243800
FDB989RCC0 GLD2161SCS1 GLD2161SCS0 58717243801
FDBB840DC1 GLD2350RCC0 GLD2350RCB0 58718243900
FDBC24BAS1 GLD2350RCS0 GLD2350RCB1 58719142400
FDBC24BAS3 GLD2350RCS1 GLD2350RCC1 58719142401
GLDB954BS1 GLD2355RDC1 GLD2350RCQ0 58719142402
GLDB958AS0 GLD2555NDS0 GLD2350RCQ1 58719142403
PLDB999AC0 GLDB653JB2 GLD2355RDB0 58719149400
FDB101SAW0 GSB5755DB0 GLD2355RDC0 58719149401
FDB1050REC1 GSB5755DC0 GLD2355RDQ0 58719149402
FDB1050REQ2 MDB120LGR0 GLD2355RDS0 58719149403
FDBC45BAB0 58714000101 GSB5755DQ0 FBD2400KB2A
FDBL955BB1 58714000102 GSB5755DS0 FBD2400KQ0
FDBL955BS1 58714001991 KABD2405MS0A FBD2400KQ2A
FDP750RCS0 58714001992 KABD2405MW0A FBD2400KS0A
GLD2150RCC0 58714001993 MDB120RFM0 FBD2400KW0
GLD2155RDC1 58714003100 MDB120RFM1 FBD2400KW2A
GLDB656JT0 58714008003 MDB121GFR0 FD1870CHS0
GLDB958JT0 58714009100 MDB121GFR1 FD1870WHB0
GSB5712BQ0 58714012400 MDB121GFR2 FDB101SAW3
MDB124BFS2 58714012401 MDB121RFM0 FDB102SDW0
FDB1050REM1 58714012402 MDB121RFS0 FDB1050REB3
FDB126RBQ2 58714012403 MDB121RFS1 FDB1050REB4
FDB435RFR1 58714012404 MDB121RFS2 FDB1050REB5
FDB635RFS5 58714012405 MDB124BAB0 FDB1050REC3
FDB636GFR4 58714012406A MDB124BAB1 FDB1050REC4
FDB949GFS1 58714013400 MDB124BAS0 FDB1050REC5
FDB956RBS0 58714013401 MDB124BAS1 FDB1050REM3
FDBC45BAS2 58714013402 MDB124BFS0 FDB1050REM4
FDP635RBS0 58714013403 MDB124BFS3 FDB1050REM5
FDP641RAS1 58714013404 MDB124BHS1 FDB1050REQ3
GDB635RHS0 58714013405 MDB124BJB0 FDB1050REQ4
GDB755RJQ1 58714013406 MDB124BJB1 FDB1050REQ5
GLD2160SCS0 58714013407A MDB125RHB0 FDB1050RES3
GLDB653JS1 58714014400 MDB125RHB1 FDB1050RES4
GLDB653JS2 58714014401 MDB125RHB3 FDB1050RES5
GLDB954BB0 58714014402 MDB125RHD0 FDB1051REB1
GLDB958AB0 58714014403 MDB125RHD1 FDB1051REB2
GLDB958AQ0 58714014404 MDB125RHD2 FDB1051REM0
GSB5712BB0 58714014405 MDB125RHD3 FDB1051REM1
MDB125RGS0 58714014406A MDB125RHS0 FDB1051REM2
TDB210RFS0 58714019400 MDB125RHS1 FDB1051REQ1
F71C24RJB1 58714019401 MDB125RHS3 FDB1051RES1
FDB125RHB1 58714019402 MDB421RFR0 FDB10NRBB0
FDB435RFR2 58714019403 MDB421RFS1 FDB10NRBB2
FDB510LCB2 58714019404 MDB421RFS2 FDB1100RHB0
FDB641RAB2 58714019405 MDB421RFS4 FDB1100RHB2
FDB641RAS2 58714019406A MDB421RHS0 FDB1100RHB2A
FDB700BFC0 58714112400 MDB421RHS1 FDB1100RHC0
FDB750RCS1 58714112401 MDB421RHS2 FDB1100RHC2
FDB751SCQ0 58714112402 MDB421RHS3 FDB1100RHC2A
FDB935RHB0 58714113400 MDB421RJB0 FDB1100RHM0
FDB935RHS0 58714113401 MDB531RFR0 FDB1100RHM2
FDBB240FS3 58714113402 MDB531RFR1 FDB1100RHM2A
FDBB944CQ0 58714114400 MDB631RFR1 FDB1100RHQ0
FDBC56BAS0 58714114401 MDB631RFR2 FDB1100RHQ2
FDBL960BC0 58714114402 MDB631RFS0 FDB1100RHQ2A
FDP641RAS0 58714119400 MDB631RFS1 FDB1100RHS0
GDB635RHR0 58714119401 MDB631RFS2 FDB1100RHS2
GDB742RJB0 58714119402 MDB631RFS3 FDB1100RHS2A
GLDB756AB0 58714131100 MDB632XFR0 FDB125RHD0
GLDB756AQ0 58714131101 MDB632XFR1 FDB125RHD2
GLDB957AQ0 58714131102 MDB632XFR2 FDB125RHD3
GLDB958AB2 58714132100 MDB632XFS0 FDB125RHU1
GLDB958JB1 58714132101 MDB632XFS2 FDB126RBQ1
MDB120RFM3 58714132102 MDP531GFR0 FDB130RGB1
MDB124BHS0 58714134100 MDP531GFR1 FDB130RGB2
MDB531RFR2 58714134101 MDP531RFR0 FDB130RGB3
MDP531RFR2 58714134102 MDP531RFR1 FDB130RGQ1
NGS5712AS0 58714139100 NGS5712AB1 FDB130RGQ2
WDB745REB1 58714139101 NGS5712AQ1 FDB130RGQ3
FDB1050RES1 58714139102 PLD2560LCC2 FDB130RGS1
FDB125RHB2 58714143400 TDB210RFB0 FDB130RGS2
FDB125RHD1 58714143401 TDB210RFB1 FDB130RGS3
FDB125RHS2 58714143402 TDB210RFB3 FDB210LCS0
FDB221RFR1 58714143403 TDB210RFB4 FDB2110LCC0
FDB510LCS2 58714143404 TDB210RFB5 FDB2110LCQ0
FDB636GFR1 58714143405 TDB210RFB7A FDB2110LCS0
FDB636GFS2 58714144400 TDB210RFS3 FDB221RFR0
FDB636GFS3 58714144401 TDB210RFS4 FDB2310LCB0
FDB657RJC1 58714144402 TDB210RFS5 FDB2310LCQ0
FDB679GFC4 58714144403 TDB210RFS7A FDB2320REB0
FDB679GFW2 58714144404 TDB647RHS0 FDB2320REB1
FDB751SCS0 58714153400 WDB11NRDB0 FDB2320REB2
FDB835RFB0 58714153401 WDB11NRDB1 FDB2320REC1
FDB857RJB0 58714153402 WDB11NRDB2 FDB2320REC2
FDBB240FB2 58714154400 WDB11NRDB3 FDB2320RES1
FDBL960BB0 58714154401 WDB11NRDB4 FDB2320RES2
FDP635RBS1 58714183400 WDB11NRDB5 FDB2321REC1
FDP635RFR2 58714183401 WDB11NRDQ0 FDB345CHS0
GDB634RFS2 58714183402 WDB11NRDS0 FDB421RFR7
GDB755RJS1 58714183403 WDB11NRDS1 FDB421RFS0
GLD2150RCQ1 58714183404 WDB11NRDS2 FDB421RFS1
GLD2162RDC0 58714184400 WDB11NRDS3 FDB421RFS6
GLDB957JB1 58714184401 WDB11NRDS4 FDB421RFS7
GSB5712BQ1 58714184402 WDB11NRDS5 FDB421RFS8
GSB5712BS1 58714184403 WDB635RBQ0 FDB435RFR5
MDB122LBS1 58714184404 WDB635RBS0 FDB435RFR7
MDB531RFR3 58714202200 WDB745REB0 FDB435RFS4
PLD2560LCC0 58714209200 WDB745REB2 FDB435RFS5
TDB210RFB2 58714302200 WDB745RES1 FDB510CFS0
58714000100 58714302201 WDB745RES2 FDB510CFS1
58714002993 58714309200 WDB954MBS0 FDB510CFS2
58715072200 58714309201 WDB956MBC0 FDB510CGC0
F71C12PHS1 58714852200 WWBD2400HB0 FDB510CGC2
FDB125RHB0 58714853200 WWBD2400HB1A FDB510LCB4
FDB125RHB3 58714854200 WWBD2400HW0 FDB510LCB5
FDB435RFR0 58714859200 WWBD2400HW1A FDB510LCB6
FDB636GFS1 58715073200 FDB641RJS1 FDB510LCS4
FDB510LCS5 58715073201 FDB700BFS0  

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for 154665201

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Half inch wrench
  1. Unplug appliance and/or turn off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution.
  2. Turn off water supply. Remove the lower spray arm, open door to pull out the lower dishrack. Remove the two screws securing the dishwasher onto the counter located toward the top. Pull dishwasher about half of the way or until you are able to remove the wires from the heating element. Remove the wires.
  3. With a wrench, unscrew the mounting nuts underneath. Carefully pull element out from the retaining clips.
  4. To install the new heating element, place the terminals into the slots and the other two ends onto the retaining clips.
  5. Reattach the mounting nuts underneath, tighten with a wrench and reattach the wires onto the two terminals.
  6. Place in dishwasher in its’ place, replace the screws securing the dishwasher, reinstall the spray arm, replace the dishrack, and close door.
  7. Turn on appliance and installation is complete!



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