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Order By 3 PM CST For Same Day Fulfillment!

10QBP1001 Magnetron

by ERP
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SKU 10QBP1001


Peak Anode Voltage: 4.35 kV. Type: Standard. Configuration: H. Antenna: 30mm. Power Rating: 900-1000 watts.

Model Numbers

15-003-0108/24248H(M)-N 61582010 Sanyo
DP16737 Sanyo
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N EMP340 Sanyo
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N 61584010 Sanyo
2M248H(FN)-N 60586000 Sanyo
EMW790KS Sanyo
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N 61209100 Sanyo
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N 61584011 Sanyo
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N 61589011 Sanyo
2M248H(FN)-N EMV830 Sanyo
EMP340WS Sanyo
EMP740WS Sanyo
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N EMV5405SW Sanyo
EMP414WS Sanyo
2M248H(FN)-N EMV1K Sanyo
EMP540WS Sanyo
EMV729 Sanyo
EMP790S Sanyo
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N EMS8000W Sanyo
2M248H(FN)-N 69581890 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 69480890 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 60509990 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 8954790 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N MW8102SS Emerson
2M248H(FN)-N 69580990 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 60582990 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N MW8109W Emerson
2M248H(FN)-N 69481890 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 69580890 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 60512000 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N MW8104SS Emerson
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N 61589010 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N MT3091 Emerson
415-003-0108/24248H(M)-N 61582011 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 69381890 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N 60589990 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N MT3092 Emerson
2M248H(FN)-N 60519000 Kenmore
2M248H(FN)-N MW8106W Emerson
MT1195SGB0 Whirlpool
MT1195SGQ0 Whirlpool
MT5111XDG0 Whirlpool
MT1151SGQ0 Whirlpool
MT1130SGQ0 Whirlpool
MT1131SGQ0 Whirlpool
MT5111XDQ0 Whirlpool
MT1130SGZ0 Whirlpool
MT1151SGB0 Whirlpool
MOS0731 Emerson
MOS0565 Emerson
415-002-1502 Sanyo
415-002-6101 EMV3405SW Sanyo
58001218 Maytag
MOS0848 Emerson
RV-MZA207WRE0 Sharp
415-002-7207 Sanyo
415-003-0108 Sanyo
415-002-9300 Sanyo
415-002-6307 Sanyo
415-002-3308 Sanyo


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