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Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35
Use code SNAPSPRING at checkout to save 10% on any order over $35

10QBP0234 Magnetron

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Peak Anode Voltage: 4.1 kV. Type: Compact. Configuration: J. Antenna: 30mm. Power Ratting: 700-800 watts.

Model Numbers

2M229J MW2172U Samsung
2M229J 8711280 Sanyo
2M229J EM160 Sanyo
2M229J EM140S Sanyo
2M229J R3A53 Sharp
2M229J R1410 Sharp
2M229J R1810 Sharp
2M229J R3A83 Sharp
2M229J R3A93 Sharp
2M229J R3H83 Sharp
2M229J R3A84 Sharp
2M229J R3A73 Sharp
2M229J R3H94 Sharp
2M229J R1810A Sharp
2M229J R3A54 Sharp
2M229J R3A53 Panasonic
2M229J R3A94 Sharp
2M229J R3A43 Sharp
2M229J R1410A Sharp
2M229J R3A74 Sharp
MT1851XW0 Whirlpool
2M229J R4650 Sharp
MW3600XW1 Whirlpool
MT1066XBB0 Whirlpool
2M229J R9460 Sharp
MT1066XBQ0 Whirlpool
MT5111XB0 Whirlpool
MW3500XW0 Whirlpool
MT1071SGQ0 Whirlpool
MT4111XBQ0 Whirlpool
MW1000XS0 Whirlpool
MT1078SGB0 Whirlpool
MT1071SGB0 Whirlpool
MT1078SGQ0 Whirlpool
MW3600XW0 Whirlpool
MT1851XW1 Whirlpool
MT2080XYQ0 Whirlpool
R9463 Sharp
2M229J R7750 Sharp
MW3200XW0 Whirlpool
MW1200XS1 Whirlpool
2M229J R8050 Sharp
2M229J R9350 Sharp
MW1200XW0 Whirlpool
2M229J R8160 Sharp
MT2150X0 Whirlpool
MS1851XW1 Whirlpool
MS1850XW1 Whirlpool
MW1200XS0 Whirlpool
MT2150XW0 Whirlpool
R4K12 Sharp
2M229J R4K52 Sharp
MT0060XBB0 Whirlpool
MT3070SHB0 Whirlpool
MW1000X0 Whirlpool
MW1000XW0 Whirlpool
2M229J R9360 Sharp
MT2150XW1 Whirlpool
2M229J R7260 Sharp
MT0061XBB0 Whirlpool
MT1061XBR0 Whirlpool
2M229J R7850 Sharp
2M229J R4A52 Sharp
MT2100CYR0 Whirlpool
MT2081XBR0 Whirlpool
MT2081XBQ0 Whirlpool
MT0061XBQ0 Whirlpool
2M229J R9450 Sharp
MW1501XW0 Whirlpool
2M229J R7360 Sharp
MT0061XBG0 Whirlpool
MW1500XS0 Whirlpool
MW1500XS1 Whirlpool
2M229J R7255 Sharp
MT2100XYR0 Whirlpool
MW1500XW0 Whirlpool
MW1501XS1 Whirlpool
2M229J R4K82 Sharp
MW1000XS1 Whirlpool
2M229J R4775 Sharp
2M229J R4935 Sharp
MH7130XEZ1 Whirlpool
2M229J R9560 Sharp
2M229J R4850 Sharp
2M229J R4A82 Sharp
MH7135XEW2 Whirlpool
MH7135XEQ1 Whirlpool
MH6130XEQ1 Whirlpool
MH6140XFB0 Whirlpool
2M229J R6260 Sharp
MT5151XDQ0 Whirlpool
MH6130XEB1 Whirlpool
2M229J R4726 Sharp
MT5151XDQ5 Whirlpool
MT1850XW1 Whirlpool
MT1850XW0 Whirlpool
MH6130XEW0 Whirlpool
MT1851X0 Whirlpool
MT1850X0 Whirlpool
2M229J R4936 Sharp
2M229J R4A72 Sharp
MT5151XDZ5 Whirlpool
MT551XDQ0 Whirlpool
MW3601XW1 Whirlpool
MH7130XEB2 Whirlpool
MH7130XEQ1 Whirlpool
MW3601XW0 Whirlpool
MH7135XEB1 Whirlpool
MH6130XEQ0 Whirlpool
MH7130XEQ1 Whirlpool
MH7135XEB2 Whirlpool
MH7130XEZ0 Whirlpool
MH7130XEZ2 Whirlpool
MH6130XEB0 Whirlpool
MT5151XDZ0 Whirlpool
JE925T01 General Electric
2M229J 8748611 Kenmore
2M229J NE1370 Panasonic
2M229J MT3076 Emerson
2M229J NE1370C Panasonic
2M229J MT3075 Emerson
2M229J NE7050 Panasonic
JE1234J02 General Electric
JE1220J01 General Electric
2M229J 8630154 JC Penney
JE1219J01 General Electric
JE1220J02 General Electric
2M229J MA860M Goldstar
2M229J 8633273 JC Penney
2M229J 6825205 Kenmore
2M229J KSA8550A Montgomery Wards
JE1231J01 General Electric
JES927TWH01 General Electric
JE1234J01 General Electric
JE926TWH01 General Electric
WB27X11155 JVM2010DS1BB General Electric
4392006 Whirlpool
72039-001-1619 Samsung
D7831001 Amana
R9800431 Whirlpool
WB27X866 General Electric
2039-001-1619 Samsung
WB27X5478 General Electric
W10129640 Whirlpool
RV-MZA171WRE0 Sharp
2B71732B MC1004 Magic Chef
WB27X682 General Electric
D7831004 Amana
4359617 Whirlpool
4392012 Whirlpool
4359687 Whirlpool
RV-MZA162WRE0 Sharp
RV-MZA099WRE0 Sharp
415-000-6509 Sanyo
415-000-6608 Sanyo
WB27X10162 General Electric
4158798 Whirlpool
WB27X10505 General Electric
4158589 Whirlpool
415-001-5808 Sanyo
4158395 Whirlpool


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